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  1. I will consume the flesh of the living.
  2. Yeah, the woot! boxes make a nice backdrop.
  3. Shut up about that and play the games.
  4. I just finished the first three parts of the John DeFoe series by Ben Croshaw, a series of adventure horror games made with AGS. All in all, I'd say the third is my favorite.
  5. My power was out for a few days so I read through The Hobbit yesterday, and through Myths to Live By by Joseph Campbell a few times over the previous days. Sort of thin pickings. There's going to be another wind storm tonight though, so I'm probably going to be without power again! Woo, more reading by lantern light!
  6. I have to agree. That is a nice floor.
  7. Huh. I voted eight too. Seems to be the consencious.
  8. Nartwak


    I can't really say I enjoy Frank Miller either, though in my case it has more to do with what I percieve to be his artistic limitations.
  9. Yup. I've read the the owner of the company that made the game (Elixer Studios; which has since liquidated) worked at Bullfrog, so I suppose it's a bit of a spiritual successor.
  10. I'm playing Evil Genius right now. I'm having a lot of fun with it, except my base keeps getting gangbanged by like four Super Agents at a time. They don't even wait for an invitation, they just show up and start offing my effeminate social minions. Meanwhile my guards and mercenaries are milling about in the security room smoking, laughing at the CCTV monitors, and gawking at the Ark of the Covenant.
  11. Play Free Bird! There's the OE Members gallery. I suppose you could use that, Walsingham.
  12. Yes, massive generalizations are true. I see you've gone to the Hades_One school of intellectually lazy rhetoric.
  13. For starting your own thread you get nothing. Too bad.
  14. Welcome. Are you looking for a particular Revan portrait?
  15. Nobody cares about your personal life. Get a livejournal or something.
  16. I'm not surprised you missed it, it's only the first post. I'm pretty sure users with glandular problems being hopelessly retarded while swinging the controller about like a monkey isn't covered by manufactural fault. Hmm, and as the world hasn't yet been flooded with the cacophonic din of a million snapped wristbands and shattered televisions, I'm going with this being squarely in user error. Now, if only there were products which covered these people's special needs.
  17. I guess some people don't have that much experience with sweating.
  18. The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil went down to Georgia
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