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What of the others?

Who Should Return  

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  1. 1. Who Should Return

    • Candorus
    • Carth
    • Mission
    • Zalbar
    • Joele
    • Possibly Juhani?

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i might choose revan as a darksider first time so that i know for certain juhani is dead. I could imagine though if revan was l/s jolee could be alive because he is a hermit. i wanna see bastilla, revan make appearences (preferably d/s and killing wave after wave of sith or others). I want Mission and Zaalbar to be as dead as Juhani and wouldnt mind seeing Canderous

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Sorry to be a bit offtopic her, but I have a thing to confess: I really liked Bastila! I will never forget the moment we kissed... :rolleyes:


Do you think we will ever see her in the sequel? Any thoughts?



I hope we never see the annoying b!tch again.

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Personally, I would want Bastila back, but since she's not an option :angry: :


1. Canderous - tough, mean, need a good fighter.

2. Carth - he can disappear. I don't need him around with his attitude.

3. Juhani - nothing special, she can go.

4. Jolee - funny, old man. He would be cool, but not as a companion.

5. Zaalbar - nothing special here either, he can go.

6. Mission - she should be 19 in KOTOR 2. Hmmmm, new love interest? :D

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Sorry to be a bit offtopic her, but I have a thing to confess: I really liked Bastila! I will never forget the moment we kissed... :p


Do you think we will ever see her in the sequel? Any thoughts?



I just hope Bastila did not get killed off for this story (Jennifer Hale's voice is Awesome!!!)...


Hopefully, KOTOR 2, can read saved games from KOTOR 1 so the history can be dynamically set.

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Kotor 2 is not going to read KOTOR 1 savegames.


You'd be wise to read the sticky threads.


It's amazing how many times people keep asking that even though it's been pointed out numerous times.


btw, to answer the actual poll, I voted Canderous, mainly because 1)he survives the first game regardless, and 2)it involves a veteran of the Mandalorian wars.

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Always thought mission was cute and funny, would love to see her back again.


Thought canderous was boring he had alot of war stories but not much to make his character seem anything outside a combat drone in my opion.


Ofcause his likely a good soldier to have at side but not good company outside that i think.

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I actually hated Canderous in the beginning, but I grew to like him a lot. The biggest issue is, most of the characters can possibly die storywise. The only exceptions are Canderous, HK-47, and T3-M4. They follow you regardless of what path. However, it is also possible that all characters are alive, but if they want minimalize the contradictions, only Canderous, HK-47, and T3-M4 can truly be used to their full potential, in whatever role they take.


And on the topic of Bastila, I know all characters are tied to Revan in some fashion, but the bond between is unique. It would be akward and weird to see one and not the other.

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I think we will see Carth again because now we'll visit his home planet.

Mission would be cool as well because I could play Pazaak for free with her.


I didn't like Canderous, always whining about his stupid war, instead of concentrating on the task at hand. I never used Canderous, the only reason why I had him in my party is because I wanted everyone (evil, neutral or good), and hell I got everyone, and everyone survived at the end of the game. :cool:


But Canderous did suck, after two or three times I just stopped conversating with him, always talking about the past and his advices were

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Well seeing how alot of these character were killed by returning Dark Lord Revan. In fact only Candorus, Mission, and Carth survived.

Mission didnt survive on my game, i got her big furry friend to land a few body blows and *whack* shes history :p ahhhh the beauty of force pusuade ;) Zaalbaar also survives unless you take him along on the star forge (if you force pesuaded him into killing Mission) where he realises what you made him do and he attacks (so ive heard) ;) but anyway back on topic, Canderous for definite


Kinda surprised me first time with DS, that mission dident join with you, she is pretty naive so it stroke me surprisingly that she wouldnt eat it raw.


Shame thou she was a very cute twi'lek girl.

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I was wondering who should return from KotOR? Personaly i would like to see Candorus retrun, he was my favorite person outside of  Revan, crule and strong. I would also be happy if Carth didn't return, or if you are DS you could kill him. I know that HK-47 and TM-34 are returning to KotOR2. I thought that Joele was also a pretty cool guy. But Mission and Zalbar I could pretty much care less. And what of Catwoman Juhani, I don't think they could have her return because she was optable to kill. :)  :angry:  :-



Why isn't Batila in the list?


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I chose Carth just cause I used him a lot in KOTOR 1


Carth was pretty good in battle he just drove me nuts with his constant whiney attitude all the time, he reminded me of the captive Elf enchanter in BG1 at the mines.


What a classic he was;- we all gonna die....!


I really thought it was sad i couldnt get to kill Carth as DS male.

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I voted Jolee, but now I realize that if Mission, if written well, would be the coolest to return.


Even in Darkside. She did have streetsmarts and survival skills, and everyone said she was tougher than she looked, maybe she wasn't dead when we 'killed her'. Perhaps she managed to survive, and is now a scarred Twi'lek, looking for vengeance. And if not darkside, she can just be looking. Either way, she'd probably be fighting the Sith.


Barzarel, do you mean Xan? I thought Xan was awesome. He was so pessimistic it became hilarious.

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