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a game that would make a great movie


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so in your opinion what game do you wana see made into a movie i know most suck but just give me your opinion.






halo (CG)




just some suggestions


I don't think there's much in Fallout that would translate into a good movie, but all the others seem like potential movie hits, though.

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I totally agree with "the Longest Journey". Playing the game itself and seeing how the plot evolves was like watching a movie. Just imagine if an ACTUAL movie was made out of it...


Agreed, it's one of my favorite games ever made. With the right direction and FX, a TLJ movie could be film Nirvana.

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A movie with multiple endings depending on how attentive, compassionate and noisy you were during the show...KotOR is better than a movie, that could only be worse than the hands-on experience to watch that AFK.

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Max Payne would pwn as a movie.  We need more movies with tough guys just kicking ass, saving questions for later. :D


This idea has actually been tossed around in Hollywood. They said they were going to make a Max Payne game starring Brad Pitt. In that case, I REALLY hope it falls through.


If they ever do make a Max Payne game, Michael Madsen is the only real choice. He does work on games as it is, and has the perfect voice and look for the character. He'd just need to slim down a bit. A lot, actually...heh...

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The Homeworld Series. That would totally Rock!


Already done that. Battlestar Galactica.


Starcraft would totally do it for me. Of course there are already many "movies" within Starcraft. (Aliens. Predator. Alien vs. Predator. Starship Troopers to name a few)

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I don't know. I fear directors would thoroughly misinterpret Kain and would either made him a gothic whiner, or a goody two shoes. And we can't have that.


Better to pick on Soul Reaver. The main character is already a gothic, whining goody two shoes, so no harm done.

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