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  1. Thanks a lot guys. I'm gonna give it a go here in a few and wind down for the night. I'm gonna take a couple notes on the combat advice a couple of you gave in particular. As for the 'just give up, this isn't the game for you, go play diablo' type of responses, you guys 'might' be right, but I came here because I didn't want to give up yet. For what it's worth, I never played Diablo. And while I like the combat and especially the loot in RPGs, it's not that I want TONS of loot...what usually ruins a game for me is TOO much loot. My favorite games of all-time are the Elder Scrolls series and BG1/ID1. Also going way back to NES, the original Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, and Ultima Exodus. Anyway, thanks again for the feedback.
  2. I really liked this game at the start, but I quickly found that I had a hard time getting into it. I played for like an hour 2 or 3 times, never really got sucked in to where I wnted to keep playing and playing. Anyway, I think I finally figured out what it is that's keeping me from getting into it. I almost feel like it's too complicated for me, like I'm missing out on really basic stuff about combat that's making the game difficult for me. I rolled up a Druid. Thought it would be cool to be able to change into an animal. But I start out the game with like 10 different AoE spells, and they all seem essentially the same with slight differences. I never know when to use which spell. It reminds me a little bit of when I first got BG2 and hadn't played BG1 in a long time. I open up the game and I have this party of 6 and the spellcasters have like 30 spells, and everyone's got tons of different abilities, and it was all too much! I was like "whatever happened to the days of just doing Magic Missile if you need to hit 1 target, sleep if you need to hit a group?" The other thing that's getting me is that I seem to waste 1-2 spells at the start of every battle. I sneak around, come across a mob, and I've got the jump on them! I set off a couple of spells....and then the bad guys come running up and engage me and my spells miss them! What am I supposed to do, just wait til they engage before I set up my spells, giving them the initiative? And last, and this one is all my own fault and just personal preference....I'm not a huge fan of too much dialogue/story in games. I realize that's what most people love about this game. But I find myself just trying to click through the dialogue so I can get on to fighting. My favorite part about RPG games is always the loot, that chance that the next mob or treasure chest has a cool magic item or a weapon/armor upgrade for me. Anyway, I want to give it a real go. Maybe I need to start over with a more straightforward fighter. Or, my personal favorite, a rogue. I thought I'd try a non-Rogue for once but maybe that was my mistake. I'll end up with spellcasters in the party anyway.
  3. I'm just starting to play this game and I got to the first place I can actually sell off some stuff. But I'm a hoarder as I like to do crafting and things like that. What stuff should I sell, what should I keep and use? Most importantly I've already got a dozen or so extra weapons or sets of armor, those I can see are going to add up very quickly if I don't sell them. But I see some weird lore thing where it almost seems like the game wants me to collect 12 of each item to learn about it or something? Should I just sell this stuff off?
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