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    "I am not asking you to die for your country, I want you to get the enemy to die for his." -GP
  1. What?! That never happens to me! I always drag it out as long as I can (by killing 2 or 3 groups) and then get a cut that forces me to go. ITS NOT FAIR!!
  2. I say if Revan gets mind wiped again, !#$% it, leave him that way. Who wants to save his @&& again and again... Have him go work in demolitions of city buildings so he can continue to demolish cities but this time out of the public eye and on a city pay roll. Less chance of getting noticed and mind wiped that way....
  3. "What do you mean your docking bay is 'all full'?!" ---- "They said we should wear light clothing due to venting problems until the new vent shaft is complete."
  4. The bonuses are: LIGHT SIDE: Consular/Jedi Master: +3 Charisma Guardian/Weapon Master: +3 Strength Sentinel/Watchman: +3 Constitution DARK SIDE: Consular/Sith Lord: +50 Force Points Guardian/Marauder: +1d8 Damage Sentinel/Assassin: Immunity to Poison Never tested if they are stackable.
  5. Lord2 posted this some time ago, (I have not idea if it works): "yes I've.. not with vista buisness but with Ultimate: 1. Install KOTOR2 Manually, (Open the CD. get to properties on setup.exe. * Set compability with WinXP service pack2 * Run as admin. 2. wait... 3. Install cd 2,3,4 normally. 4. Patch the new KOTOR2 (1.0b) 5. Set proprieties on the swkotor.exe * Set compability with WinXP service pack2 * Run as admin. 6. Download a new mss32.dll (search google) 7. Replace the old one in the kotor2 directory (or make a bakup of the org.) 8. Run the game :thumbsup.gif:"
  6. That would be Awareness. And it could be more used. As long as you get that I am talking about a new perception. And not one that shows you the area you are about to talk into or requires a black bar to slide in from the top and bottom (Like the conversation screen). I mean that it shows you that 10 troops are about to walk in on you before they do so you can get out of there.
  7. A few changes I would like to see in K3: One change is in the force powers that last over time. Make them so that they last until you cancel them or you run out of force points. That way you can force push someone against a wall and hold him there until you finish off his friends. Or a Force Valor and Speed that don't need to be reactivated in the middle of a fight (how often do Jedi in the movies stop to buff themselves?). A Dynamic combat system. Where two people fight each other AND IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE FIGHTING EACH OTHER not just playing the same combat animations even when they
  8. I found Vrook to be hard. I am always running form him. Perhaps it was just the way I play.
  9. -*small spoilers*- [1] you did solve a political crisis on Onderon. [2] you did fight a small war on Dantooine, and whoever you helped was allied with you in the fight against Nihilus. [3] you found several important/crucial items throughtout the game. [4] Well we just proved that KOTOR2 fufills all your needs. --- seriously though - I know what you mean. When you are replaying either K1 or K2 you get tired, and fast, of looking for Star Maps and hidden Jedi Masters. One thing I noticed about K2 quests vs K1 is that K2's quests are very shallow. Not including Narr Sh
  10. Update your graphics driver there should be a newer one. Use the graphics test option to put all the setting to default before you go into the game. Also you can us it to disable a few things that may help. After that go into the swkotor2.ini and check that it has your graphic settings under the [Graphics Options]. It should look like this: [Graphics Options] V-Sync=0 Anisotropy=1 Frame Buffer=1 Anti Aliasing=0 Texture Quality=0 Grass=0 Soft Shadows=0 Shadows=0 Brightness=57 RefreshRate=60 Height=768 Width=1024 EnableHardwareMouse=1 FullScreen=1 If you have a wide sc
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