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  1. https://ragequit.gr/reviews/item/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-english-review/ 92/100
  2. It's funny because the domain went down due to the Party being excessively Gathered.
  3. Some people think this is actually a picture of a Duke Nukem Action Figure...
  4. Considering that a certain portion of Oblivion's sales was due to Bethesda's hype and lies about its greatness, it's not very unrealistic to hope that debunking the hype and lies of Fallout 3 will have some minimum result at least. And, AFAIK, people at NMA have stated multiple times that they will be quite happy to be proven wrong in case Bethesda releases a "true" Fallout sequel, however unlikely this seems.
  5. For more details and the full interview with Bethesda, check out issue 18 of the Official Xbox 360 Magazine, on sale from the 15th of February. A loud, semi-sarcastic and sardonic "heh!" is all I can say on the matter.
  6. Hearts of Iron 2 was easily among the best strategy games I've ever played. I'm really looking forward to the next Europa Universallis game.
  7. Who cares about NWN2 and Obsidian's political orientation? Let's get back to Setzer's LCD! Ahem. Humor. I'll buy the game within the next few days and post my impressions then.
  8. Simply seeing SEGA's logo on a game box again brings back good memories... Also, yay for assassination movies! I loved these in Shogun and was really looking forward to their return.
  9. FALLOUT's combat (and FALLOUT in general, anyway) was meant to be an as accurate as possible representation of the way PnP Combat is handled. Just as in PnP Combat the DM has to do rolls for every "enemy" after the players take their turn, the same happens in FALLOUT. Slow process or not, it too contributed to the game's great atmosphere. And, every time you criticize FALLOUT's graphics, God kills a decent RPG Designer. Please, think of the RPGs.
  10. I found Bastila's Dark-Side Gothy underwear to be t3h s3xx. Does that make non-heartless?
  11. Not sure if this is actually true, but I read sometime ago that Bloodline's engine was buggy before being given to Troika. I mean, they were given a buggy version of the engine to work on in the first place, and they didn't have the right to work out the bugs before Half-Life 2 shipped. The bugs are totally not Troika's fault if that is indeed the case.
  12. Definitely TIE FIGHTER. IMO the greatest SW game story-wise, a great flight simulator, and all-in-all one of the games I've sold my soul to, together with FALLOUT, Daggerfall, Planescape: Torment and LucasFilm/Art$ old adventure games.
  13. Very..."shallow" romance, IMO. Might be better than Padme and Anakin's lame union, but still nothing special.
  14. The most obvious similarity I can find is that both the "Battle Meditation" force power, and being the "Chosen One" that will bring "Balance to the Force", are 2 of the lamest excuses to make a character important and uber-powerful in the SW universe...
  15. "Mines favorit counical membre is Kavar lol. Hes just evrythign I want a counical membres to be lololol!!11!!1" Just answering in the appropriate manner...
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