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What of the others?

Who Should Return  

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  1. 1. Who Should Return

    • Candorus
    • Carth
    • Mission
    • Zalbar
    • Joele
    • Possibly Juhani?

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"Thought canderous was boring he had alot of war stories but not much to make his character seem anything outside a combat drone in my opion."


What more do you expect from a Mandalorian...The same people who were raised to raid planets and kill people....I thought Canderous was one of the best characters in the game...He was much more useful in weapon fighting then any other party member, he was a true tank.Didnt have to waste medpacs on him.He had the second best equipment.(Next to my PC stuff)

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Carth-We will probably see him on Telos or woth the republic fleet somewhere.He is probably a fleet admiral or something now so i doubt well have him in our party

Canderous-He would survive regardless of your force alignment so well probably see him somewhere,though due to his character development at the end of kotor1 we might see him fighting in the war.

Jolee-He might come back as a force ghost killed by Sion or something,or hiding with the other Jedi somewhere.



Mission can die for all I care,she wasnt very useful and her sidequest want that good.Juhani could get killed by Sion or something.The droids we know were getting anyway.Revan and Bastilla well probably encounter on koriban light or darkside depending on how you ended kotor1.


I would Dustil or Yuthura or some character like that to be an optional party member.thatd be cool :devil:

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