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  1. Came for the Darth McBishop. Stayed for the explanation from Raisty. Nice work all.
  2. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/06/18/stephen-furst-flouder-in-animal-house-dies-at-63.html Stephen Furst, Flounder in 'Animal House,' dies at 63
  3. Jacenet - Correct. $25 to play on PC. Yewstance - Totally valid response. Good luck with the decision.
  4. Still unsure how people feel their time or money has been wasted. In the past year, I've played this app more than D&D and that's saying something.
  5. Just as an alternative view, I have played Quest mode only up to a level 6 character. Really just to check it out. I've played Story, over and over and over. As a Tester, I've played Brigandoom A LOT!!! Still a great game, completed multiple times. I am hopeful that the removal of Quest mode means they can focus on more official content and don't have to chase bugs. Sorry you are losing Quest mode, but it is possible to enjoy the game without it.
  6. @Fade2Gray, e-mail support. They are reasonable people. I'm not saying it will definitely work, but you can give it a shot. The only thing to lose is digital ink and digital time.
  7. So, is there anything else to the Harsk, besides +1 diplomacy? Because that's not going to help much with the d4 he has.
  8. Location says, when closing, all 2 and 1 are counted as 0. But when closing, I rolled 6, 2, 1, 1 and succeeded with a total of 10, instead of failing with 6.
  9. My 3 groups are: Valeros, Meriseil, Kyra, Ezren Classic party. Amiri, Seelah, Seoni, Lini Girl power. This group covered everything except ranged. Harsk, Sajan, Lem. Boy Band. A LOT of boons go to waste, but it's effective at closing a location with the monk or bard, with the ranger giving support from another location, usually.
  10. Any company that is serious about their product tests their product. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a beta program running that did need an NDA to be a part of. That would be my guess. Also, I would agree with Ethics Gradient. I'm enjoying the game in its state now. They've done great work.
  11. But it was $25 for the game and all 11 characters before. Now, it's $60 for just the characters. Seems like they are reaching. But I hope it all works out for Obsidian. I want to see the next AP.
  12. The prices do seem extremely high. And just so I'm not one of those "I want everything free", I've paid for the whole game, and I signed up for monthly gold a few months. I do find it pretty high that a month of gold buys only 1 set of dice or 1 character. Just my 2cp.
  13. Sajan and Lem were in the Desecrated Crypt for Cross Bait on Normal difficulty. Sajan succeeded in his Fortitude check, then made the check for combat 12. But never had to make the second check for combat or divine. It just moved on to the end movie. Someone explained how this could be fixed months ago on the forums and thought it was a simple mis-ordered logic step.
  14. I've had 2 games quit on me. At the Waterfront, on Legendary, the Wrathful Sinspawn is defeated. Then it rolls it's d6. On a 1, 2, 3, the blessing goes away and then nothing happens. On a 4, 5, 6, no blessing is lost and then nothing happens.
  15. I agree Sapient. Funny how the mind works. Added bonus that I already have lowers the value in my mind as well.
  16. Yes, please. Since way back in beta, users have been asking for all things buttoned and draggable. If you can drag it, you can click a button. And if there is a button, it can also be drug. It's time we throw off these draggin overlords and have buttons for all. In other words, I agree with the OP.
  17. I assume that Nathan is working on his tan for those shirtless pics. Any truth to that?
  18. As the size of the download is small, I 'll say that aren't including some of the files. This is obvious fraud and I hope Obsidian can get this taken care of quickly.
  19. Well technically it can be counted in days; 14 days, 21 days, 28 days, 56 days, 364 days. I'm excited still. It's looking great. Bring on the Headless Lord!
  20. It's coming. Just hang on. Go back and look at how many people were complaining that phones weren't supported. They have to pick and choose where to put their resources. AD4 will get here. I have no doubt that it is being tested as I type.
  21. Not sure I agree with everything you said, Wakasm, but I'm not the developer. But I do want to say I like how thorough and well thought out your above post was. That's nothing but helpful for Obsidian. I wish my post was as salient as yours.
  22. I'm always happier to buy a full game. Makes it feel not like a Tablet/phone/mobile port where I get nickel and dimed. But if I can port everything over from the game that I've already invested (I think that's what you are saying), that would be magical.
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