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  1. English Outrage At German Aggression. Vows Solidarity with France The Times, Mar 1902 Disappointment and outrage summed up the feelings in the House of Commons today as news of a second (and successful) German invasion of France reached these shores. Whereas the Liberals and Laborites continued their hapless plead for calm and world peace, the bullish Tories have revealed that the government has been in contact with the French for quite some time now and the latest deployment of BEF A and BEF B to the continent, as well as the presence of the Blue Squadron in the English Channel a
  2. Hrmpff! Surely not. I have every reason to believe that the Queen's finest will rise to the occasion and dispense law and order with typical devilish cunningness and regal pomp. The British way of course. I have reading too much Warren Ellis...
  3. Someone attacking the Olympics just tends to piss everyone of. Unless your some sort of nihilsist its not worth it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh come on, I'm just playing devil's advocate here (NY! NY!). Unless of course you are a hardcore olympics fan, then I apologise. But if so, why the yawn in the first place?
  4. Was New York eliminated early in the selection? Shame. and I thought that by invoking 9/11, they would get enough sympathy.
  5. Woe be to London if any **** ups happen. S'pore was the venue of the IOC convention. Fricking area where the big shots were, was converted into a fortress.
  6. As if I give a damn about London. As if I give a damn about the olympics.
  7. The Smiths - Stop Me if You Think You've heard This One Before
  8. The Imperial Chancellory of, The Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary My fellow countrymen: by the power vested in me by my office as Imperial Chancellor of the Austrian Empire, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Hungary and First Imperial Minister to his Majesty, Emperor Karl I, I hereby make this statement: On the twenty-nineth of April in the one thousandth nine hundreth and first year of our Lord, without any claims presented to our great government, without any declaration based on legal grounds, the forces of Imperial Russia attacked and invaded our northwestern province
  9. WAR! Russia Invades Austrian Galicia By Edward Harrington for The Times, 1 May 1901 0545hrs, Vienna In an extraordinary press conference held at the Imperial War Ministry this morning at a quarter pass one, ministrial spokesman Colonel Friedrich von Hollenstein annouced that Austria-Hungary and Russia are now in a state of war. The colonel then revealed that on the night of the twenty-ninth of last month, elements of the Russian Army which has since been identified as the First Army of Holy Russia (1AHR) crossed the Austro-Russian border and entered Galicia without provocation. I
  10. Is Europe On the Verge of War? By Miklos Gyorgy Ladanyi for the Sonntagsbl
  11. The Emperor is Dead! By Albercht Konrad von Jurreg for the Wiener Allgemeine Zeitung, 27 Apr 1901 2300 hrs, Vienna (For immediate release) It is with greatest of sorrows in our hearts and minds that we; the most respectable publisher in the Empire regretfully report that his majesty the Emperor has passed away. The most beloved Emperor Franz Josef was seventy-one. The annoucement of his majesty's passing came from the Imperial Office of the Keeper of the Privy Seal at a half past ten on the same evening as this special report. The official statement from Imperial Keeper Prinz He
  12. Vienna Expresses Doubt By Wilhelm Freyburg for The Times, 25 Apr 1901 1645 hrs, Vienna The Empire has expressed its doubt on the authenticity of what is supposed to be leaked war plans from the United states of America as well as President Roosevelt's claims on impending full-scale war in Europe. In a special press conference from the Imperial Foreign Ministry, Special Representative Juz Hayadi stated that the Empire is surprised that the leader of the world's leading democracy could come out with such fallible statements in public. He said, "Such irresponsible words are the caus
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