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What class will you play first?  

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  1. 1. What class will be the one you play the first time you play P:E?

    • Fighter
    • Wizard
    • Rogue
    • Priest
    • Paladin
    • Barbarian
    • Cipher
    • Druid
    • Ranger
    • More
  2. 2. More options

    • Monk
    • Chanter
    • I picked from the first question.

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A lot of its going to depend on how they implement the classes.


Cipher is probably the 1st choice based on what little I know.


Druids, Barbarians and Chanters I'm also interested to see what they do with them.

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I always play cleric first when I can. Since it seems Priest is the equivalent in PE, that's the class I'm going to try first. But if chests/locks are only pickable by rogues (sigh, DA series), that will change quite quickly to rogue. I like stealing stuff in games :biggrin:


Wasn't it the same in the DnD IE games as well? I don't remember being able to pick locks as a Cleric... But I was mostly a Pally or Fighter and then mage. That's the order I'll be playing PE in too btw :)

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Druids are always my first choice if there's shapeshifting involved. First, obviously, because I like shapeshifting. Second, because they often get portrayed as outsiders in many settings, and that sort of social distance makes a first play-through feel more appropriate to me. My character doesn't know anymore about mainstream society than I the player do. (A gross generalization that relies on playing to stereotype I know)


If shapeshifting is not involved... any class that ends up being presented as largely isolated. Almost any of them have that possibility, but I'd probably favor barbarians or ciphers. Ciphers I think have a lot of potential to embody the 'internalized empowerment' ideal, and barbarians are just good clean fun.

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Cipher first; the psychic magic is just too good to pass up. I'm of course hoping for some special dialogues and options for manipulating situations with my magic, but, even if that all turns out nil (which iSuspect it won't) I'd still go Cipher.


There's also the fact that Ciphers don't seem as book-dependent as other magical classes, so in the unfortunate event I find myself in a cell or naked in the woods I should still be able to hold my own without using substitute weaponry from the first fool to get Rambo'd.




Strong second: Chanter. There seems like an amazing about of stuff possible with it, but will have to see more as we draw closer to release before I can say that it rivals\dethrones Cipher for first place.




On my second play through though if I go Cipher, I'll be a Priest: that's more or less settled. I always play priests\healers in MP games, but helping to heal my minions can be rewarding-ish as well. It's going second for two main reasons:


1) It sounds like their ability to heal is going to be rather toned down in accord with the industry trend to reduce dedicated healers-- which kills much of the fun in that for me-- and


2) Knowing what happened as a Cipher will give me an "enlightened" preview of events that will be reflected in how I play my divinely inspired character; I'm imagining my Cipher will be a jumpy person, prone to rash spur of the moment decisions after periods of anxiety because of the relative open-ness of their minds (I'm pretending they'll work kind of like Psykers despite knowing that'll be impossible).




Second play through after Chanter?


Probably Cipher, unless I see their skills in my companion\foe Ciphers I encounter as being under-awing: in this case, proceed to square Priest.


A thought occurs; will your class effect your background? Like wizards of a certain race are assumed to have formal training from somewhere and that creates a sort of connection that comes in sometimes...? If so, all of this gets turned on its head.

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Once I'm done with Priest...


Of the core classes: rogue. I've never been satisfied with "push button to hide in plain sight" stealth, and I'm curious what Obsidian's thinking on that is. Of the other classes: chanters. I know, ciphers are cool and all, but I've played Golden Sun, dammit.

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Went with the Chanter on first play through. However, that was with current info. I loved my bardbarian in NWN2, and if I can buff myself with a 2 handed weapon while tossing some enchantment type spells around, I will give that a go. Love bards.


However, if they make Druid shapeshifting a major focus of the class I will be tempted to give that a go. In the end, I will likely change my mind as I learn more, but right now the chanter looks up my alley.

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Usually, I'll pick spell caster classes as my first choice, but this time, as I see the fire arms, ranger as the first! Fighter/Babarian? No, too muscular. Second would be chanter. Third comes the Priest, as I never play as a faithful character. Monk? Uh, I'll think about later...

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Almost certainly a Chanter or a Cipher. Whichever class has the most potential ability to manipulate characters without violence. At the moment I suppose this looks to be the cipher but I like the idea of the chanter as well and from the information given it does seem reasonable to hope that they will be able to perform the actions I would like. The chanter does sound cooler though :)

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I would play the monk, only If he had chakra-like or aura abilities


I'll provide to give a better understanding




Use a not-pokeymen source, at least. We all are well aware of the concept to begin with.







Because... Batman.


Batman's so much a rogue (who tend to be neutral or evil,) his primary universe behavior ranges from lawful to chaotic good. The only god rogue I can think of is "my rogue in 'x' game is good," or Robin Hood, who was a noble and knight declared an outlaw (which is still iffy, would he have stolen from the rich and given to the poor if he hadn't had his lands and title taken away?)

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I'm a bit surprised Cipher is so far up. I chose Wizard myself. Who would have thought?


What's less surprising is the lack of love for Barbarians. Give us more information about these guys, Obsidian!

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I'm a bit surprised Cipher is so far up. I chose Wizard myself. Who would have thought?


What's less surprising is the lack of love for Barbarians. Give us more information about these guys, Obsidian!

from an RP stand point playing a Barby is usually ridiculous becaus your starting point is never a tribe. (lol Barbarians from Candlekeep)


from a gameplay PoV they are just fighters who aren't as skilled with weapons, don't wear heavy armor and can rage untill fatigued.


I'm not surprised one bit by how unpopular they are...when they announced the Barb/Cipher stretch goal I was jazzed about the implementation of Psionics in an cRPG (a first?), the Barb was barely an after thought since its been done so much.

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I voted fighter as I will definatly be playing a melee character with a longsword.....as that is my thing. However I do also appreciate arcane magic, so my character's end goal will be something swordmage like. As such class choice may change if anther class is able to get a better balance with the way the various build options work. For example I could see playing a melee wizard, melee chanter, weirdly speced druid/ranger(depending on their fluff), or some other oddball class build.

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