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  1. When do we get our keys? It´s not so far of, the release!!!
  2. More important then owning a castle is how the noble will react on you and how it will influence the story. I really would like a clash with noble, that would be nice. How that would fit in the story is a diffrent thing.
  3. A good idea would be also, that if you are in light armour you can not be hit so easily becouse of the reason that you can evade much faster, but this bonus beeing decreased when fighting against more than one opponent and further if you fighting against five opponents it should be decreased significantly. Further when you fight in heavy armour it should have not so much effect when you are surrounded by more then one opponent becouse of your heavy armour will not allow you to much mobility at all. But therefor beeing a heavy armour it will prevent you from to much damage. And i am also have the opinion of "Exediron" that shilds should play a much more significant role in there, becouse of beeing the main instrument of avoiding damage in midieval times.
  4. I actually would like a charactersystem where the abilities of a charakter is not shaped from the beginning, but it should develop over time. I mean when you become eighteen you have some amount of intelligenz, you have some amount of strength, but a lot you do develop over time doing exercise. Meaning that every character you create in the beginning is basically the same. (some small differences should be there, becouse not all peoples are the same) But that would solve some issues about what a charakters could cary or not (Armours or Weapons). Imagine your Fighter has strength of 10 on level one. You could carry a short sword and leather armour for example, and then two levels later when he is stronger and has a strength of 12 he could wear a studded leatherarmour and normal sword. and so on... Dont get me wrong, i dont want a system like in the most action rpg, where you have 10 strength at the start and 300000000 strength in the end. That would be unrealistic and stupid. But you decide in the beginning what your characters wish of profession is, so some abilitys will be added in some amount over time automatically, some you will be able to distribute yourself to make the prefered specialisation of your version of character. Nietse
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