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  1. Trying it now... EDIT: You must be thinking of the presentation package. I'm talking about documents. I've had some success using a footer for every page. I put the logo in one footer and it turns up on every page. I can also put a background colour in the footer which looks rather nice. You can add a background picture to all pages when you go to "Format"->"Page"->"Background". Unfortunately, this only allows pictures to be placed in the center or a corner,
  2. Go to "View"->"Master"->"Slide Master" and add your watermark there.
  3. #!/bin/bash function RenameFiles { for i in * do if [[ -d "$i" ]] then cd "$i" RenameFiles cd .. elif [[ -f "$i" ]] then newName="`echo -n "$i" | tr -s [:space:] "_"`" mv "$i" "$newName" fi done } RenameFiles It still needs some work, but this will rename the files recursively.
  4. Full Throttle with Bruce Campbell as Ben B)
  5. Exactly when did this happen? I'm pretty sure France existed before the US. And as for saving them twice from the Germans, what makes you think Germany would have occupied France after winning WWI? They didn't do so after the previous war they won. And let's not even mention that the US only got involved because the Germans kept sinking American weapon transports.
  6. Silver had cute graphics and is a PC game. It didn't rock though
  7. Halewyn comes from an old dutch ballad. His hobbies were hunting, singing, and murdering young maidens. Unfortunately, his last victim didn't much care for being killed, so she chopped his head off.
  8. Hello hmm, the smilies are rather ugly
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