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  1. Nah. Lacks the gush effect due to the lack of pressure "head". But high on reserves though - if well concieved and merticulously maintained. "
  2. Agreed. I think he's hoping for Lucasarts to approach him and buy off the site name for big bucks. There were several such cases before.
  3. Me likes! Good backgrounds, very atmospheric.
  4. why not a mix of two? KoTOR robes have got an outfield expeditionary look to it for the rough and temples of nature and baddies. KoTOR II are for more routine daily wear.
  5. When I'm playing the game the first time 'round, I always thought that there was something more than meets the end when it came to Visas. I always suspected that she was masterminding something and all that submissiveness was just a facade to mask a hidden agenda she was nursing. I expected to have a showdown with her some time towards the ending but that never happened. All my expectations when down in a fizz after the flagship stage. So needless to say I found her character on the hold to be quite disappointing in contribution to the overall storyline. Mych more could have been done to make her a more interesting character. Darker and more manipulative - that's what she could have been.
  6. If I am assured that there is definitely going to be a KoTOR 3 to tie everything in place, then I can live with the ESB ending. If there will not be a third installment then the ending would definitely suck.
  7. I stand by my previous submission that Revan only knew of the "True Sith" after the events of KoTOR. In KoTOR, Revan's brain was severely damaged and he was re-indoctrinated and reprogrammed to the point that throughout the entire game he had only flashbacks of his confrontation with Bastila, the starforge visions and the revelation scene. If Revan of the Old knew of the "True Sith" (I doubt it), chances are post KoTOR Revan would not have memories of them. I think after the events of KoTOR, D/L S Revan started to question the acts of his former self as well as that of Malak and the rationale behind the Mandalorian War. Self-search, detective work and intelligence would have told him that there was the "True Sith" and in order to know more about them and their schemes he flet he had to go in person to find it out and perhaps to exorcise his own demons. By the end of KoTOR, whether DS or LS, Revan's become quite a celebrity throughout the republic universe. For him to go off and be successful in his mission, he must do so secretively.
  8. I think Bioware never intended KoTOR to have a sequel. Thus the story was written in such a way that it closed nicely at the end of the game. And then Obsidian had to come in and do an ESB...
  9. Good job with the art sMk. You and Kyla rock!
  10. Hmm, not quite sure because I myself have never really collected European publishings before. Another thing is that because these titles were independently shipped in at a hight cost, they are all in shrink-wrapped condition so I can't browse through them either. What titles do you have in mind? I'm going down tomorrow evening and maybe I could do some snooping for you. The guy who owns the shop knows his stuff.
  11. Good work as usual Kyla. This is my fav fanart threat. Btw, of tt comic you are working on, when will it be published? The local comic book shop at my place imports European graphic novels all the time. I'll get a copy to show my support to you.
  12. His old man - Tim Buckley was good also. I recommend Song For The Siren. Hauntingly beautiful...
  13. NIN - With teeth. More accessible than The Fragile. Great drums.
  14. Thanks for the headsup. I'll check it out this weekend.
  15. Ah yes, we the self-oppressed minority, whining for something no one cares for. :D *hands metadigital a spoonful of milkyway choc spread* Here, have an endorphine rush.
  16. Lucius, where you refering to Raynald of Chatillon? He was the lord of Oultrejourdain. Gerard of Ridefort was the Grand Master of the Knight Templers. The other guy who kept screaming "God wills it" was Guy Lusignan, the nominal King-Consort of Jerusalem. Another thing to note was that Guy did not want to attack the Ayyubids in a pitched battle of out vanity alone. The movie did not show that Saladin begun his campaign by besieging Tiberias - an important city to Jerusalem. It was out of fear that the great city was to fall did Guy, Gerard and Raynald decide to go and lift the siege. Raymond IV of Tripoli argued against their course of action but was overruled. I do believe that Raymond did join the battle of Hattin in history. He did not sit that one out as depicted in the movie and he managed to escape capture. The cinematography was good and the storyline was generally interesting. But I would have prefered it if the show concentrated more on the historical characters and more on the battles.
  17. It could be a problem with the encoding of the discs itself. I followed one of the sound advices from this forum and it worked for me; 1) Copy the contents of discs 2 to 4 onto your harddrive in pre-defined folders, 2) When the screen prompts you to insert a particular disc, instead of doing so, load from that contents folder instead. This should work. Good Luck!
  18. I know what suffering is, I've been a Liverpool supporter since 1990. IMO I've rather them concentrate on getting back up the EPL than winning any international tournaments. I've much rather have them champions in their own country.
  19. When you get really stressed out, you develope acne problems. Maybe the Sith have so much boiled up fustration and rage in them that aside of devious acts, the only way out was through the dermis.
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