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  1. I heard on radio that the two sides tried to come to a deal but ended up walking out and saying no deal will be made. Formyself, this just eliminates any DVD purchases from Sony for me. I might buy a Blue Ray when it costs $100.00 or less but not before and not buying a PS3 because of it thats foir sure! Frankly I think Sony making a mistake and will pay for it in the long run financially!
  2. Ill get one after Mass Effects is released! figure why bother right now with no decent RPGs released for it. Besides, figure price will drop some between now and late 2006/early 2007
  3. Opps: PS MK Far as money goes, that also might be changing soon (or at least evening up some). What with the UFC moving to larger venues like the "Arrowhead Pond" (17.5 k seating rather then the considerably less seating at Mandalay Bay) selling out for the March PPV. Then in April they trying for anouther larger venue in LA (20k + seating) and you add in the coverage they getting from their hit tv show "The Ultimate Fighter" that allows normal folks to grow attatched to fighters (made a star of Forest Griffen and a villian of Chris Leben as two examples). Plus the Fight Nights 4 times a year on Spike TV (and the weekly "Unleashed" show) and the coverage they get in Canada from the "Fight Network". Things look positive for the UFC right now and that will mean they will be able to bring in even more talent, grow new talent, and increase purse sizes. Give it a year and id bet those MMA fighters in Japan (least the american ones) will start thinking UFC a more feasible and reasonable alternative to Pride. LOL, hardest working General Manager (IMO) in sports today has to be Dana White! Hes really turning UFC around and growing it to a whole new audeince quickly and successfully!
  4. LOL Just know what I like! Pride might pay more but other then Wanderla Silva (sp?) And Remi Bonjasky im unimpressed with Pride fighters. All I can say to back up what I said is it s eems to me when main event UFC fighters (like Liddel) goto Pride they win. When the Pride fighters come to UFC they lose. That really tells me the tale of the tape! AND WOOT! GSP beat that freaking arrogent Penn! Thank god! And what a surprise, Penn blamed the judges for his lost ROFL! Franklin did a number on Loiseau, thats for sure!
  5. naaaa Maya would slap Bastila around like a soggy mop and then revan would come in and get revenge for her and slap Luke around! Arnt you glad Luke and Bastila never hooked up? Talk about a whine fest! Hell, throw Carth in there as their driver and you pretty much have the liberal party of Canada!
  6. Actually MK, I think exactly the opposite! Cant stand Pride and it seems to be where all the washed up fighters and K1 kickboxers go after their main career in UFC/K1 is over! As for UFC 58, I cant wait! GSP is the man! Penn is so freaking arrogent in his interveiws I hope GSP wipes the floor with him. Far as Franklin and Loiseau go, I like them both but have to give the edge to Loiseau. His elbows and kicks really are that dangerous! Franklin could still win as he has great stand up (both do, its pretty even) but will have to connect with a lucky shot to finish Loiseau. If it goes to the ground, Franklin in huge trouble! Just saw Kenny Flourian was removed from card, to bad! Was looking forward to seeing him get beat up again! hehe love watching Flourian and Nick Diaz get beat up! Both are annoying to watch and listen to! All in all, I think canada will come out ahead when all is said and done in this card! heh, have the dvd recorder already set up and waiting
  7. Depends what your refering to Moth? If your speaking addiction then no. Ive personally seen people go bankrupt back in NWN (back in the day when you were over your limit and visa would let you carry it forever), seen couples get divorces over MMORPGs, and much worse. So far as the addictive nature of MMORGs, its a topic that shouldnt be undermined or ignored. Far as content out there in MMORPGs, Other day Im in game store and saw what looked to me to be a 12 year old buying "the Sims" latest expansion. I wanted so badly to go over to parent and tell them what happens in the sim and how its nothing but a cyber sex game and does he really want his 12 year old girl in that enviroment! I didnt of course but was really tempted! Or back in UO a story that hit main stream press was about 2 16 years who cyber raped a 10 year old girl in game. They used a exploit to trap the girl so she couldnt move and cyber raped her until her father heard the crying and came to see what was going on and shut down computer. So far as content goes, when you focus your design for the youth, you have to be ready to deal with the good and bad aspects that will come from it. Maybe im old but I think its a topic worth discussion and shouldnt be trivialized
  8. I had a mate that had a shotgun accidently go off in his face when he was putting it away. Needless to say he died. Guns do kill people. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I would get the shotgun off on diminished responsibility. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Guns dont kill people! Husbands who come home early do! (god I love Larry the Cable guy! Thats a priceless quote)
  9. No idea who Maya is but I had to vote for her as mentioned above! Bastila to whiny and spoiled to actually fight anyone! Now I could see (face with combat) Bastila begging for her life and swearing loyality to Maya as her slave! That fit Bastilas personality!
  10. As one of the LONGEST playing MMORPG players on the net (started in Grapghical MMORPGs back in 1990 and many many muds before that) Ive always thought MMORPGs should be resticted to age 18 or higher. Honestly if there was a way to do it (there isnt really) Id say age 25 or older. MMORPGs can be great fun (not WOW) but they are addictive, no one should bother trying to argue that as the proof has been out there since day one and people under the age of 25 have far more important things to worry about (education and such) then getting bogged down in a MMORPG world. I must admit im also kinda bias. My first MMORPG was the original NWN (back on AOL). Back in those days we payed $2.95/hour (american, $3.95/hour canadian) to play so the amount of kids playing were very minimual because of the financial obligation. With out the kids you see in games now adays the atmosphere and community was much tighter then anything you can encounter in todays MMORPGs. Im not surprised Blizzard closing those threads down to be honest. Its common knowledge WOW was created for the younger, instant gratification crowd. That was their target audience. So dont expect them to allow open conversation regarding the low brow marketting ploy they did through game design. Just not going to happen. Blizzard has never allowed all that much critizism on their boards about their games anyways. Why would they now? In the end though, still comes down to parents. Parents just need to learn to say NO to any kids under the age of 18 (that live at home) when it comes to MMORPGs.
  11. heh, im always hesitant of magazine reviews and pre release reviews. After all these same mags said SWG was ground breaking and STILL like FFXI (makes me wonder if they ever played it honestly or just got paid for the reveiw). Ill wait till I see some reveiws that highlight the good and the bad (as every game has some) and then decide if ill take a chance like I did with Morrowind (thats $10.00 Ill never get back).
  12. I have guildmates that are playing D&D Online. So far they like it but say the real test will be if Turbine can keep it interesting. that all comes down to content and content is 100% in Turbines court so time will answer that question. Was interesting to read on guild boards that many many players are infact gathering in taverns in game to find groups to adventure with and the taverns have actually taken on a very tavern like feel to them (something other MMORPGs failed outright to acheive in the past). Anyways, as I personally dont play it that about the most I can tell you, your more then welcome to follow link in my signature and post questions on guilds public forums for those members that are playing or if you are playing and looking for people to adventure with ingame.
  13. I hate mods! Just thought Id add that! hehe
  14. Dunno the whole being crammed into a suit of armour is very Vader like. Him as the Hand of the Emporer is very Vader like too. What exactly makes him like Darth Sion ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It dosen't I thought he was more like HK "Ready to serve master". I realy didn't compare the game to K2 because it was made by two different people so I always compaired it to K1. Have to admit it though K2 beats Jade Empires @#$ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Deaths Hand was Malak redone. Course Malak was just Vader redone! Henpeck reminded me of HK in many ways. (Both were funny as hell though)
  15. If it wasn't saturated, there would be more of them. Furthermore, if the market of FPS and RTS were saturated, they wouldn't be so successful. Remember, "The market" is not just "what Kalfear wants to play." Not really. Games don't get made that quickly. And if you haven't already, I suggest playing Geneforge <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL Alan, for every successful FPS or RTS game made there is like 5 that isnt (then there is a ton that barely break even as well)! So yes the market is saturated and that has nothing to do with what I play or dont play! A simple trip into ANY computer store validates that comment. Same thing happened back in the late 80s with RPGs, after the success of titles like SSI Gold box games, wizardy, Ultimas, and Might and Magics, the market was saturated with a ton of less successful (to outright failures) RPGs. To the point they stopped getting made for a few years. But you seem to have your panties in a knot about something (dont know, dont care) so ill leave it at that!
  16. Shesh, people take stuff said so literally! By sequel I mean new games in the same light so to speak! They could make a entire new KotOR game thats set in the same period but has entire new cast and totally different storyline and that would be fine with me (well unless its a bastilla game of course). Think (if yas remember that far back) SSI Gold Box games. Each game was its own stand alone but all were developed around the same successful formula! KotOR series could easily do this. JE plans to do this (just taking their freaking time about it). So dont take sequel as K1 and K2 and K3, all one story playing out. Seperate game with new characters and story is fine, just make them is all im saying! The current market is saturated with FPS and RTS (other wise called ACTION RPGS), the traditional RPG venue is NOT saturated and grossly under developed. PS: And no, never played the game you mentioned, honestly never heard of it. Ill take a look for it in Computer store and check it out!
  17. I don't care, I was just telling you there was a mod for that... (it's not mine) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Because (explaining the bleedingly obvious) the game has failed to entertain me. I do not want to pretend to eat a bowl of porridge in Morrowind. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ROFLMAO! Meta, intentional or not, you just basically described my feeling about UO, Morrowind, and other like minded games!!!!!! PS: I think Alan and Gab need to start playing the Sims with the direction they going! PPS: To the guy who sarcastically whined about people not finishing Morrowind but judging it. WE JUDGE IT on the fact we COULDNT FINISH IT! Sorry if that concept to hard for you! Personally I dont keep doing stuff when I dont enjoy it (other then going to dentist that is). And really going to dentist more enjoyable cause at least he has good looking assistants as Eye Candy! LOL, pretty sad when getting a wisdom tooth pulled has more enjoyable aspects then a entire computer game!
  18. LOL alan, im exact opposite, of all my friends only ONE likes morrowind and (as sniper puts it) RTS crap over D20 rules. D20 makes sence in a RPG, after all your playing your character, you character is not playing you! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Pfff. D20 rules or some other rules set, it's all numbers in the end. Numbers decide who will hit for xdamage. It's always like that underneath any RPG, wether it's Fallout, KOTOR, Morrowind, Wizardry. Any game where you get to levelup a character is a RPG, you play a role. Some RPGs are deeper than others but it's always YOUR character. You say it like only D20 let's you play your character and thats just not true unless you, yourself, have never played anything else but D&D based RPGs. In that case, you need to open your mind to other things. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL Ast, I think its safe to say I have probably played as many (if not more) systems then yourself. Everyone of those systems has faults but the system with the least amount of faults is the D20 system. Because it reflects your character skill level rather then your own dexterity! Dexterity is NOT skill, its just the ability to button mash ALOT! There is a reason your character is refered to as an Avatar, its your character and skill base for that setting. For example, I have a degenerative back disease (alot like Arthritis but in spine), my avatars do not! Mashing buttons for any extended period causes me physical pain, so why should my physical limitations, limit my avatar whose not aflicted by them? For this very reason I stay away from FPSs and RTS games, but those game rely on YOUR dexterity, I prefer RPGs that allow me to work my mind and utilize a CHARACTERS skill base. Role Playing is exactly that, your playing a DIFFERENT character/person not limited or enhanced by your own real world atributes. D20 system allows for this the best of all systems!
  19. I was thinking of things in "active service" I'd say it has more to do with publishers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL shadow, I did say "good old days" I was thinking of the wizardry's, Might and Magics, SSI Gold Box Games. They didnt curtail creativity but catered to a proven audeince. Mostly I just want a GOOD game to play RIGHT NOW! Morrowind sucked so not bothering with Oblivion, but want my KotOR and JE Dammit! Lots and lots of stories to be told yet in those two franchises and they would continue to be huge sellers! So tired of the gaming market being sturated with FPS's and RTS crap!
  20. Was chatting with a online friend and was wondering what ever happened to the good old days when a developer created a big seller they stuck with that title until the market dried up? IMO Obsidian (well really Bioware originally) should ALWAYS have new KotOR game in the works until they stop selling! Same goes for Jade Empire and Bioware Whats with these companies going off in different directions and not sticking to what brought them to the dance (so to speak). New titles are great but stick with what sells as well! Just seems really strange to me that neither of these titles currently in development when the market is dieing for quality games like them.
  21. LOL alan, im exact opposite, of all my friends only ONE likes morrowind and (as sniper puts it) RTS crap over D20 rules. D20 makes sence in a RPG, after all your playing your character, you character is not playing you!
  22. All depends what type of game. I dont go for the Battlefront and other Star Wars games but a fully developed RPG that detailed the start to finish of the mandalorian wars would be cool!
  23. I'm there! Its a plan. Kalfear skips Oblivion, I skip JE, Sniper skips both and Hades skips the werewolf. Everybody wins! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL that works! But I think its "Hades SAYS he skips everything but truely he buys them all" LOL
  24. JE sucks, you see everything a mile away and if you played Bioware's other games than it just feels like the same thing but with a new coat of paint. And what the hell do you mean by an FPS? What have you've been smoking bro. No, not true. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL seeing everything a mile away (and yes JE was predictable) still a better option then not seeing any story at all. Like I said, just not willing to read that MUCH in a game. If I want to read a novel Ill read a novel As for the "to hit" and blocking, just went off what official website said about oblivion. No more to hit at all, character skill only used for damage and you control your blocks, not your character. But with the right interface it would still work (JE did after all, KotOR was better but JE was passable for combat), main complaint comes down to lack of storyline to follow and poor interface.
  25. Welp I shelved it, just couldnt take the bordom of it. Im all for wide open games but they still need to have a story to them and unless your willing to read unending pages of text in morrowind, you will never get the story line. Think Ill skip Oblivion as well, read up on it and sounds to much like a FPS (no to hit rolls so character ability out the window, you control blocks (which sucks), doesnt seem like they put to much effort into 3rd person veiw again). Why didnt they just make anouther FPS?????? To bad, when you read about Morrowind and Oblivion they definately have promise but the game play just bites! PS: JE beat Morrowind on every catagory (except size) hands down. If it takes hating JE to like Morrowind, Ill gladly stick with JE!
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