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  1. I love the new elite of the gaming industrie becoz they have so many interesting thoughts. Never did me know i will tell someone but the declaration of self importance of those clowns never done anything good in terms of quality... which is not a matter of an oppinion - is such a boring and exhausting thing. Why cant someone finaly tell them to f*** off and never return! Whenever you try to enjoy your passion there is a new story about the same old bull****. I played ik+ on amiga and have great memories of it and there were lots of games that sucked which i dont remember. And that is common. The only thing they want is attention and money and they know it. Not even EA is more greedy and sinister then those maggots!
  2. But how do you prove intent if they are just seen as words...surly words can prove intention? This is incredible stupid. Nothing personal but you have no rational mind anylonger when you realy believe what you wrote. When i say "you are an a**" do i have the intention to cast "transform human into a walking talking a**" ? Surely not right! The only thing i could do is to bash your face into an a**. I think you forget that we are humans. We live in 2015 and it´s a pretty modern world and most people are used to common language. Even they insult each other! This is part of our WAY OF LIFE. Take it easy! Why change our great times back into the middle ages. Go take some time and talk to "normal" younger guys and they will laugh at you. The younger generation seems to be way more relaxed in using words then you and most of the day dreamers of what could be. You dream! You realy just daydream! And im sure you are the only one who wants to live in your own world. No one else is part of your own dream. I have my own dreams too and they wouldnt be pretty for 99,9 of the human population but i KNOW it´s just a little wish when i´m angry. Thats it.
  3. The word mutation may sound offensive to some people but then again not for others and who is relevant now and who is the authority to decide and do we all realy want some kind of a ministry of language. So i meant the bigger picture and thats what worries me. There will always be people who are offensive to others like there is a day and a night. So the sensitivity of some people is to me not the benchmark for the rest of the world. Would this be the case it´s called a dictatorship no matter how good you try to paint it!
  4. I fear the so called new age language because it is so dishonest. Just imagine someone punshes you in the face and you cant describe this "guy" as what he realy is in your own honest oppinion ? What then ? Will you describe him as a "person with a problem" for yourself while you see yourself with a beaten up face in the mirror for 10 days ? I dont think this is a way i can treat myself with some dignity.
  5. This stupid conversation will never end as long as every individuall thinks his own view is the ultimate truth. To me this is some pseudo fight about authority and not morality at all. It´s just throwing dirt around and LIES about innocent developers. Just be little and good and dont take your self to IMPORTANT! It would be much more appropriate to name exactly where this happened and if you cannot point out a case dont make one out of nothing! It´s the same with all the conspiracy theories of a one world order and to many people have written to much wall of text already and when not important people dont get the recordnition -they stupidly think they deserve they yell around a lot. This is realy simple. There are no aliens that capture humans btw.
  6. I like romance threads... but if ever there is a romance dlc please include the option to slap your love affair when she/he talks to much like Sir Sean connery did! It was so hot it freaked me out. Sado maso slap must be an option hello Obsidian please hell yo!
  7. It was completely stupid. Our DM was so mad at us because we wanted to walk away from the adventure he planed just by using a different road that we had to stop the game. He never played with us again....! That was the beginning! damn virgin!
  8. i dont like morality for grown up people written by not growin up people about how to act, how to play or to talk. Now i realized all this drama was pure kindergarden from the beginning for to bored -not grown up people!
  9. I completely changed my mind and think that this is something that is up to EVERYONE himself who he/She wants to marry. Who cares realy. And i tell you why i dont care about the love interests of others anymore. it´s none of my business and the devil is only the one who projects his private morality into other human beings pointing his fingers while his own skeletons are pretty much alive...
  10. They dont want facts but a reason to throw dirt at people. Thats all. Using a "victim" as an excuse for defamation and online stasi tactics is what makes these people relevant to society in general. Because now you can see who they realy are and i dont like it. We here in germany are 25 years over now with the IM´s and stasi and I hate them. If people here would be more aware that these so called SJWs are the same kind of IM´s the Stasi had it would be very different for them on the streets. Its not save for IM´s here and thats good! My family has ties to people who were thrown in jail for many years because of their political oppinion and you can see that in their faces. So this is not just an I-net thing for me but a recall of history too. These people have no clue what people had to go trough and here they spread their gospel of social justice. NO my friends you are an enemy! And the term enemy for me means you are one outside too... And i grew up in west berlin so you know. I was fully aware of the DDR myself, I´m born 75. ps and sorry for my little outbreak but people who advocate a tyrannical system are a no go for me. And thats what they do!
  11. I dont care if that brianna wu gets of the I-net. I have seen her day after day flooding the gamergate hashtag with stupidity and false accusations and now she wonders that someone gets mad. It´s karma to me. Edit : You are precariously close to advocating IRL violence. That's obviously a no go. Even if what you describe is a hypothetical, I'm sorry it's just creepy enough that I don't feel I can allow it. Regards, Gorgon.
  12. that is true. Mostly aliens come to tell people how bad and terribly wrong they all are with their games... Today the question for "hippy gamers" is like.. are your for gender ? NO, then you must be a bad gamer ! Realy ? I can play good battlefield 2 and have lots of kills! Doesnt matter you dont like gender ! hmm.... but what has gender to do with battlefield MP ? you are a sexist! No.. we have a girl in our Team and she´s pretty good in killing other Teams! You are a lier and a thief! No, Im not gollum at all! you are a racist cuz you have no guy from africa in your Team? How do you know that ? Cuz you dont like gender! Well, but we had one he just wasnt that good in killing other Teams! See, i told you you are a racist!
  13. YES, because to many instable persons are offended by anything running around in the I-net yelling at anything "they" seem to have a problem with. the hunt for negativity is serisouly an issue of todays I-net. When you create your own page with stuff you like others come in and be offended! Huh, did i ever invited you into my home so you can tell me my kitchen is a mess ? NO, i never invited you to anything so keep your problem hunting for yourself. Thank you I-net for showing the world how many crazies are alive and not-so-well.... And if someone is offended by me writing about instable persons then you are an instable person!
  14. hmm... due to the spread of lies about gamergate from social commentary sites even a DELL exec. compared gamers to ISIS etc.
  15. Has any of those social commentary websites ever mentioned the 10.000+ nude patches, mods or hacks being done ? When you look at most of these nude and sexy pixel "art" authors they are the same people who rant about sexism in games or tolerance in general. I followed just one of those crazies jumping on gamergate telling how we all are nuts and sexists and on his own deviant page he claims to be a little cute perv only uploading "sex" pixel art... Heh... whatever! I think most of these very misguided people have one thing in common. They are obsessed with sex in one way or the other or a uber romancers they say but the only thing they do in terms or "creativity" is doing nude and sexy skins for games like the sims, dragon age whatever. There is so much wrong with their own self reflection i dont know where to start! I never did any nude skin myself (or more i never uploaded any....hehe) because i never bothered to do. But when you point out the thousands of people loving their sexy nude bs. telling them that would be very sexist in their own definition they just say... freedom of creativity! hell yeah where´s my happy pill of twisted reason... :D And now that i realize this and the madness people write down when a designer paints a clothing for a female warrior that looks sexy he is the sexist... not bothering to see WHO is realy the one whos doing all that fake plastic nude stuff. I tell yal!
  16. Gaming culture... them evil gamers... we must burrrrrrnnn dem gamorzz now....evil precious gamergate... gamergate culture.... burrrrnnn dem evil gamorgators.... Is there any sane person on the "other" so called anti-gg side left who clearly gets the message that gamergate is just a way to point out how WRONG the so called gaming media is and that insulting the own customers is not very professional ? But yeah... it´s about dem evil privileged gamorz who wants to be dem evil privileged gamor! We need MORRRR gamergaters!
  17. I know that genders are not equal i just tried to imagine the horrors of this theory being implemented "succesfully". So hey, i´m on your side and was trying to point out how impossible this whole agenda is.
  18. whats good ? to crush yor änemis, zee dem flee befor ye and hir de lamentä_schin of de wimin! Conan should educate little boys instead of very wrong teachers...
  19. I know it´s not right on topic but SJW related anyway. Let us imagine the agenda of anything or everything is equal, not only in gender but we abandoned all hirarchy in corporations etc has succeded. So what could a futuristic adventure game conversation be ? First we should think about the prota-(no gender anymore) prototyp or just humanoid-X. So we have humanoid-X now and what should "it" be without offending any of the new 60 gender types or virtual creations anyone wants to be. So humanoid-X has to look like everybody´s own imagination... what ? How is a developer supposed to design humanoid-X when anyone can be offended or "harrased" because the "it" of the game is not a real representation of "it" ? Ok, so we already see that the whole stuff makes no practical sense because it´s impossible to create humanoid-X that represents anything. And what if dogs start to get implants that let them speak ? Do we have to let speaking dogs to decide how we have to design games too ? So we not only have problem with humanoid-X but now with dog-X. ... some genius managed to finaly create the "it" for anybody and now whats with the story ? OK, a detective story of a murder case... XYZ has to infiltrate a corporation to break into the inner circle of the management... oh wait... there is no hirarchy anymore so what kind of situtation we might find then ? Anarchy! dont you see this is all just about anarchy. These people destroy the laws of nature and our whole civilisation and call it "social justice" but in reality it´s pure anarchy. I´m pretty sure its a pandoras box now opened and these people dont see the light anymore. They are so deep in trouble in their own illusion or strange world i dont know and they pull us all down. Are you happy or do you think it´s fun anymore to read gaming stuff when the whole time you are bombarded with topics that are not GAME related ? It is a sign already when journalist prefers problem talk over the aspect of fun in gaming. Gaming should uplift you and not the opposite. They are just negative and throw it out because they have problems with themself.
  20. Honestly what the OP and the other sharp_dude showed is just lack of respect and decency. When someone pretends to know so much about development or gaming he she should know a beta is not a complete representation and a beta is meant for getting as much feedback as possible. Constructive criticm is the key point here. even you paid for the beta doesnt means it´s just fun and most i think understood that fairly well. The new beta build seems to be a very good step forward and shows that obsidian is on the right track which i personaly never questioned. So we might check back once the game is ready and see what OP and other chooson will say then!
  21. get ready for that kind of equality! I used juice because most people like juice but in reality this kind of juice, the real juice of equality will not be something they honestly are asking for. They want to dictate! Not equality in the sense of it´s original meaning!
  22. When i play a FPS and i shot a womans head to pieces is this now considered a crime ? What if i use a baseball bag and clubber a custom skin of a zoe to bloody pieces ? A realistic murder because it could be meant to be real ? How many man are killed in FPs games compared to woman ? i say 10.000 to 1. Every war game has almost just man to kill and nobody ever questioned that. i think that is totaly unfair and troubles me deeply inside my sensitive heart. I want justice and i want it now. I want to have lots of female soldiers which i can eradicate with my MG42 lurking in my germnan nazi bunker of D Day beach attack. This is justice! We males should fight for being able to kill as many woman in FPS games as man. So in the future we will see only female soldiers being totaly ripped apart by bombs, knifes and machine gun fire. Get ready for that juice equality SJWs, get ready for some gorefest called justice! just imagine the outcry of the cry babies if we realy start changing roles like the SJW´s want. commando lybia with females only or a soldier of fortune with females only.... we will give them what they want. Bloody reality of our modern live. Let them work in the canalisation and go to the frontline, let them do build our computers and run the businesses. I tell you we will die out in around 50 years! But a safer way would be an isolated island where we let them build their own civilisation and lets make it a reality show. We man will watch it with a smile and a beer!
  23. chooson malignicious ninja gamer will not admit he is just a clown. To be a chooson means to be a chooson for ever. They comply to the rules of greg park the korean ninjojo emperor of the chooson dynasty who brought ninja gaming to the world. And he now brought one of his other chooson nuts with him, dont fight the chooson´s just ignore them. They need attention to grow. Attention is their power! Hail the chooson gamer nuts, please go now and play ninjajojo in the central park with your chooson master! You have made yourself the clown of today and yesterday and we all know you have problems...
  24. bwuh huh huh... assasins creed has no woman hero in it... whuhuhu. Realy a heart breaking thing bwhu hu hu... maybe we should also call rambo = ramboline and rocky = rockyciousness etc. Lara croft is a guy in disguise to let you know. I meet him personaly! All this is nuch a nonsense. It´s like calling out the witcher of being racist because there are no blacks in it. MEdieval europe had no blacks in northern europe for the most part. Woman were not allowed to do this and that and human mainstream will not change the history. sorry!
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