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  1. I served in the USMC from 1990 to 1995. I strongly disagree. But I can't convince you, you can't convince me so there we are. Agree to disagree.
  2. I cited those nations because they were the most recent historical examples. You cannot talk about early 20th Century imperialisim without talking about colonies. But if that is an aspect the British, French, Germans, etc, all had in common and they all referred to as "empires" then in that they are dissimilar to the US. What nation of any size has not exerted influence over a smaller or weaker nation? There is a difference between influence and domination. There is a difference between using culture or economics to influence a nation and using military to control and coercie. Empi
  3. I did not take it as an attack. Just a good debate in which you brought up some good points, followed up by more good points. Anyway, I'll reply point by point in a little bit (I'm at work right now) I just wanted to clear the air that I don't regard your comments as attacking at all. But just to define the playing field, what is your definition of "empire"?
  4. Well, lets do a little side by side comparison between the US and a few notable empires from history. The US has no colonies, never has. The US controls the government in no sovreign nations and never has for much longer than a short trasitional period. The US has never began a war when not attacked or under the pretext of a treaty violation (and that is new). The US maintained ownership of no foreign posessions won in any war except Puerto Rico and Guam and they voted to become US territories. When a nation like the Philipenes asked us to leave, we left. US military bases overseas are th
  5. You are not a veteran are you Eddo? You statement about the Army and Marines being similar is uninformed. In terms of organization, doctrine, and function they are VERY different and serve different purposes. As Gen Marshall said in 1949 "It's the Marine's job to win the first battle of the war and the Soldier's job to win the last." The Marines are built to seize a beachead, or a city, or island. The Army is built to fight prolonged campaigns. The Marines cannot match the army logisticly. The army cannot compete with the Corps' flexibility. They are not and cannot be the same. The Foreign
  6. Stephen Colbert explains the whole AT&T thing! The new at&t. You WILL be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
  7. "How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg." - Abraham Lincoln That one is good!
  8. Not much debate. Most agree and the main one who did not was Slug and he was trapped by his own logic.
  9. Are you actually reading the posts on ths thread? I brought that up on the last page. You are completely right there. If pot were legal and the HR director decided he did not wand pot heads in his company he certainly does not have to hire them. And if he wants to screen with drug tests, that is fine too. Freedom is a two way street. If you decide to do something you are accepting all of the benefits and consequences. But the government is not your mother and it should not be empowered to give you to bubba for simply doing something it deems "unhealthy" in the privacy of your own home.
  10. Freedom imposes responsability. You are free to drink all you like but the moment you get behind the wheel, bubba will be waiting. Same thing with pot. If it were legal you would be required to use it responasbly. If not bubba is waiting.
  11. The same thing would have happened if he got drunk and went to get some grub.
  12. As a card carrying Libertarian Party member I'm going to say yes it should be both legal and taxed. It is potentially harmful but so is alcohol, and tobaccco and moutain climbing and running with scissors, you get the idea. The government is not your mother nor should it try to assume that role by passing laws that protect you from harmful things in life. In the USA at least, the purpose of the state is not to look out for you or take care of you. You need to do that yourself. Now at the same time, if the company you work for wants to hold you accountable for that activity by drug testing,
  13. A girl in my psyc class in college actually DID that. She had a keg of Buckler NA beer, poured listerene in a Seagrams bottle and mixed it with coke in front of her guests and had a party. She said it was really amazing how many people acted drunk when they could not have been. It was less than half the people there but more than a few.
  14. Heh, no but considering how that election turned out it would probably have worked better than the slogan I did use!
  15. Heh, I was joking Meta. I thought the Oakland Radiers bit gave it away.
  16. If you have Photoshop you can view them as thumbnails and see which ones you are deleting.
  17. I've got to tell you, die hard Trekkies scare me. The real die hard ones, that have the uniforms and actually wear them. The ones that actually learned to speak klingon. The ones who are constantly talking about the shows as though they were real. They are right up there with Star Wars fanatics, Oakland Raiders fans, and religous zealots. I'm always worried they are just a little too close to strapping on a bomb or something. Just kidding guys!
  18. If religon and politics don't mix you had better believe Star Trek and politics don't mix. Or at least shouldn't.
  19. http://politicalhumor.about.com/ Shields up Mr. Chekov! Klingons in the White House, Trekkies in the Congress. God help us. What is the hand basket we're in and where are we going?
  20. Cuba will not change until Raul is gone too. Maybe not even then. As a rule, governments only change at gunpoint. But when Fidel dies there will be a party like the world has never seen in Miami. He has destroyed many families down here and his reign in Cuba could be called nothing if not brutal. Sometimes, just outliving a S.O.B like that is cause for celebration.
  21. NFL Any College Sport MLB (Especially the Marlins) NHL (Especially the Panthers) You would think my house is a sports bar. All I do is drink beer and watch sports when I'm not working, playing with my dogs, or using the computer.
  22. Be careful Canada. If you piss us off we'll take away another one of your hockey teams. How about the New Orleans Maple Leafs?
  23. None for me. I'll play the cards I'm dealt.
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