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  1. Just curious Sand. In the context of American politics and bearing in mind the text of the 1st amendment, particularly the establishment clause, what does "seperation of church and state" mean to you? I suspect we will have very different definitions.
  2. Not to be a kill joy or anything, but this thread was really just about a funny headline. There is another thread on global warming already that is more condusive to discussion. I guess it makes sense to shut this one down and concentrate everyone on the other one.
  3. To paraphrase Churchill those who would trade freedom for safety will get neither.
  4. Heh, not to go OT on post 7 but it reminds me of a funny story. I'm an avid SCUBA diver and I'm in this little dive shop in Ft Lauderdale getting an air fill. Ahead of me in line is this real loudmouthed jerk buying snorkeling gear with his teenage son (I guess it was his son). Anyway, he buys a dive knife tht was nearly the size of a jungle machete. Now any diver will tell you your knife is good for little else than cutting fishing line if you get entangled. Usually they are pretty short and blunt tipped. The dive shop guy makes a comment about that and the jerk responds "I need this if I ha
  5. True enough there is a process to amend the constitution. And we have not done anything about it in the last 230 years because the large majority of Americans will not willingly give up any right, especially the right to bear arms. Eddo and I have both linked data to this thread that demonstrates that areas with a high rate of private firearm ownership have lower violent crime rates. So obviously not only are we not shooting each other it is apparent it is also a deterrant to violent criminals. Di, your post was the best one on this thread so far. Take a bow!
  6. The dems have been in power for over a month now. Rather than pull the plug on the war (cut funding) they are bickering about how big their private airplanes should be. I've said it before the only thing I find more distasteful than a republican is a democrat. And there is scant little difference between the two.
  7. Wals we are going over the same ground here. See my post 199 for what I think of regulating firearm ownership. I have already conceeded an armed insurrection could not hope fight off the government if the military is against it. But that does not mean it is not worth fighting if the cause is severe enough.
  8. One other thing you guys need to remember here. We do have the right to own firearms but we cannot just go buy anything. Full auto weapons (and the conversion kits) are illegal by federal law. Full jacket and "armor piericing" ammunition is illegal. Explosive and phosphourus tipped ammunition is illegal. Both by federal law. Most states have limits to magazine capacity. Ammunition larger than .50 is illegal. There are federal limits to propellent charges in ammunition as well as projectile material. And even as libertarian and anti-government as I am, I have no trouble with that. Those are mil
  9. "Well trained" and "regulated" I take you to mean the government issuing some kind of license. The rights described in the Constitution are guaranteed. The government cannot go in after the fact and oblige you to ask their permission to invoke your rights. Something you request from the government may be denied. That is why there are so few federal gun laws and we fight so bitterly to ensure there are not more. Now under 10th amendment provisions most states have imposed waiting periods, background checks, and other measures. In Florida at least (and most other states as well) if you wish to o
  10. You know better than that. But, whatever the Congress authorizes, the President signs, and the Supreme Court does not object is legal if not right. For example, I think the Mcain-Feingold bill is an unforgivable tresspass on the first amendment but it has already been passed, signed and survived a legal challenge. I don't think it is right but it is certainly legal.
  11. I'm doing something about it tonight! I'm turning off all of the lights in the house and going outside. I've got a case of Flying Dog on ice in the cooler, a fire going in the firepit in my back yard, and Jimmy Buffet CDs in my battery powered boombox. Good night all!
  12. Article One wonders if the climate would better served if the event did not happen. All these bands, celebrities, promoters, roadies, staff, hairstylists, make up artists, cooks, secretaries, etc are going to need to fly to these cities. Most will go via private plane and burn millions of gallons of fuel. The concert goers will consume millions of gallons of gas and diesel to say nothing of the emissions of all of these planes trains and automobiles and buses. It will take thousands of megawatts of power to light their stadiums. So on and so on. It might be better for the environment if we
  13. I have often heard this statement, and with some introspection it makes sense, but I've never seen much in the way for significant studies. You did mention that crime rates went down after gun laws were made lax in Florida (which is good), but I'm curious if there are other confounding variables that I'm unaware of. After finding out how ineffective the death penalty seems to be at reducing murder rates, I'm curious if our commonsense is leading us to a false conclusion with this as well. I also said it is difficult to directly prove since we do not track gun ownership. However the count
  14. One of the points I was going to make (and never got around to) was that whining about things like this does little but exasperate and turn off people who might otherwise be sympathetic to the cause of the group doing the whining.
  15. The American psyche is just different than Europe. The Kelo v New London ruling by the Supreme Court probably would not have even made the news in Europe because the mindset is that the benefit of society is of greater import than individual freedom. In America it is the other way around (to a point) and that is one of the hottest politcal subjects right now. I think (and devoutly hope) it will be overturned shortly if one of the liberal judges on the Supreme Court will do us the service of dying.
  16. We are not talking about dispensing 'justice' in the vigilante style. We are talking about the last defense of life, limb, and property. As to efforts in crime deterrence it has be pointed out earlier in the thread that areas with the highest level of private gun ownership have the lowest crime. That is no coincidence. To fix all of the social ills (like crime) of America today you would need one of two things, a government that is willing to do the unpopular thing and radically change a welfare system that traps the poor, or a time machine. And even if it were fixed there would still be v
  17. You need to understand something here Wals, the American and European mindsets are very different. Both are members of "Western Civilization" both industrialized and advanced. But to give up an individual right, no matter how outdated in may seem, is an anathema to the great majority of Americans and the social contract be damned. As we have discussed earlier, a law outlawing guns tomorrow will not remove a single gun from the street. It will not convince a criminal who has no problem with robbery or murder to give up his gun. All it will do is ensure when he breaks into my house I will not ha
  18. All of which are illegal own, and cannot be bought anywhere legally. So a gun control law will not really affect them will it? Gun control only disarms law abiding citizens.
  19. Actually... no. The rules for conduct for US armed forces personnel are pretty well laid out in the UCMJ, Code of Conduct, etc. Whatever moral problem one may have with the war, it is authorized by congress therefore it IS legal. Therefore ordering a soldier who swore an oath to obey the orders of the president and his superior officers (and is in fact contractually therefore legally obliged to do so) is not a criminal act by any means. And once deployed there are a rigid (too rigid to my thinking) set of rules and laws that tell him exactly how to behave. There is also a well run and oft used
  20. Here is the link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,251000,00.html
  21. The number one and two use of firearms in America are hunting and marksmanship (for sport). Maybe not in that order. I own three. A Winchester .300 with which I enjoy both sports. I also own a single shot .20GA that is strictly for home defense (note I said home defense not self defense, I do not carry it with me). And a Colt Navy .36 cal revolver. But that is a genuine antique. It belonged to my great great grandfather and he carried it in the US Civil War. I have it in a display case in my den. But the 2nd amendment applies no litmus test as to why a citizen should wish to own a firearm
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