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  1. She's called Joss Stone. I empathize with you Laozi, my brother's having her CD on constant rotation also. That and maroon 5. *shudders*
  2. Yeah they're infectious. And who would have thought they were once Joy Division. True Faith is one of my fav songs of all time.
  3. Great art Kyla. Of all the fanart renditions of Atton that I seen so far, I like your's the best. Very "Vimes".
  4. The Caesars - Jerk it Out. Kinda suggestive doncha think?
  5. Kevin Smith the comic book writer is disastrous. Anyone remember "Black Cat and Spiderman"?
  6. I will not pay $50 for an updated version of a same game. <_<
  7. True. Malak was the SW universe arch villain archetype. Not Palaptine-cunning yet, but nevertheless a familar presence to those of us still intoxicated with the OT. Kreia/Traya lacks a SW feel about her, I'll give credit to Mr. Avellone for trying to break the mold but all these plots about protagonists out to destroy something really big out of personal devotion/ambition/conviction/misguidance and needed to be stopped and reasoned with, have been done to death already.
  8. Have we covered this before? Oh yes we have. In particular, read the post by Lady Crimson.
  9. The Finns have all rights to be proud of their stand in the Finnish-Russo War. Manneheim's "do more with less" doctrine is one of the elective reading for the SAF SCSC.
  10. Just a word of warning (not necessarily aimed at you)... Please remember the people involved in such projects are doing this in their free time and are by no means obligated to finish the work they have started. I play a lot of sim racing (GPL, F1-Challenge, GTP, etc) and there are a number of mod communities that have greatly enhanced the product. On of the problems is that some people making the mods have been royally pissed off with complaints of either when something is going to come out or the quality of a final product. Some have even quit in disguist. So don't piss on a free gift! Thank you to everyone involved for attempting to add on content to this game. Cheers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hear! Hear! In situations like these, its only appropriate to be grateful that some people are willing to carry out such an undertaking. Just be thankful.
  11. Fugazi - best post punk rockers now. Enough said. "She drives me crazy" still sounds fine, so you're not alone Kor Qel Droma.
  12. One of the more disturbing threads of the moment.
  13. Cool it down guys. To be fair to BS5, terrorism is a terrible crime but let's not forget that a quasi-war had already existed between Western US and Islam for a long time now.
  14. "If you go to Zha'Ha'Dum, you will die." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> B5 rawks! The Volorns have the coolest exo suits ever designed and the shadow ships are fantastic.
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