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  1. By making it unnecassary to learn the language here we are already encouraging them to do so. Like I said, if you made it impossible to get by in this country without leaning the language, those who want to come here will learn it.
  2. Little and less can be done about it unfortunately. What we are doing wrong as a nation is catering too much to those who refuse to assimilate. Like offering free bilingual education (taxpayer funded of course), having multilingual street signs. Like speaking a foreign language in court. Heck the voters ballot in California comes in 47 different languages! 47!!! If someone wants to have a say in the governance of the country at least they should lean the language. If we put an end to this stupidity and made English the official and ONLY language for official business and government commerce (t
  3. No it is not watered down at all and these areas where the native language is becoming something othere than the majority of the country are few and isolated. Right now it is small acorns but as you Brits say, "mighty oaks grow from small acorns". It will become a problem one day, just as it has become in Quebec. Better to address it now.
  4. How quaint. Ah, I shouldn't have said that. That what happens when I'm working all night on a Friday, I get grouchy. The first one that jumps to mind is the Western Roman Empire. At it's zenith no matter where you went in the Roman Empire, the language of business was latin, and every citizen identified themselves as roman. At the end, in the west the provinces spoke their own languages and idetified themselves by their ethnicity. They did not think of themselves as roman citizens and did not owe any fealty to that institution. That is one of the biggest reasons for it's ultim
  5. I saw this commercial for the first time last night and, I'll admit it, totally broke down. In 1995 I was just six days out of the military when I took a drove a friend to Miami Dade Animal control to get a rabies tag for her dog. While there I saw this half dead, brown Labrador Retriever mix in one of the cages. At one year old she should have been about 65-70 lbs. She was just 37 lbs, skin and bone and infested with fleas and ticks. She was set to be put to sleep that night. I did not think twice about adopting her. Over the last 11 years I've failed at two careers and had a business ve
  6. You might want to consider changing your bong water. Are you freaking high?!? I assume that you don't live in an area where your identity is being taken and used by illegals ( privately and nationally ). Call me a racist if you are so ( collectively ) stupid and cowardly but have your facts together before your get your testicles in an emotional uproar. If you ( collectively ) intend to do so, get your s**t together because we are gonna dance. Try living in an area of the US where you can't even order a freaking burger if your don't speak Espanol. We even have a 'construction dictionary' f
  7. Guess again. Social Security for illegal aliens
  8. Humans create law to serve society's best interests. It is not in our best interest (in my opinion) to enforce illegal immigration laws aggressively. Similarly, it is not in our best interest to enforce speeding laws aggressively. It's certainly not in law enforcement's best interests to do so, as it would cause everyone to slow down so much that their revenue streams would be significantly hampered. This is why (for example), San Diego police have yearly "traffic months" where they swat down speeders non-stop all day long along the 5, 805, 15, and 163 freeways. They let up after that mon
  9. Did not know where were you were from, but thats cool. No I was not referring to anyone in particular. *edit* Hey, that MY line in your "From" slot on you user name!
  10. That is the most intelligent statement in this whole thread. People in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona are facing tax increases to pay for social services for illegal immigrants who do not belong here to begin with. It's easy to feel sorry for the plight of the poor illegals when you never see them, are victimized by crimes they may commit, or have to pay their way.
  11. . Carlos Mencia did that in a routine, too funny. But seriously, I'm all for it and I'll support it with my donations and tax dollars if allowed to. A country that cannot protect the sovreignty of its borders is not a country. Just ask the Western Roman Empire.
  12. Just to throw this out there. Sooner or later they have to arrive at Earth. What time period do you think Earth will be in? 21st Cent modern, pre-Roman, sometime in the future? According to the end of season 1 The 13th Colony left Kobol 2000 years before the current show started. Now assuming the 13th tribe founded the ancient Greek Civilization, that really began in 323 BC with the beginning of the Hellenisitc Era. So for the sake of argument lets say they arrived on earth shortly before that. That means Galactica will arive at earth around AD 1677. And they are hoping earth will be a refuge
  13. Remember what happened last time a few states tried to seceed? The US is like a mafia family. As Tony Soprano would say "once you come into the family, there is no gettin' out". <{POST_SNAPBACK}> cept that california is currently the worlds fourth largest economy on its own. And all the eastern states would no longer have easy access to far east companies. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> California would bankrupt itself within 10 years. Socialisim is very expensive when you have to pay for it yourself.
  14. We already have one Sand, the Libertarian Party. I am a card carrying, voting member and I've even run for office once. Check out our website: US Libertarian Party
  15. What is the first? (Hint if you don't say Animal House you're wrong!)
  16. Uh, that doesn't mean they voted left. And it's not unusual either. It is exceptionally rare for a party to have a majority fo the vote. The Liberal majorities recently haven't been much better, often receiving around 40% of the vote. In the 2004 Election, the Liberal Party received approximately 37% of the popular vote. In 2000, the Liberal Party only received 40.8% of the popular vote, and in 1997, they received 38% of the votes. Were you up in arms because of these results? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How many viable politcal factions does Canada have?
  17. Remember what happened last time a few states tried to seceed? The US is like a mafia family. As Tony Soprano would say "once you come into the family, there is no gettin' out".
  18. It's a funny thing about faith. If you do not have it, no one can ever explain it to you. If you do have it, no explanation is necsassary. I read that one somewhere too.
  19. Is that what is referred to as "Western Alienation"? I've heard that term used in Canadian news before. This time of year South Florida has more Canadians living in it than Ottawa does so we get a fair bit of Canadian news on the radio.
  20. Canadians can NEVER join the US until their football teams get rid of that 55 yard line! WTF is THAT?
  21. I read somewhere that heresy and witch trials were a good way to get rid of a community member nobody wanted around. If I'm not mistaken, that is the origin of the expression "fired" used in so many work places today.
  22. There is nothing on earth half so terrifying as a truly just man -George R.R. Martin
  23. A handy thing to keep in mind as you are designing towns in your mod. You've been working on this module for a few years now. Must be getting pretty big now.
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