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  1. Right inside the entrance for the cave I killed the Queen Spider but the loot is in an area where once you've hoovered over it it just selects the area to leave the save and have no way of clicking or selecting the loot. I've attached a zip of the save so you can see the area. save.zip
  2. My live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/schwarztechnik I'll be live streaming as soon as the beta is live and I'm home from work.
  3. I have originally bought just the game and expansion but as it gets close and close to the beta and launch my excitement grew and grew. I gave in and bought beta access and Obsidian Order and I'm looking into upgrading my tier as well as possibly buying extra copies as Christmas presents.
  4. I buy most of my games through Steam but I have about 20-25 titles on my GOG library. I'll be getting it from GOG to support the little man in this case and to get it DRM-free. I have no problems with Steam's DRM but given the choice I'll take DRM-free.
  5. I contacted Customer Server about upgrading my Kickstarter as well but no reply yet. I'm sure this is a hectic week for them too.
  6. Yeah I couldn't resist either and bought it. Looking forward to beta testing.
  7. I'll have two weeks to play the beta before my senior semester of university starts. Perfect timing. Now here's hoping the release is near Thanksgiving or winter break
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