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  1. Yes, a very good idea Gorth; and for all the right reasons. As kefka outlines above. :ph34r: (Turns my previous opinion on its ear.)
  2. That's not my point. You're playing a game. Beyond personal satisfaction, a pointless endeavor. Raven asked "whats the point of playing if your invinsible, have all the weapons, money, armour, whatever." My reply to which was supposed to mean: What's the point of playing otherwise?! The entire purpose is to enjoy yourself. Self-righteous objections to other people enjoying their video game in the way they desire is just fascistic machismo. Get over yourself. Yeah, no kidding. Nine times myself, before I committed the SIN. Three additional times afterward, going on four. Don't think I'll be playing again. (Comparatively bad score for KotOR 9/13; compared to BG2 12/40+, X-Com's 8/16, Xenogears 7/13+) Not quite sure how you can f'k up Morrowind beyond its natural state...
  3. People will laugh at you behind your back. "Whos the Hutt tugger?", they'll say. It demeans you. Besides the humiliation, do you really want to pull a Hutt? They're heavier than they look. (Dense. :ph34r:) Well... at least an Ewok can fit in a cannon.
  4. I do not think that Hutts are the sort to play second fiddle. Or walk for that matter.
  5. I second this motion. :ph34r: Move to vote.
  6. Quite the contrary. So called "cheating" increases the overall chances of success by at least thirty seven percent in any given instance.
  7. Ditto. The sole romances in KotOR sucked! Not to imply that Bastila/Carth vs. Celibacy was a hard choice. Just... meager. P.S. The first to mention Juhani; dies.
  8. I've never seen Vandar blink his eyes in unison. Always left, right. Left, right. I found this very annoying.
  9. In other words... the next "best" RPG on Xbox. :ph34r:
  10. I second this motion; on the grounds I thought she was a sexy doodle. :ph34r:
  11. I second this motion. :ph34r: Motion for vote.
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