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  1. The festival is regularly marred by casualties caused by sharp kite strings or celebratory gunshots fired into the air. Well, what goes up sooner or later must come down.
  2. How concerned could he be if he does not practice what he preaches? Unless he KNOWS his movie is a steaming pile of you-know-what. A fiction based on an exaggeration with little chickens running around crying out how the sky is falling.
  3. Over the Edge of the World by Laurence Bergen. It's about Magellan and his bid to reach the Spice Islands by circumnavigating the globe. Excellent book, and very interesting if you have any interest in history or sailing. Also reading How Dogs Think, Understanding the Canine Mind by Stanley Coren. Just started that one.
  4. Go to your local animal shelter and take pics of the dogs and cats there. Then find a website (like this one even) and post the pics with contact info in case anyone is interested in adopting. That what I would do.
  5. Count me in the number that say "Thank God" the Constitution is difficult to amend.
  6. Heh, nah, I'd rather get good and drunk and tell everyone how I'd have done a better job had I been in office!
  7. Heh, and what would I do AFTER I voted in every election.
  8. because with electoral college only certain states get attention paid to them You won't find this going away without the Electoral College. There's already a huge amount of attention paid to states like Florida and California, two states which get "the shaft" when it comes to the amount of people represented by their electoral college votes. Getting rid of the Electoral College will shift the already lopsided focus moreso in favour of the more populous areas. As it should. No you are wrong on this one Sand. Politically speaking the country is very different in the less
  9. Uh oh. Sand if you have Alan and Meta after you at once, you are doomed. Either is more than a match for you, both together......
  10. Huh?????? She reminded me of John Elway with long hair. I would have had a lot more respect for Clinton if he just came out and said "Yes I had a fling behind my wife's back, yes I smoked pot in college, and yes I ducked out of serving in Vietnam. so what?'
  11. See, I knew there was a libertarian somewhere inside you just dying to come out!
  12. Not to ruin your opinion of me ( ) but i'm a Christian and I think (hope) i have a healthy dose of common sense. We don't all think non-christians are bad people going hell. The only thing I believe to be true with respect to religion is that 1) There is a God, 2) We will all meet Him in the end. This is strictly my own opinion here but to me, christianity is a code you must choose to live by. It is neither right or proper for me to ask anyone else to make that choice. Or hold anything against them if they choose differently. I would not force religion down anyones throat and only ask th
  13. Not the history I'm familiar with. Quite the opposite on both counts. It never left the developmental stage and was out of reach in the 80's. But The Soviets believed we could do it and that is what mattered. Reagan even believed it I think. Check out the book "The New History of the Cold War" for more info. Don't remember the author. We are not going to come to an agreement Pidesco and that fine. Reply if you wish and I'll leave it at this. This thread has potential and I don't want to side track it.
  14. From my political perspective yes. Lincoln suspened due process and comitted more than a few constitutional transgressions during the war. His thoughts were "Inter Arma Silent Leges" and the "Ends Justify the Means". I disagree. However, he did save the country a had a much wiser post war plan than the one actually enacted after his death. To say nothing of taking the first step to correct the monstrous injustice of slavery. In my opinion he was the third best president in our history. Had he done it without violating the constitution in the process I would have him and #1 easily. Ever sin
  15. Reagan, hands down. He alone in recent years understood what Jefferson said: "The government that governs least governs best". I would rank the last 5 in this order 1) Reagan 2) Bush I 3) Clinton 4) Bush II 5) Carter (this man is a national disgrace) Best of all time I'd say a toss up between Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson with Reagan and Lincoln tied as a distant 3rd.
  16. Don't go fishing for herring here Sand. To deal with your post. If Philly wants to make the Scouts pay their way, that is fine. It is the perogative of every municipality to run their city as they see fit so tht is hardly a constitutional issue. You passed this off as a violation of the 1st Amendment which is really what this debate is all about at this point. Based on my response, is it? Is it a violation of the first amendment to have the 10 commandments posted in a public place even if not a single penny of state money was used to put it there? The line between a free society and a rep
  17. Neither. Take either one to the extreme and you have a society that is certainly not free. In the old Soviet Union ( a totally godless society), if they found out you were Christian you would either see the inside of the Lubyanka or die in a gulag somewhere. In most Muslim countries (the other extreme) you can expect to be beheaded at any time if you are not Muslim. To paraphrase Aristotle, nature must find the mean.
  18. As expected, I completely disagree with you. The first part of the first amendment (also known as the "establishment clause") states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The way I read that is that the US Government cannot make a law that says "You must be Christian". It does not prevent the government (or it's agencies like schools, police, etc) from allowing VOLUNTARY religious observances such a moment of silence, or a prayer before a meal, nor does it prohibit the display of any religious monuments (such as the 10 Com
  19. Yes. The ONLY circumstance that allows a soldier to not follow orders is if they contravene the Geneva convention. Or the UCMJ. Incidently, Iraq is not a Geneva signitory therefore not entitled to protections. We give them anyway though.
  20. I have this exact same fear. I am a pretty good swimmer and have no fear of water. I once got stranded outside the safety area of the beach on a tube because I was trying to catch the biggest wave that I could and some boats had to come get me. But once I jumped into the waters from a rock and just went deep into the water. I opened by eyes and could see only a dark blue nothingness stretching out before and under and everywhere and I freaked out. It was like something was coming to get me only I couldn't see it. A general feeling of helplessness floating in cold darkness. I've never stray
  21. For about two weeks now I've been trying to win as the Western Empire in B.I. I've tried stabilizing the revolts in the provinces and have had some success. But by ten years into the game I'm over 200,000 denari in debt and cannot retrain legions of repair cities and cannot get cash flow positive because of it. I've gone on the offensive right away and smashed the celts, franks, and berbers with the legions you begin the game with but end up losing half the empire to rebellion and still wind up in a cash deficit. I've tried rolling back into southern Gaul and italy, abandoning germania, briton
  22. I would add NWN1 the OC to Category II. NWN2 had an ending, we just have not seen it yet. Once Team Gizka finishes we'll know what it was. But you are correct. I'm finding I have less and less interest in RP games because the stories are so poor in writing, organization and excecution. I think that is why so many of us are still playing BG I & II, Torment, FO, and otheres almost 10 years and hundreds of replays later.
  23. Hmmmm. The only movie I've seen that I found honestly disturbing was The Exorcisim of Emily Rose. Perhaps because it was based (loosely) on a true story. As for what scares me? Well, all of the most dangerous situations I've ever been in, I got into because I failed to use good sense. So I guess what scares me is me. Or at least my own belief that nothing bad will happen if I do ________ (insert dumb action here).
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