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  1. Each state does it's own thing with drivers licenses. In Florida it costs $22 and you need to pass a test when you first get it. Most states are thereabouts except California. I think it's more expenisve there. In Japan my license cost $150 USD. I forgot what the actual yen price was.
  2. As Aram said, it will never happen. No such amendment will ever be carried in the vote even if all 50 states get it on the ballot. Most Americans (I hope) are wary of government and will not cheaply sell their freedoms. Case in point, the 3rd Amendment states: "No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law." There is not a more outdated amendment than this but if any group tried to repeal it most people would oppose it I think. You just ask yourself "what if?"
  3. I heard on the local news this morning some guy down here was paid $500,000 for a video he shot of Smith arriving at the casino. Evidently it was the last one. Looking for the news link now.
  4. Yes they are designed to be alterable by the Constitutional Amendment process as laid out in Article 5 of the constitution. The problem I have with gun control laws is that to date they have side stepped that and tried to enact their agenda by legislative or judicial fiat. If that happens then the scenario I laid out happens just that way. To enforce such a law they will need to trample those amendments I noted. And if the government is not held to it's own law then it becomes and out of control monster in a BIG hurry. The Constitution is the supreme law of the United States. All powers a
  5. Saw this on the news tonight. Some suicide prevention group is boycotting GM over it's Robot Commercial in the Super Bowl. And the CEO at GM actually felt he had to respond to it. I tell you all, this crap is getting out of control. Here is the link to the commercial. It was the second best on IMHO: GM Robot commercial
  6. It can't. Blanks are different size and weight from live rounds. A little OT here but... Don't know if it is still this way but when I was in the USMC, every Thursday was training/field day. No matter what job you did, every Thursday morning you would do some kind of infantry training. Well, one particular time we did M-60E-3 (light 7.62mm machine gun) training. Since you need to be at a range to fire live ammo, we were using blanks. Since I was the duty armorer that month I checked the M-60 and 80 belts of blanks (100 rounds per belt) and took it to the training area and at the end of the da
  7. I had a friend who used to say, "live hard, die young, and leave a fond memory". I guess she did all those things. Sort of... I guess... Well.... I don't think I'd want to be remebered for the things she'll be remembered for.
  8. You can come up with a better conspiracy theory than that!
  9. Well, they MIGHT try to ban PAC groups like the NRA so there goes the 1st amendment but you got the idea. As for the first post, I just threw those out off the top of my head, but when you called me on it I really gave it a bit more thought.
  10. A BFA (Blank Firing Adapter) goes over the end of the barrel and screws a bolt into the muzzle. The idea is, without a projectile to trap the gas from the charge, you need to close the barrel to work the action of the gun. It take a little while to take one on and off, and you really can't do it in the dark. Also, most manufacturers do not make them in any case. They figure if you wanted a toy gun, you wold have bought one.
  11. Here we go again..... Yeah what the hell Calson says. We don't need that old 2nd amendment, and so to get rid of it lets also throw out the 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th amendments. It's quite a country you want to create there Calson. I'm glad I won't live to see it. Slippery Slope fallacy. Not at all. Shutting down gun maufacturers will be a direct violation of Article 1 sect 8 of the US Constitution. It will also be a violation of the 4th and 9th 10th amendments since they are all non-government entities publicly or privately owned. Conficastion of private property (gun
  12. The fact is there is nothing funny (or in this case attemped funny) that does not offend someone. Make a joke about muslims on TV and three hundred million people want to behead you. Make a joke about about homophobia and GLAAD and it's ilk gets all upset and files protests, threatens boycotts, an on and on and on..... Kind of makes you appreciate Rednecks. Joke about them all you want and they laugh too. By the way Kitty, most heterosexual men are just a tiny bit homomphobic. Anyone who says they are not is a liar. It is not right, it is not fair, it is a failing of the human character, b
  13. Here we go again..... Yeah what the hell Calson says. We don't need that old 2nd amendment, and so to get rid of it lets also throw out the 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th amendments. It's quite a country you want to create there Calson. I'm glad I won't live to see it.
  14. If you are an idealist I would not reccomend involving yourself in politics. The political process will sour you on your country, your countrymen, democracy and make you doubt the worth of all good things. It is like a huge private club where common sense is checked at the door. Nobody cares about actually solving problems, just about being on the right side of them. You will be shocked to hear the condescending and insulting way political insiders think of the average citizen, but after talking to voters you will start to feel the same way. Most of them (politicians) do not have a shred of se
  15. Plus, chambering a shell with a pump action is a loud and unmistakable sound. Who is going to stick around after hearing that? As much as I am willing and able to use deadly force to defend myself and home, I'd rather an intruder run before it comes to that. *edit* But I have 14 dogs, who in their right mind will ever break into my place?
  16. What it really comes down to Alan is the weight of the projectile and the degree to which in "mushrooms". For example, full jacketed amunition (which is illegal in the US) does not expand after impact so it does not slow down as much. You are far more likely to have a projectile go in and out of a body if it is full jacketed. Hollow points double in diameter after they impact which of course slows them down a lot but because the projectile is so much larger insude the body than the entry would they do horrible damage. A center mass hit with a hollowpoint is almost invariably fatal. A larger pr
  17. Depends on the type of round, jacket, projectile, distance to the wall, angle of impact. Hardball (softpoint) projectiles penetrate better than hollow points, but do less damage. But a few sheets of drywall will not stop a 9mm. The exterior wall should. That is why I would prefer a shotgun for home defense.
  18. Besides, night sights also make target shooting a lot easier in the daylight. And target shooting is fun. I know we got off on the whole gun control thing here but the truth is, the number on use of firearms is the totally harmless sport of Marksmanship, which is both relaxing, and enjoyable.
  19. This commercial is not homophobia. This is Homophobia:Murder charges planned in beating death of gay student BIG difference.
  20. You know one of the biggest problems in the world today is too many people with a total lack of a sense of humor. The second biggest problem is too many other people walking on eggshells around these humorless idiots so as not to "offend" them. To say this commercial (which was not really funny anyway) promotes violence against gays is stupidity in the extreme. Anyway, if you did not see it, here is the link on you tube: Super Bowl 41 - Snickers Kiss - Commercial
  21. In 1922 the US Congress awarders the Congressional Medal of Honor to the Italian Unknown Soldier butit was really to honor ALL Italians who fought in WW1. Here is the article and the link. Not what you were looking for I know, but hope it helps. Non US Citizen Medal Recipients
  22. I disagree. The best home defense weapon IMHO is a .12 GA pump shotgun. Use #2 buckshot, keep the magazine full and the chamber empty. If needed, the sound of the pump chambering the shell is usually enough to send anyone running. Plus you do not need to be particularly accurate to be effective with it. And, odds are the blast will not penetrate a wall (provided you are not right in front of it). A pistol shot will punch right through a wall or two. Makes you think about which way you are shooting.
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