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  1. One word: Mods. Yes, of course: mods! Why should a game developer bother trying to deliver a fun, well-designed game when they can provide the toolset and outsource all of that troublesome design work to the players? It's perfect! Of course toolsets are expensive, so prices will stay right where they are. Because one person's "well-designed" is another person's "OMG this sucks!". In other words, it's pretty subjective and whatever they do will alienate or irritate someone.
  2. But this is a party-based game. Almost nobody plays just one class, and folks with a general interest in the game's mechanics aren't going to want to keep tabs on 11 separate sub-forums. (Or even the 6 that are relevant for the party they're presently playing.) Good point. But I think it needs something besides class builds, strategy and unity engine all bunched up together.
  3. I've always enjoyed class forums in games where there are multiple classes. You don't have to wade through a bunch of irrelevant nonsense if you just want to see what's up with a particular class. It just seems more organized.
  4. I wish it was possible to opt out of the stronghold, like "No, I won't stay. In fact, it's all yours,Steward. Here is the deed". Maybe the option to opt out is there and I missed it. But it appears to me that the best you can do is repair the barbican, get out of Dodge, and don't look back. But I think it's still your stronghold, though I don't know how much that matters if you don't do anything to repair it.
  5. Actually, my response above was to an over-the-top claim that paladins are the best tanks in the game which, of course, they're not. It doesn't mean they suck but unless the paladin is the Watcher, there are better classes suited to do whatever it is someone may want a paladin to do. It has nothing to do with whether paladins are the best, but if you can find a class that is better suited to do a certain job in a party, why use the paladin? As the Watcher, though, a paladin can have some pretty good RP going.
  6. No, paladins are not the best tanks in the game. That's just absurd. I've tried and tried to figure out how to insert a paladin into a party but, in the end, some other class is usually better suited to the role I'm looking for. I think paladins in their current incarnation are best suited for escort duty at the stronghold.
  7. If you find yourself clicking through dialogue so you can get on to the fighting, this may not be the game for you. If you are wanting to get on to the fighting so you can get at the awesome loot, this may not be the game for you. Pillars is an old-school CRPG, not a Diablo-esque action looter game. It's driven by dialogue and story. You will have to alter your mindset a bit to enjoy it.
  8. that a concerted, organized and self-aggrandizing effort at forum trolling could be underway. I find it sadly troubling, yet oddly entertaining. I'm just glad I'm not a reasonably conclusive person. Or so I'm told.
  9. I'm going to enjoy Pillars for longer than a week or so before speculating and pining about a Pillars 2.
  10. The difficulty levels should be renamed: Easy >> Tutorial Normal >> Easy Hard >> Normal POTD >> Hard New Level >> Scream Like a Terrified School Girl
  11. Yup, Heodan is a rogue but he's got a certain destiny ...
  12. I, for one, look forward to Halsy's musings and rants. I don't often know what he's on about, or why, but he's at least amusing so there's that.
  13. On the one hand we have a thread where someone wants a walking toggle and, on the other hand, we have a thread where someone wants to be able to find traps and loot while blazing a trail across the map at high speed. The threads should meet in a duel.
  14. I'm very glad to see things going well. I expect the trend will continue. This game is a breath of fresh air.
  15. And this thing went from bad to worse... Oh boy. Well - I'm grateful I never backed this with more than the minimum required for the basegame. I feel so bad for the people who spent hundreds or more, only to be shat on. Maybe you should check to see if the backer agreed to the change before you go off the deep end? If the backer is ok with it, good for him. Its still not ok with me. What happened here was that Obsidian allowed a tiny number of twitter losers to edit content in their game. In *my* game. This is unacceptable. This is a big game with a lot of 'mature' themes and a wide range of potentially offensive actions available to the player. Some people will be offended by one or more of these themes and the actions the player can take, or the actions of others in the story. So what? Offended people have a choice. Buy the game or don't. Consume the content or don't. Obsidian is letting the offended make that choice for everyone, and that is wrong. And ****ing stupid. I don't think any of knows right now what happened with any sort of certainty. People think they, or are "sure" they know, or whatever fits their pet paradigm. What if, for example, the backer in question asked Obsidian to change it to something else he created in order to stop the madness and drama? Is Obsidian condemned then? Are any of you still going to demand a refund and swear to never touch and Obsidian game ever again? Talk about drama.
  16. Patch ... incoming ... just under 1GB.
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