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  1. I would actually prefer to have no voice acting whatsoever. I prefer the voices in my own head when I read what the characters say. I find it quicker and more immersive. But I'm okay with the what's been voiced in Pillars, since its generally well done. Nothing worse than crappy voice acting - like Skyrim where it seems like 5 actors were hired to voice the entire world.
  2. Thanks. Hmm, monk and barbarian then. I'm tempted by the monk then because it seems like an interesting implementation for them in Pillars. Anyone played one and have some feedback?
  3. What I find so nice (lame word, I know) about the music is how well it fits with the tone of the writing and feel of the story. A hard thing to balance properly, and its been done very well here. Kudos.
  4. I'd like to play a class for which there is no companion. Started my initial playthrough as a cipher just to try things out out and enjoying that, but thinking about restarting since I enjoy things best with as varied a party as possible. Could someone enlighten me as to which classes don't have any companions? - I read rogue elsewhere but wondering if there are others. Thanks - and no spoilers please!
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