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  1. As far as I know she's still mortal, so yes, there is going to be aging involved. Can I infer you think a physically mature three month old isn't a freak then?
  2. If I remember correctly there isn't for static encephalopthy.
  3. What player did you buy, Pidesco?
  4. Yeah, won't somebody think of the breast buds? I don't consider that someone with the intellect and physical capacity of a three month old needs to physically mature, though I hope Ellie Stein enjoys lifting Isaac and Chavi when they're hundred and sixty pound sacks of meat with raging menstration and boners.
  5. I thought joining the regular military was already a fast track to citizenship in America.
  6. Compared to marijuana, tobacco is not an easy plant for a person to grow and process. So it's mostly the inconvenience.
  7. No. Hours, minutes, days, years; these are the measurements. Time is the subject measured.
  8. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ha, sums me up.
  9. I'm not a fan ornamentation. I don't like jewelry and I wouldn't want to wear jewelry that I can't just take off.
  10. Yeah. I'm sort of pointing out to you, Hades_One, that you've disowned that criticism with your new 'no ifs' stance.
  11. How valid are plans that don't descry the possible ramifications later on? That's sort of the idea behind plans. Not factoring for the future mostly leads to the sort of cluster**** Hades_One is (ostensibly) against.
  12. What insult? Offering to people a product that you, personally, won't want to buy because of your impairment? That's a ridiculous and bombastic assertion. A player doesnt need to perform gross arm movements to play most (if any) of the games. If you can operate a television remote control you can probably operate a Wii remote. For market saturation, it isn't a cut and dry issue. As you've demonstrated the platforms intrinsically have different markets--console warriors, those too poor or frugal to diversify, et cetera, and then when there is overlap titles tend to compete in quality brackets. Subgenres further divide the markets, people who want to buy a MMORPG to play might want EVE Online and not be interested in World of WarCraft, in turn those interested in World of WarCraft might not be interested in City of Villains. So to say the market will be saturated is myopic.
  13. I don't see why you don't just close threads where the OP doesn't bother to put anything resembling effort or coherent interest into the subject he's brooching, Fionavar.
  14. Look, I'll admit some interest in your product. Sometimes I don't feel like cleaning up after my pets shedding, can your magnets help me? Are your magnets easy to store? Edit: What sort of safety equipment do you offer?
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