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If there were romances... Which companion wouls you choose? :D Poll included.

If romances were available  

63 members have voted

  1. 1. Which companion would you date with?

    • Eder and his gods
    • Aloth and his cute friend
    • Kana and his instrument
    • Hiravias and his jokes
    • Pallagina and her order
    • Grieving Mother and her voices
    • Sagani and her husband...
    • Durance and I am traumatized.

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Disclaimer - my real life heart was broken two months ago so I am legally free to discuss this thread.



I hope there wasn't this poll yet but, well, if there was a romantic activity present in this game, which of team companions would become a Chosen One for you? ^^


I think every option would offer something interesting story-wise.


Treat sexes/orientations/racial issues however you want.


Eder - default choice for female hetero player characters, as polls have shown he is regarded often as the coolest NPC in this game. Also he looks like a Bruce Willis and romance with him would be quite interesting.


Aloth - secondary choice for gals. He is handsome and strangely cute with his awkwardness, not to mention the bonus of his rude 'friend' - I think a combination of these two could led to this romance being a comedy gem.


Hiravias - kinky!


Kana - hard for me to say anything here as he was somehow repulsive enough for me to kick him out of team, not to mention romance.


Pallagina - I still am bored by her character but she seems to be attractive in some way.


Sagani - well this could be a potentially very interesting stuff from the perspective of moral... ambiguity. She has a husband and children but not seen for at least five years. In real life I would never ever engage here but in game it could be interesting option for morally ambiguous/jerk character, as well as an option to enhance Sagani's mildly interesting personality.


Grieving Mother - screw Sagani, this is where it becomes really interesting. GM is strange as hell but in the same time weirdly attractive for me, plus her telepathic link and distanced personality could provide interesting romance story.


Durance - After imagining sexual intercourse with him I immediately curled under my desk into embrional position and started crying uncontrollably.

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I don't see either of Avellone's characters as a conventional romance option. Sagani has a family and would not be interested. I don't like Aloth. Hiravias is easy-going and fun, but too disgusting in some of his habits to romance. Kana is a chanter and I don't use chanters in my party.


This leaves Eder and Pallegina as viable options. I like Pallegina, but I felt a stronger connection with Eder. So a straight romance with Eder would be my choice. How terribly original. :D However, if the GM actually had some weird relationship storyline, that'd be my first choice instead. But I'm a sucker for happy endings and this would probably be unlikely to get one.

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If Aloth or Eder were available, I'd pounce on them in an instant.


I can see Eder being very popular since he's so dang funny, likable, and easy-going. In turn, I can see him being pretty accepting of a Watcher of any background.


I can see Aloth being less so because he's so prim, proper, haughty and aloof (and seems to have that split personality to boot), but there is a fanbase for characters like that (Sand from NWN2, Solas from DAI, etc) so there's that. I also have a little harder imagining him liking a Watcher of less a refined race or background since he's kind of an elitist snob (bless his beautiful heart <3), but given that Obsidian rarely has companions apply their in-universe prejudices toward the player character... Plus, I just adore the guy. <3


Kana and Hiravias? Maybe. Kana is very likable in his own right, so with the right character, I imagine they could have decent chemistry. Hiravias REALLY depends on how he acts in love, since he's rather... er... dirty. (Although given that he's an orlan druid and I like playing orlan rangers or druids of some kith, there might be some common ground.)


Sagani would be awesome if she wasn't already married. No way I'm going to be the Other (Wo)Man or be the one that splits her family. =/


Everyone else is a big heap of Nope.

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Um, where's the option to not romance any of them?  Not trying to make trouble or make a statement, it's just that none of the characters strike me as people I would want to romance.  At best it would be like trying bang a family member, at worst... I won't go there.  Suffice it to say I don't think any of the characters in their current incarnation would make good romance options, something I find rather refreshing in fact since they were clearly not made to give players hard ons like usual companions are. 

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Hired adventurers make for great romantic partners, you can even include your significant other's favorite cosplay photo as portraits once you learn how to do custom portraits.


The actual in game characters, not so much, although I could see how Eder and Aloth would have their charms; the female options are very limited though.

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The Heodan and Calisca triangle. Both were secretly madly in love with each other...until the Watcher came. The Watcher's strong soul sent both hearts aflutter causing them to re-evaluate their mutual infatuation and gender preferences. Nothing consummated. Heodan never got laid.

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Surely most people will want Grieving mother. And it is very logical, although female players might stick to Eder  - logical , too. I do not know if anyone would want Durance, not to mention he is kind of "incapable" if we do trust what Thaos says. Shagani is fine too - maybe she would like to cheat on her husband.

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