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  1. It would probably be simpler to say "Includes every Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary dice set found in Treasure Chests." To be honest, as a casual player, with that description I wouldn't have known which dice it were anyway :D Mainly because my only reference about which dice the game has is what I can see in the Collection/Dice window and there is no information there about which ones are Rare, Epic etc... or part of bundles, events and so on.
  2. The ingame store description (Android) for the Dice bundle now says: "Includes every set of dice that can be equipped on any characters in your party." And that's it. Nothing else. Why not be clear and upfront about what is actually included in this bundle? "Includes every set of dice that can be equipped on any characters in your party, except for: Red, Obsidian, Haunted, Jingle, Nathan's Tribute and Goblin which are part of other bundles, special events or limited time only." I already bought the bundle and I am happy with what I (eventually) got, but... common, guys... why i
  3. Did you buy the Master Bundle? I bought it about 30 minutes ago (Android, got my Google Play Receipt) and I received... nothing. No dice in Collection except for the regular blue and 1 Light Grey that's been there since the beginning. No new dice to pick in the Manage Party screen.
  4. You really need to give your customers a heads up when doing major changes to your business model. A customer may buy Gold for RL money in order to unlock characters/adventures at a later point, only to suddenly be told (with no warning) that you can't use that gold anymore. That's terrible. I've personally been buying daily gold since I started playing and using this together with in-game gold rewards to unlock stuff. I'm glad I didn't renew this. I understand the reason for the change in business model, but when doing a change like this, the least you could have done is to let the custom
  5. Exactly! There's also been quite a few times where I've rolled the dice and thought that I made it (from the micro second look at the dice) and then a way lower number pops up and you go "Oh... maybe that was two 1's instead of two 7's... ? I don't know. Because the dice are gone". I found a year old post in another thread where member Steelbeard basically suggests the same thing: I think he explained it better than me So, an option. Please. How it plays out with this option: 1. Roll the dice 2. NEW!! Check the numbers "Yesss.... no wait... oh crap... no, that's a
  6. Isn't a big part of the excitement of dice rolling to see the dice stabilizing, check the numbers and then quickly add them together in your head through the use of years of field practice in the art of mathematics? And then... then you can go "YES!" or "%#WTF?!" depending on the outcome? Well, I think so :D In this game you roll the dice and before you can even check what they rolled, a graphic with the neatly calculated result pops up and obscures the dice. Right away. Might as well have just clicked a button and a random number appeared. I feel that a layer of the gameplay (in a dice he
  7. Hello, The Character Add-On Deck (4 characters + cards etc) for 6000 gold seems to be missing from the store (Android) after the latest update. I bought the daily gold package about 2 weeks ago and have been saving up for this package (with todays login I have a total of 5800 gold) only to see that it is missing now? I will assume that this is a bug since there was no warning or heads up information ("only available until this or that date"), so hopefully you can fix it as soon as possible. Thanks,
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