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  1. Forget about the happy manga pics, here it's a dark one as you requested, it took me some time because i've been busy with classes. I hope everyone likes it PS: It came out too dark but what the hell, the ebon hawk is dark anyway, turn up the brightness in your monitor if you cant see anything
  2. Just awesome kyla! i like the lineart just like kaftan said it is very smooth, the colouring is very good too! lol i remember my first digital painting = totalcrap Keep it up, gl in your comics!
  3. Thanks you so much guys, you dont know how happy you just made me :">. Also im gonna start working on the disciple art as soon as i can, it is beginning to take shape in my head Aishur-Rim-Nisheshu thanks for putting me in the same level as kyla, she's an awesome artist, i admire her work a lot
  4. Ty very much, that's an interest situation yes, ok well let me practice a little bit with expressions cause im not so good at it, im gonna go for something very dark and emotional, ill try my best :D PS: I think disciple's face could have sadness/anger, i dont think he'll be smiling, he is killing his loved one after all, in a "if i cant have you then no one can" way more than "DIE FILTHY @%$@# MUAHAHA" way.. just my opinion Glad you like it xD, i might do kotor1 art yes, it was a wonderfull game, i might draw something with bastila ^_^ Dont worry about it, lol, looks like thos
  5. Wow thank you very much, i really appreciate those kinds of comments ^_^ TY xD. My brianna had two silver lightsabers, i didnt feel like drawing two tho... So any idea of what you wanna see next? exile vs kreia? mmm atton vs the twin sisters? suggestions?
  6. I think you need to go to dantooine to the ruins of the jedi enclave, you cant go back to telos
  7. Good work, keep it up, i like the first one the most
  8. Ok so i made this one experimenting with backgrounds, is the scene when atris tortures the handmaiden "Did you touch him? did you look upon him with love" I hope you like it, i included two versions, with and without background
  9. New Power Available: Force HairLightsaberDogde Mastery Prerequisites: Female Only ahaha exactly what i though while drawing it, but i said.. what the hell she's a jedi she can control her cool long hair while in battle to look cool and kick ass at the same time Thanks Kor, this is the first time i get it like this, i use to paint my draw in a more anime way, you can look to some comic colouring tutorials on the web, just google it, they really help to understand the basics.
  10. Hehe thanks guys im glad you like it, i was actually experimenting with new ways of coloring, and it came that way, i really like it, ill start drawing again pretty soon and i could use some ideas so, if any of you want to see a particular scene from the game, post it here. Rooted to the ground mm i dont get that impression, maybe is just you i dont know, but she's on a combat stance so she must have good balance or she'd get knocked out, all the feedback i can get is welcome though ^_^
  11. I know everyone have said this but i havent so: Woaaa awesome stuff kyla, congrats, you are a very skilled artist, keep up the good work i hope to see more of you =)
  12. Hi everyone this is my very first post here although i've been reading the forums for some time now. Here's a fan art that i made about nihilus vs exile, is pencil draw and i painted it digitally, i hope you guys like it =) Oh btw congrats to kyla, i saw her thread and oh my god those comics are awesome (they inspired me to do this ) Anyway have fun everyone!!
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