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Pillars of Eternity is number one!

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Now it just needs to stay there as long or longer than Divinity:Original Sin...


EDIT: Their > There (to be correct)

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I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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I think it's safe to say that at this point Steam means nothing compared to this:


I'd say that steam #1 is worth the first 5-10 positions of GOG, numerically speaking. The exposure they get on steam is on a whole other level.


That may have been true in the past but things are changing.....GOG has been picking up A LOT of traction with the crowdfunding revolution going hand in hand with DRM free revolution and now they have major publishers like Disney choosing to release first ever digital versions of some of the older games exclusively on GOG.....big name titles too like Star Wars that have huge recognition. For a major publisher like that to say "no" to steam on any game, even older ones, is an absolutely huge thing and goes to show just how far along GOG has come.

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Interesting, I redeemed my key on GOG, it's in my library, but it doesn't show up as owned on sales lists.

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