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Yesterday I went and checked, if I could purchase backer beta access on the Eternity's backer site.

The good news is, that beta access can be bought for $25, but the very bad is, that one still has to purchase a separate backing tier before having an option to do so.

I thought you've said that this is going to get fixed and you've said that months ago.

My suggestion would be to fix this before the launch of beta.

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I must say this is the only time i think i dont like it what Obsidian did here. PAying money for bug testing is a no go but hey... it´s your thing and i dont mind but have an oppinion about it anyway and i tell it like i feel. Paying for a beta sucks! Sorry guys ;)


doesnt change my view on how great you guys do with the game :) and how excited i am later!

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I've looked at my backing options also, I was thinking about adding to my original pledge but it seems it's not possible, unless I totally missed out on something.


You're not. Once confirmed, changes can't be made to a pledge without administrator intervention.


Rumor has it they're working on opening up add-ons for everyone, but no official date on when that's going to roll out.

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:must: :resist: :temptation:





:runs off to buy a beta key:


I told myself, that I would save every experience for the final game, but I'm a weak man, so I just upped my pledge aswell. 

That's right hahahahahahahahaha, give in to the Dark Side!

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