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  1. That was beaten to death over on the BSG forums. The shows producer RJM came right out and said if you are seeing real life allegories in that show, then you are the one putting them there.
  2. I gave up local radio when I got Sirius. But my all time favorite was WEGR the Eagle in Memphis.
  3. Maybe, but unless you spoke chinese you would not understand him.
  4. There are different taxes Wals. The Federal Government does not have a sales tax. They tax income, capital gains, estates, tariffs, etc. They do not tax goods, services, real estate, that kind of thing. The states do. But if you ask about state taxes (like your orginal post would be a sales tax) you will get fifty different answers. Wayyyy too many taxes actually. In the US, 47% on average of every dollar you earn goes to taxes. That is insideous. But that is what you get when people vote for democrats. They will tax you to death.... then tax your corpse and take 50% of everything you lea
  5. I could never get used to drinking the warm beer.
  6. If YOu chaps had pitched in earlier it could have been over by Chrsitmas, and the rage engendered by the years of slaughter would have been lessened, probably avoiding the treaty. Heh, balme America eh? How PC of you! But seriously, that is exactly the kind of thing I would have argued the US needed to stay out of. And to tell the truth, if not for the Zimmerman incident, the US would never have gotten involved. The Lusitania did not piss anyone off. The Zimmerman Telegram did.
  7. Ohhh speculative historical revision is my FAVORITE intellectual game. If WWI had ended in a stalemate there would have been no treaty of Versilles. Without that there would have been no opportunity for Hitler to be elected chancellor. History would have turned out VERY different.
  8. Walter G22 bullpup: $429.99 Flame resistant balaclava: $39.99 Smith & Wesson combat knife: $69.99 Eddo staking his reputation on hordes of Shakespearean vampire zombies: Priceless There some things money can't buy. For everything else there's JaguarCard now with only 86.5% APR! This thread is over! Nobody is going to top that post!
  9. That conflict is taken out of context if you look at it by itself. It was part of a larger war with Spain.
  10. When has the US ever treated a defeated nation with brutality? Never. And I seriously doubt anyone in the US govenment, "neocons" or not want to return to the days of Rome where defeated nations were sacked and enslaved. It's more than a little unreasonable to view people who have a different political viewpoint than you have as some kind of barbarians.
  11. Yea Japan is so awesome its PM tries to cover up past atrocities by pretending they never happened: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8...1595375,00.html Sound like someone we in the US have dealt with? *ahem* Ahmadinejad *ahem* *shakes head and wonders when people will stop associating the geek culture in Japan with the nation in general* Anyways, besides the obvious problem with this topic (if people could be united simply by a few individuals willing it national borders would've long ceased to exist by now), one issue you have with uniting any number of countries into a g
  12. Certainly. But you also have to recognize the world for what it is. You are a smart guy Gorgon, but you see the world through a prisim of idealisim. I am not saying that you are an idealist but it would not suprise me to find out that is the case. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I am a pragamtist. I see things for how they are and do not give much thought to how they could be better.
  13. You are beginning to worry me Eddo.
  14. There are some nations that would immediately surrender to the aliens then begin collaborating with and aiding them in their war against the rest of the world. Not mentioning any names here.
  15. I did not say the Hague was corrupt, I said the UN was corrupt. And it is. If you like I can fill out this page with linked articles detailing it. Most prevalent would be the billions in bribes taken by Kofi Annan's son and his ilk during the Oil for Food scam. I have never hid my disdain for the UN and would as soon as see the US wash it's hand of it. The disposal of the vanquished is the right of the conqueror. That is just how the world works. It sucks sometimes but the whining and hand wringing of old men in Belgium will not change that. It seems to me the world is us
  16. Internation law. I laugh everytime I hear that. Just what exactly is that? And who the heck enforces it? There is NO law higher in ANY nation than the law of that sovreign nation. I bitterly opposed the Hauge and I'm glad the US did not join or recognize that absurdity. The UN may serve some international purpose (I can't imagine what it would be other than to make it's administrators filthy rich through rampant corruption), but the have NO authority to compel any one to do anything.
  17. No way to really know just how good Maelstrom was until we see how it fits into the context of the whole season. But RJM has to be careful here. He can really screw up the show going from this point. let's hope he does not.
  18. To get us back On Topic here. As I pointed out, the EU is largely an economic institution. There are no barriers to free trade in North America so no need for such an economic alliance. Because of NAFTA the tariffs btween Canada, Mexico and the US are nearly nonexistant. The next step would be a common currency but I really do not see it happening. I keep telling you guys this, but North America it NOT Europe. I think everyone forgets there are more differences than similarities. In Europe, the national govenments excercise more regulatory control over business than even Canada does. Much, muc
  19. Samm and Eddo, here is an example of what I meant about condescension and baiting. And yes mkreku, guns are inanimate objects and are not dangerous. People are dangerous. No gun ever killed anyone while it was sitting in a case in the closet. More people die from car accidents per year that from firearms. But a car never killed anyone. It is ALWAYS the mistake of a human in the drivers seat. No car ever killed anyone sitting in a driveway.
  20. He thought I was attacking him, but I replied and assured him I was not. Thats just how I am I guess. He also wanted to point out that his post would have made more sense if taken in context with the first one that Fionavar pruned. And thats fine too.
  21. They have so far. This goes back to my argument against gun control. If you are will armed and everyone knows it, nobody will mess with you!
  22. I believe that is the answer. Also, when I first tried it I had an ATI video card and was having a lot of trouble with it. I remember reading that there was problem with the ATI driver that cause res and FR issues in open GL games. Don't remember exactly because I upgraded to an NVIDIA shortly after.
  23. Didn't hear about that one but if they did it was foolish. But it would be equally foolish to expect them to conform to a political ideal they do not believe in. Europe is not and will never be culturally, politically, religiously or ethnically homogeneous. The worst wars fought on that continent were started by an attempt to make it so. If the EU is to survive then social politics like that MUST stop at the borders of each member nation and each must understand that the other members might be different culturally and politically.
  24. Probably not. Someone told me once, if you put a Sunni and a Shia in a room together and told each the other was the last of his kind in the world they would fight to the death. Personally, I think 9-11 shows the wisdom of the Monroe/Roosevelt Doctrine. I would rather see the US concern itself ONLY with the Western Hemisphere. If it were up to me I would immediately close all bases east of Puerto Rico and west of Guam, redeploy those units within that zone and IMMEDIATELY terminate all foreign aid to any country not in North or South America. MFN trade status for China would be revoked and
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