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  1. OK, so I killed Kolsc and sided with Raedric for the moment. I'm back at Caed Nua! One question, how do I get to the first floor in Brighthollow? I read that it is a resting place, etc. but I can't find a way upstairs!
  2. Thanks again guys. I've made a lot of progress, but have come unstuck with trying to kill Raedric and his merry men! I'm Level 4 party of Aloth, Durance and Eder. Should I give up on that for the moment?
  3. I'm not sure, but you may not be receiving notifications since your account is under moderator review for the first five posts. You are currently at 3 posts so after 2 more the notifications will hopefully begin. All sorted! I didn't realise that you don't get auto-subscribed to posts. I had to select this thread in the user panel and follow it. Bit weird. Normally, threads you start or contribute to are auto-subscribed, but I know now!
  4. Thanks so much for your help guys. Following your encouragement, I restarted the game, and my experience has been completely transformed! Really enjoying it now and have completed many sub quests, etc. and I'm not out of Gilded Vale yet! I restarted with a fighter rather than a Cipher and I feel more comfortable with that. A couple of questions at this stage: 1) I recruited Eder, but, I found that kind of random. After I talked to him the first time, he just kept on saying something about 'enjoy the village'. I have no idea what triggered a change, but sometime later I went back and got into the 'recruit' conversation. I have no idea how a player is supposed to know that. Seems random. 2) how do I get a character to consume a potion or food, etc.? One of the things I like about this game, is that there is not the usual constant need to eat food! That has always annoyed me about certain games of this ilk. Also, there is not the content need to find torches as the one being held was constantly running out! I'm loving this game now! PS I don't get any notifications of replies here. How do I contact the administrators?
  5. Thanks so much, guys. I got past that bit and moved on to Maerwald. Now, that is definitely too much for me! I'm on Normal difficulty with Aloth, Durance and Kana. Do you think I should start again, or just go back to Gilded Vale. PS. I'm not getting any reply notifications here!
  6. I know there might have been a thousand posts like this already - or maybe not - so I apologise in advance. I started PoE a couple of days ago, and I have played this kind of game several times in the past, but I really feel like giving up already as I just cannot handle the combat at all! I started off exploring each area, and had so much trouble with combat, that I decided to stick to the main plot, gather some characters, build up my party before tackling stuff that was too much for me. However, I have found that I can't even do that. I am at the Great Hall, Caed Nua with 2 Phantoms and 1 Shadow and nothing I do can get me passed this! I have Level 3 Cipher, Priest, Wizard and Chanter and have looked at various Youtube tutorials, but still feel nothing but frustration with this combat!
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