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  1. Yeah sorry, I knew this had been talked about before but I didn't find any recent posts about it Secondly I forgot to mention mods in this so I'll add it now: Baldurs Gate 2 has literally hundreds if not thousands of player-made mod characters added. Some of these actually have talented voice-acting, and a very few even goes so far as to have full voice-acting throughout the entire game and expansion. Why was this not a option for Pillars? I get not wanting to write it yourself, but tons of others do write romance in dignified and amazing ways.
  2. First off, let me clarify that I know that one of the main dev's has explicitly said he does not like/enjoy romance in games. As such, I am fully aware that the majority of people backing a game made by such a man mostly share his notion. Here's why I fully disagree with this sentiment. A disclaimer first, since I'm largely anonymous in that no one here knows who I am nor cares; I'm just gonna give my view on romance and sex from my experience and hope that people take it at face value. A short introduction; I was heavily picked on as a kid, didn't have any real friends up until I
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