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  1. I really like Josh Sawyers commentary so I'd like to see him play
  2. I think Mr. Sawyer does a really awesome job at talking through stuff when you are doing the gameplay demonstration. So just more of that would be cool
  3. I'll be playing as a meadow human, escaped slave, rogue..... I'm boring! :D I've never played as a short race; They've just never appealed to me really.
  4. I really can't wait for it to come out now. I loved the way you can go through the grate into the castle and the story bits with the sketches is so brilliant. I want it to be out now!
  5. Also remember (as I had to remind myself too!) its only a beta and not a demo. As the others have said above the damage and stuff isn't right in the beta we can play at the moment. :D
  6. Amazing! All that's left for me to worry about now is wether to go rogue, priest, cipher or chanter :D
  7. I'd be over the moon if there were 3-5 portraits for each subrace and gender. That would be an amazing selection. Im really hoping.
  8. There aren't that many portraits I'm afraid, not much variety at all. Its the one aspect I'm by far the most disappointed in Im seriously hoping for some more on release.
  9. Yeah I think thats one of the biggest things really. If perhaps the little bar over the characters heads was bigger and less see through it would make things seem less messy. Perhaps also have a window showing your characters portrait and the enemy they are targeting with the enemy health, the current action being taken on them etc.... Also wow I didn't realise people liked the whole rest thing so much ^^ In that case I think that should stay then :D (personal I still hate it )
  10. A quick question. Does anybody know if there are going to be more portraits when the game is released? I feel like there just aren't enough at the moment.
  11. Im not sure what the biggest issue about the combat really is. It just feels.. messy? Sort of like you don't really have much control over whats going on and for me it feels like I'm fighting against the games mechanics and ui than against the enemies. Also I think there is some really bad spell bloat with the priest compared to other classes. also I really think they should have got rid of the per rest uses for spells. They should use cooldowns instead. I mean having to rest to get spells back for major encounters is severely immersion breaking. Stopping and waiting 6 hours or whatev
  12. Id even be happy with them making the combat more like Age of Empires at this point
  13. Massive stability issues with the mac version still. Id put that up there on the priority list. Also I know its too late and blah blah blah nostalgia etc but the whole combat system needs to be scrapped totally. Replace it with turn based or make the combat more like DA:O.
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