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  1. WTF? Did he think it was a toy?
  2. That which is long divided must unite. That which is long united must divide" -Lao Che. That one came to me while watching the US President's speech tonight.
  3. Correction. The most ominous sound in the world is that of an eight year old boy gleefully saying 'Bang! Bang!' Behind you, followed by a soft click. Eugh. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That WILL make you sick to your stomach!
  4. For most places, simply walk in and buy what you like. Most states have waiting periods for handguns. A few cities require you to register and every where you need a permit to carry it loaded and concealed. Anyone over 18 can carry one in their car so long as it is not loaded. To carry it loaded you need a permit. They are not difficult to get. Every state has it's own laws though. There are only a few federal laws and mainly those deal with full auto weapons.
  5. I think the most ominous sound in the world is the sound of a single action revolver cylinder rotating as the hammer is locked. That soft little triple click is as loud as thunder, especially when it is coming from behind you.
  6. It's pretty different now. A-Line was the name of the range at Parris Island. After Rifle Qual week you went to A-Line for a week to learn the Beretta, SAW, Grenades, and M203. Looks like they dropped it. They have swim qual in week 9. We did that in Forming Week it looks like they dropped forming week all together. Just as well, it's wasted time. They changed the end too. In week 9 we went to the field for BWT for 3 weeks (Gas Chamber, rapelling, land nav, leadership & tactics, etc). After that you come back for week 12 and do the final PFT and everything else on there and graduate. Defen
  7. I didnt know that. Do they still do A-Line week (special weapons week I think they call in in SD. A-Line is a Parris Island term)? The only weapons training we did in MCT was the M-16, SAW, and M-60. But we used those all the time.
  8. Heh, that would be me! You fam fire (familiarization fire) the beretta 9mm during A-Line week in boot camp. Just a half a day and each recruit only gets to shoot once 10 rounds, maybe twice if you are lucky. Most of your training is in the M-16, M203, and M249. Until you become an NCO (Corporal or higher) you will not need to qualify with the pistol. But you will qualify with the M-16 every year. There are exceptions. If you are an armorer you must qualify with every weapon and your primary weapon will be the 9mm. If you get assigned to armory duty (a 30 or 60 day stint as a guard) you will n
  9. I've always preferred rifles to handguns. Like my Winchester .300. There is just something about being able to hit a target 1500 yards away.
  10. You are right. I stand corrected. http://www.lge.com/ir/Corporate_Governance.jsp
  11. Ok, wrong again. One of the reason discipline is so high in the Corps is is Esprit-de-Corps, pride in service, patriotisim, Marine Corps tradition, professional excellence, and love of country is drilled into every recruit from the moment they get off the bus at recruit training until they take off their uniform for the last time. it doesn't always stick with everyone (obviously), but most Marines take that with them even after they are out. The Foreign Legion has no loyalty to country so half of that is out the window. I'd also point out the Legion is nothing today compared to what it wa
  12. To add to what Meta said (which I agree with by the way), China has had MFN status with the US for over 14 years now. Our economy is so entertwined with theirs neither could afford to be enemies. Haier, LG, Container, just to name a few are all Chinese owned companies that do most of their business in the US. Tens of thousands of Chinese are employed in manufacturing contracts with US companies. All of those businesses weild a lot of influence in both governments. There will not be a war.
  13. It doesn't matter what I say at this point. You have an axe to grind and that is your perogative. As to your original point, so far the majority have been against destroying the Marine Corps and creating a "foreign legion". I'm against it because of what I stated in my original post. As Azarkon said, were way off the path here and you an I debating the Corps relevance is pretty pointless. We are not going to agree.
  14. All right, that is a fair criticisim. I've been out of the service for ten years now and have not made any real effort to keep up. There is little more I can say on the subject except I think you are wrong so I'll let David Hackworth make my final point for me: THE MARINES HAVE LANDED -- AGAIN
  15. I suspected it was something like that. He said a few things to make me think he was familiar with the service and he is obviously hostile to it.
  16. Good one! They will fight a third world war. I do not know when or with what weapons. But I an certin the fourth world war will be fought with sticks and stones. -Albert Einstien
  17. There always expansions to address the AI in. We hope!
  18. Yep, but as I said, the 4 MAWs are not meant to do what the Air Force can and vice versa.
  19. If I have not convinced you yet Eddo, I never will. It's your opinion and you are entitled to it. President Truman and Gen McArthur both thought as you do so you are in good company. It cannot be argued that they are the same. They can be made to be the same and I think that is what you believe. I think it would be a mistake. Different tools for different jobs. Then again, my thinking may be out of date. The doctrine of US forces was built around the concept of fighting two major (WWII or larger) conflicts simutaneously. That may never happen. But I'd rather be able to and not have to than hav
  20. The Marines do not have bombers, stealth technology, long range surveilance air craft, have only a limited air to air combat squadrons, we did not have recon drones and the USAFs electronic warfare is the best in the world. The Marines do not have that. But the USAF is built to operate from air bases from the theater "rear". The Marine Air wings operate from carriers and forward air fields. Plus the Marines have one thing the AF does not, infantry. The AF is built to destroy an enemy's ability to wage war before a campaign begins then support a land campaign conducted by the Army. The Marine A
  21. Also, the Army does not posess the ability to construct and operate a forward fixed wing air base (deployable radar, navigational aids, etc). We do! That is what I did in the Corps.
  22. Since 2003, can't think of a thing. But then, I'm not there and not seeing the day to day operations so I'm not qualified to answer as to how the Corps has been used in the current conflict. I would agree they are not being used according to the doctrine but that does not mean the doctrine can be discarded now. But in 1991 the 22 MEU loaded up for an amphibious invasion west of Kuwaitt City. Two divisions of Iraqi republican guards were deployed to meet them. While they were waiting to fight the landing the Army 2nd Armored Cavalry, and elements of the First and Second Marines plus a Saud
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