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  1. Just picked up the game and am trying to decide what class to play. But I'm a bit overwhemed. I want to max the mental stats (as much as is practical) because have a pet hate of missing out on dialog options. Are there any builds that work well with that? Can I trust builds from 2.0 or has too much changed?
  2. Thank you both for the advice. I think I will go: 1) Ezren, Kyra, Amiri, Sajan 2) Seoni, Lini, Valeros, Merisel 3) Lem, Seelah, Harsk Changes were made for the following reasons: * There is one heavy armor and one light armor person in each group. * Sajan is with Ezren to balance out his lack of blessings * I like Seelah's and Harsk's synergy in card peeking. Problems are: * No Diplomats in group 1. * 2 ranged weapon users in group 3. Any thoughts?
  3. How would you go about splitting the 11 characters into 2 parties of 4 and 1 party of 3 so that every group was well balanced. This seems the obvious way to split up the casters so there is a balance of divine and arcane magic in each group: 1) Ezren/Kyra 2) Seoni/Lini 3) Lem/Seelah After that it gets more difficult...
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