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  1. That was a poor time to play that card. I don't mind being wrong on this.
  2. Is this game officially dead? Even the crickets and tumbleweeds have left.
  3. Urggh, really? The most boring of the Fighter Class deck characters....
  4. I usually find discussions like these tend to pop up when there's nothing new to play in the game.
  5. Who knows? There were/are so many bugs in this game, I won't be surprised if the dice were one of them too. And to justify what I just said, the vast majority of my friends whom I have recommended this game to and did not like it complained that they felt like that the dice/rolls felt rigged.
  6. So in the store, it says Rise of the Goblins was 5 scenarios long. Is that it? Are we only getting 1 AD for the goblins?
  7. I want to vote Valeros but the only option for Valeros would be untrue for me as Flounder has fooled me way too many times in the past.
  8. Like I said, revert it back to the goblin icons and just let players get used to them. It's not that difficult and you it's not like there are timed events that require a fast response in the game.
  9. I agree 100%. So often have I rolled with a 96% or higher chance of success and failing but because the result pops up, obscuring your dice and then your dice get swept away very quickly after that. It really doesn't leave you much time to recover from the shock of failing to allow you to take a snapshot.
  10. Well, I think it would be better to use the cropped green faces and let players get used to them. I know I have and it's not that hard.
  11. Is it too hard to have goblin icons for goblin versions of the Iconic heroes? It's just immersion-breaking that my goblin characters have 'longshank' faces when I'm determining turn order at the start of each scenario and I've got to look at the same faces on the right hand panel.
  12. I'm also enjoying Rise of the Goblins. Too bad OBS only released AD1 and haven't given a shadow of a hint how long till AD2. Well, I for one, will not be holding my breath.
  13. Can we not have the faces of the Goblin version of Hero characters (Lem, Seoni, Seelah, etc) in their icons? I know they might all look the same (am I racist?) but it kinda breaks immersion when you're meant to be a group of goblins and when you're choosing your turn order or looking at the side icons of your team, there are a couple of non-goblins on your team.
  14. Lol. Good luck to you. I've paid for the season pass and even though I've played the game to death, I still paid for the Steam version, using the discount and ambassador stuff. I'm no longer angry. I was numb for a bit. Now I just don't care anymore. I have learned my lesson though. I'll never be a early supporter for any other game. Except for Kingmaker. That game looks so sweet. Oh and if they make Mummy's Mask. I'm all up for that.
  15. I have the game on iOS and just bought the Obsidian Edition on Steam. I've read through how to merge accounts and saw I've to choose a main account when merging. I would like to know would I lose anything from the non-main account? On my iOS account, I've bought many alts and dice but the Obsidian Edition gives me 1 of each card in the game. What happens when I merge these accounts?
  16. Was playing solo Sajan and came up against a Goblin Henchman. Used Amulet of Fists and a Blessing of Erastil so 4 dice altogether and chance of success indicator said 99%. Rolled and got 4 1s. Was too stunned to take a screen shot....
  17. I, for one, would like to see Flounder on the stream and get to know his thoughts on the future of the game. Also, he said in his dev blog post that he'd say how he got his name but didn't! Hopefully, this gets rectified on the stream.
  18. Flounder, I've always been meaning to ask, is that you in your profile pic?
  19. I think they forgot to mention the secret bonus which we all will get for free - a buttload of bugs.
  20. I'm excited for the news but doesn't this game just seem so expensive for an add-on? 5 scenarios equate to 1 adventure deck plus some static alts for $25? Seems really steep to me.
  21. Flounder had always been the most frequent Developer on these forums. I hope he hasn't been let go or moved to a different project. Where are you, Flounder?
  22. You are correct. Your current scenario will contain cards up to its current level i.e. Playing Scenario 2.4 will allow you to find cards ranging from B, C (the character add-on deck which is the equivalent of B), 1 and 2.
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