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  1. WTF??? Where did you get that from? The US has some of the toughest waste disposal regulations in the industrialized world. These days anyway. We might screw up royally from time to time but we usually learn from it. No more "Love Canals" these days.
  2. Yeah what the hell Gorgon says. We don't need that old 2nd amendment, and so to get rid of it lets also throw out the 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th amendments.
  3. The Constitution takes no stance on the issue of language. If it did this thread would have been a lot shorter!
  4. Hmmmm.... *Note to self, carefully read posts to establish context and direction before making a reply*
  5. Anyone wishing to debate with Alaschu better have your stuff together becasue he's a smart guy, and you will have your hands full.

  6. Let me turn this around then, would the Nazis have been able to effectively keep the Jews in line in concentration camps if the Jews were armed to the teeth?
  7. Least restrictions, lowest crime. The funny thing was that after doing this, I realized that the information was essentially useless, but I figured I'd post it specifically to see if anyone would draw any conclusions on it, even though I stated straight up that "After doing all of it, I realize that it doesn't really say anything, but since I did it, I figured I might as well post it." I wasn't expecting that it'd be you though :sad: I figured it'd be the District of Columbia one that was brought up, but I guess not. I pointed out, it really does not say anything because it
  8. Oh my God, I agree with Sand about something.... is he becoming sane or am I going crazy? Or vice versa!
  9. Least restrictions, lowest crime. But actually, this really needs to break down further to be useful. States do not ban handguns, counties and cities do. Broward County Florida has the toughest gun restrictions and the highest violent crime rate. And it is increasing as opposed to the majority of the rest of the state. See my previous post for the link.
  10. You can show exactly WHATEVER you want with statistics (especially if you only factor in what you want the numbers to tell), but the point is still standing: if you don't have a gun, you're less likely to shoot someone. And if you HAVE one someone is a lot less likely to shoot you. That situation would be a hell of a lot more dangerous for me if they were armed and I was not. As for what I would do? Never been in that situation so I could not tell you. But I do know once they think you have a gun they will like as not clear out rather than try to fight you. If someone breaks into
  11. I believe the term you used was something along the lines of not thinking for themselves. I hope you aren't so quick to label all that disagree with you. Nah, I apologized for that second part, it was uncalled for.
  12. More Gun Control is not the Answer Great Op-Ed.
  13. It was something we were discussing in another thread. But by all means, jab eddo too.
  14. See Alanschu? This is what I mean by knee-jerk liberal reactions around here. To those posters in other contries, like Sweden, strict Gun Control here will lead to a blood bath of defensless citizens. Sweden NEVER had a high rate of firearm ownership so banning them had little real effect other than to prevent that rate from climbing. The genie was let of the bottle here two hundred years ago. Gun control INCREASES violent crime. Counter intuative I know, but very true. Case in point, in 1995, Florida began relaxing it's gun control laws at a local level, in 1997 Tallahasse began to catch on a
  15. First of all, Josh as I said, I have no issue with a REGULATED work visa program. And Hurlshot brings up a very important point here I'd like to expand on. Mexico has a decent education level (third highest in spanish speaking countries world wide) and great sections or arable land in the south (by landmass larger than the states of Florida and Georgia combined). They have oil, silver, and other resources in abundance. They have everything they need to build a robust economy. So what is wrong? Corruption? Disorganization? What is it about Mexico that is it so fundamentally flawed? Now, Hur
  16. You are making the assumption that there are no organizations dedicated to protecting children. I cannot speak intelligently about how common they are in Great Britain (I'm certain there are many), in the US there are many and more and they outnumber and out fund animal charities by a large margin.
  17. Yes it would anger a lot of people. Thats why it will never happen. As I told Walsh, nothing can be done about it at this point. Illegal immigration, and catering to it are the political realities of the day. There is no leader with the fortitude to tackle the subject, or the political clout to get anyone to follow them. So it will progress to the only end such a process can have; a schisim. Libertarianisim is, in my view, a strict interpretation of the Constitution which does not in any way require the governement to spend tax dollars to help people breaking the law. Ditto that for ANY s
  18. Actually you bring up a good point. The Mexicans have no historical standing to assert any past "ownership" of the southwest. Only the Pueblo and Navajo indians can do that.
  19. Couldn't you apply this same logic to governments? Especially seeing as one could argue it's already too late. If you have people in an area all speaking Spanish, complete with Spanish television and more Spanish newspapers than English newspapers, the all English government centre is what's going to look out of place, and it's what's going to make local residents unhappy. You mention Quebec and its issues. Imagine if we suddenly told them that all of their government interactions had to be done in English. Big difference, Quebec has ALWAYS been a French speaking province. Wha
  20. You are just one cheerful guy Gorgon!
  21. I can respect that viewpoint. I donate to the American Red Cross every month myself, but it is only a fraction of what I donate to the few dog rescue groups I support. Someone has to. Besides, no dog has ever backstabbed me, robbed me, lied to me, or sold me out. Can't say the same about most of the people I've known.
  22. Common language, common national identity, loyalty to the same flag, acknowledgement of a shared history, contributing to the society you benefit from by way of taxes. These are the things illegals do not do. Here is what they do that I have problems with: Mexicans seek to retake "stolen" land Protesters fly Mexican flag at a US Post office Cost of illegal immigration Mexico provides guidebooks for illegal immigrants sneaking into the US US Agents face violence at the border Border States Graple With High Immigrant Crime Rate Illegal Alien Crime Wave People murdered by illegal immig
  23. Van Halen, Diver Down. By the way.... Article
  24. Heh. Interestingly enough, they aren't Spanish, and they don't see themselves that way. I say this because in my country, we get A LOT of South American ("latin" is a misnomer) immigrants, and they act just the way you have described. This might seem odd since the language is roughly the same, but still they manage to isolate themselves and form their own exclusive communities (I've even seen them go as far as printing their own newspapers for themselves), thus purposefully preventing their integration into our society. I personally hate this. But, it's not their fault. It's ours because we al
  25. By making it unnecassary to learn the language here we are already encouraging them to do so. Like I said, if you made it impossible to get by in this country without leaning the language, those who want to come here will learn it. I wasn't asking about whether or not it's encouraged to do so through illegal aliens. You say you'll always welcome legal immigrants. Wouldn't this still subject the United States to the dissolution of your culture and language? It wouldn't necessarily be as fast, but one of your big concerns about the illegal immigrant situation is preservation of c
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