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  1. I've no problem - they show ll up in the throne room. Edit: Geyda or Solmar sometimes only comes to buy a prisoner. Then she can not be found. Its just that you can sell the prisoner in the actions-menu where the prisoners are listed.
  2. I tried it: First spawn was spectres and shades Second some water blights And third something labeled Wolfes - But looking like Werewolfs, six of them. My level 13 monk was crushed away by the second one of them. Totally unbalanced. The first did not even gave xp. NOT FUNNY
  3. Just notice that Torment’s Reach gets an ACC bonus: +7 at level 7 with dual hand or dual scimitars + 8 at level 8 (with same weapons) So, I'm guessing its +1/level. Quite heavy that is. Is that new?
  4. Soloing with my monk: 2 x Scimitars (slash) and 2 x bare hand as off-hand (crush). Scimitars are mostly best, I switch only to hands for skeletons or earth-blights (or whatever seems to have high slash resistance).
  5. Thanks Valsacar for the report. How do you manage Adragans and their petrifying attack as a soloer?
  6. You guys installed Skynet on my PC? Well, if that fixes Nightshround its worth it!! Oh, wait, I'm a monk...
  7. Very interesting! Any word from Obsidian about the content of this update? Please.
  8. I was thinking if you have some cool trick (not cheats) like this: +10 % XP in the beginning Early plate mail (ebil)
  9. Imho, min max makes is quite important. You can not max everything, so you have to make choices which stat should be maxed, which can be dumped and which is ok with medium points. Example my monk: max MIG: Damage and healing - Maybe the best stat for a a tank with dps. medium CON: Nice to have high but medium is ok if points are needed for other stats. min:DEX because with torments reach she mostly attacks "full rounds" max PER -> max ACC. Quite important INT: Do you uses spells/Abilities/Scrolls/potions etc which need a long duration (then max INT)? or not (dump it!) RES: Not that essential but have an eye on concentration (medium RES is ok)
  10. Would be good to have this understand/fixed - I planning to take that feat Maybe you could retrain x2: First retrain and not take the feat. See if the damage effect is gone. Save and restart game. Retrain and take Resonant Touch and see what happens. Just an idea.
  11. I've started to edit the wiki here and there... It would be cool if more people would contribute too.
  12. Adragans can petrify for 15 seconds. And usually kills my solo monk within that time... Any tricks or hints how to against Adragans?
  13. I've got visitors and adventures. I usually build Main Keep and the Barracks, hire the 8 Hirelings with highest prestige before completing any quests (besides mainquests to get the Stronghold). By this, starting prestige is 13. My guess is that the mechanics with rolling 2w50+prestige was changed. Because even with 24 or more prestige i don't get an adventure every turn. More like every 6-8th turn.
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