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  1. There was no point to refute. It was lies and propaganda. As I said having played and completed Torment i didnt even know there was romances. To say its then shoved down you throat is nothing short of PURE LIES.
  2. I recently played through Planescape: Torment, and while it's absolutely one of the best stories that I've played through in a video game, I really didn't enjoy its handling of romances. Annah (and to a lesser extent, Fall-from-Grace) falling for the player unprompted isn't organic story-building, it's an example of what Chris Avellone calls ego-stroking. Annah and Grace were designed to be a Betty and Veronica pair, a kind of harem for the player. I consciously resisted romance options because that's not the sort of thing I play CRPG's for, and that's still the outcome I got. PS:T's handling of female characters in general is pretty terrible, actually. Morte, although a great character, sometimes comes a bit close to being that player around the table, the one who leers after all the female NPC's or makes female players feel uncomfortable. Giving that kind of a player a voice as an CNPC strikes me as a bad move. I stumbled across this design document from the very early stages of development yesterday. The document straight-up says, "Sure, you may be a fat dateless loser in real life, but in Last Rites [PS:T's name early on], you get the women and respect you'e always craved". Part of the headings in the game's vision statement is "babes, as in, "TRUCKLOADS OF". It says, The message is clear: this game isn't for girls. Heterosexual men only need apply. Fortunately, PoE is much better in that regard - does anyone really think the quality of the story would be improved if Sagani, Pallegina, or Grieving Mother wore skimpy rags instead of armour? But if romances were included in PoE 2, they'd have to be handled very carefully so as not to wander into that weird, ego-stroking, power-fantasy harem territory. What a complete load of garbage and total bashing of Torment. You are totally clueless. Torment isnt my favorite game and ive only completed it once. But i didnt even know there was romances. So you are just lying through your teeth about it being prompted on the player. Typical liberal facist feminist agenda propaganda nonsense. Glad to see you are really starting to losing hard in society. More and more see your sect for what it really is
  3. He is right in that the traps are pretty uneven in power and in need for detection. Some are way OP and some needs skyhigh mechanics which is a problem because of what starting bonuses If a handfull of traps were scaled down and the starting bonuses were alot less important it would be perfect. (Now its just ok)
  4. Deep faith is a tiny amount better than the standard defensive talents. But defense is better the more you have of it. So getting +10 to will, fort, reflex and then deep faith is nice
  5. The bleed effect on tidefall is incredible against bosses. Dragons really bleed from it And it is against bosses i need killing power
  6. Righteouss soul is awesome. Moon like race is incredible. Tidefall is my fav weapon of all Id bump up constitution And get colonist for survival. +60 % healing The combo of lay on hands with 60% healing takes you from no hp to full with even if you have high con. And silvertide is +75% hp. To say you can survive enermous amounts of dmg is an understatement. And you deal huge dmg with tidefall. Id also add some defense talents rather than the critical focus, vuln attack, savage attack for amazing saves.
  7. F&C caps at +8/+17. With Deep Faith it becomes +10/+20. Overall a +3/+7 nerf to the paladin defenses. Still has the best defenses in the game and with the new soulbound armor he's even stronger... Yes that is right! Dammit my headline is now wrong when it was supposed to be informative : ) Thank you for correcting me and for doing it so fast
  8. What about those fractional bonuses from dispositions? They were confirmed to be a bug (by yourself) here:http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83952-v300929-px1-steam-faith-and-conviction-nerfed-of-bugged/?do=findComment&comment=1771492 but apparently they are still present in 3.02. Also, i see no mention of Deep Faith changes but it now gives +3 to 'other defenses' instead of +5. A bug, i assume? No the final score is now 8/17 down from 13/27 So -5 in deflection, -10 in all others. Just to be clear im not saying paladins are bad or anything its just that imo i liked them for their good defense more than their support so i will use fighters instead now. Im not even saying it was bad to nerf the paladin.
  9. Thank you for the clarification, ive been waiting on it before i start another game. It isnt a slight nerf however when you put it all together. Rather a huge nerf. From +27 for 3 defenses to +17. That is -30 in defenses not even counting the minus to deflection. With the buffs to fighters as well (awesome talents in the last expansion, really gj) i know what class i will always pick over the other now.
  10. There are different levels of difficulty for a reason. Play on the difficulty that you enjoy. Be it storytime or PoTD
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