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Dev Stream Q&A on Wednesday Sept. 21st 4pm PDT

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Hey everyone,


Game Designer Nathan Davis and I will be hosting a live stream on Twitch this Wednesday September 21st at 4pm - 5pm PDT. We'll be talking about new things coming for Pathfinders Adventures and we'll also be doing a Q&A. 


So if you have any questions about the game, development, or even have questions on how to beat a certain scenario, we will answer your questions to the best of our abilities. 


Please leave any questions you would like to be asked in the comments below and I shall do my best to make sure they get addressed during the live stream.


See you on Wednesday!



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I've been hoarding chests in anticipation of later adventure decks coming out and new cards being introduced. Are you planning to introduce a significant number of new cards as future ADs come out, or has the bulk of additional cards been released?

I hope there are many new cards. I have 100 chest hoarded. I wonder if I'll get to 150 before the release.

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