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Josh Sawyer Pillars of Eternity 2 Tease Thread

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Pillars of Eternity 2 will have more than one full-time system designer: http://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/151438375786/your-career-has-advanced-to-job-titles-that




The project I’m on now is the first one I’ve managed where there’s more than one full-time system designer, which makes an enormous difference.


Isn't it Nick Carver?

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The idea is that each weapon or ability has a Penetration value for the damage types it does.  This is compared to the Armor Ratings of a target for each damage type.  The difference determines if all damage gets through, a portion of damage is absorbed, or the majority of damage is absorbed (e.g. 100%/66%/20% damage).  Of course, a target could still be Immune to a damage type.
There are a few potential advantages to such a system.  If Penetration and Damage are unrelated, low Damage, high Pen attacks and high Damage, low Pen attacks can exist (the former could sort of exist with Bypass in PoE, but it’s not necessarily intuitive).
With Pen/Armor Rating being compared, it would also be clearer to players when a damage type is great/okay/unsuitable.  Again, you can figure it out in PoE, but it’s less intuitive and mushier.
Lastly, it could help curtail Damage inflation.  In PoE, Damage output needed to rise to match both DR and Endurance increases.  If Pen is used to overcome AR, Damage would only need to rise to match Endurance.



With this system there's not much difference at all between a high damage + low attack rate weapon or a low damage + high attack rate weapon though (assuming this Armor Rating entirely replaces DR). The only stats that would actually matter would be Penetration and DPS.


I'd rather have something like the current system but represent improved armor penetration on some attacks as a % modifier or divisor to the targets DR (basically like how G.U.R.P.S. does it with Armor Divisor).

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But I still don't believe we will play as the Watcher again. Hard to go more epic than what we have already seen without going too far.


That's basically the reason I'd prefer to see a new character rather than the return of the Watcher. I don't really want a game where standard encounters have to include dragons and liches to simply remain challenging if, for no other reason, it makes such enemies seem mundane and makes the adventures of PoE seem so also (which given what the Watcher actually does in PoE is kinda weird).


But... maybe the Watcher can appear, as a NPC or plot point, or maybe...


What if the game opens with the Watcher dying, and the new PC finding his/her soul, and maybe being bound to it? No idea how that would work from a roleplaying or even gameplay standpoint, having a PC with two souls, but it does sound like something the could happen.





This on the other hand I am all for. I had the idea that the PC might have a fragment of Eothas's soul in theirs, but the Watcher also works well. I am also all for the return of companions, be it as companions again or simply as NPCs the player meets in game like some BG companions did in BG2. I'd really love to get a second chance to take in Devil in my party with a, hopefully, improved Rogue class.

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New dialog interface looks damn spiffy!

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Huh, good catch. I wonder where the 4 comes from though (the +3 seems to come from Playername/Eder).

I suppose 4 is your stat. Then you get +3 from the companion with the highest?


Edit: I suppose 7* means you get the threshold 7 for that response (green asterisk means you get it with a companion boost). Then you mouse-over the response and you get that breakdown in the pop-up window.

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I'd be quite for reducing the number of spells a Priest has in particular (and revamping the mechanics, but different discussion), if this coincides with different types of Priest (in their chosen God) get much more distinctive than they are now. Such that they really feel and play differently from each other much more, rather than each getting just a couple of optional talents and a unique spell thrown in and are otherwise pretty much the same.


They could accomplish the same thing by giving slight modifications to the spells based on deity. I.e. give some of the spells a favored and/or an unfavored deity, and modify their effectiveness accordingly.

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​Removing text - posted to wrong thread.  Not sure how to remove the whole post as I don't see a button for that.  If a mod happens to notice this, and you have a magic button, maybe you could push it?

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