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  1. 1. Would you like to see a Project Eternity MMO?

    • Yes, sounds awesome. I can't wait to throw my money at Obsidian!
    • No, I don't like the sound of that at all, but I'd probably buy it anyway.

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I think that mcmanusaur very generous in his offer to make us MMO in PE's world and paying it from his own pocket. This would also add money to Obsidian's coffers as mcmanusaur of course would be them remarkably large sum for rights to do his game in PE's world.


And we know that mcmanusaur will be very successfully with his game as hundred percent of PE fans will buy it as this absolute perfect and no way biased poll show us, so we should encourage to but his billions to make this absolute megalomanical idea of his to come true.


In my opinion such entrepreneuring soul like his should always encouraged to invest their money to good things like PE MMOs which will then create good income sources to companies that I really like.

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It is a bit early to be talking about an MMO, apart from that it takes millions to produce one and even if you do, the market is so saturated these days that you are unlikely to have a commercial success.


Apart from that, personally I do not want multiplayer thrown at every decent single player role playing game, lets keep that nonsense where it belongs, with the idiots at EA.

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Why not take it one step further and simply make a MMOFPSRTSCRPG with puzzles?

I think it sounds like the game would be missing sandbox aspects.


Nonono! The game will be a true sandbox game, it will also be completely linear with invisible walls. One does not have to exclude the other.

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The market is saturated with mmo's, they are all virutally the same with very little to differentiate them from the next one other than art style. If anything SWTOR proved that MMO's couldnt do narrative, because whilst it was good, it was still sub-par to a dedicated singleplayer game and it turned into a jack of all trades mmo that has failed to do what people expected of it and is now going free to play.


The only fantasy mmo im gonna get excited about is one that is genuinely and completely different from the thousand others out there.. and I don't think that's too likely.

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It is a bit early to be talking about an MMO, apart from that it takes millions to produce one and even if you do, the market is so saturated these days that you are unlikely to have a commercial success.


Apart from that, personally I do not want multiplayer thrown at every decent single player role playing game, lets keep that nonsense where it belongs, with the idiots at EA.



I will bravely raise my sword against anything to protect whoever I choose to serve.

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Ok first of all the "poll" is riged because there should be a third option with a big NOPE NOPE NOPE sign, second of talking about a MMO about this project in any way and form is just insane and nuts + stupid why? because all we have are info on paper we dont know how this game will play out (if it will be good or not) so yeah you're crazy talk is like asking someone whats for dinner in the next month.

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Danish (Denmark, Greenland) Nej

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Ekegusii (Kenya) Aa

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Enga (Papua New Guinea) Daá

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Esperanto (international use) Ne

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Estonian (Saaremaa Estonia) Es

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Etruscan (old Europe) Ein

Eudeve (Mexico) Quéta

Even (Russia) Aan

Even (Russia) Aach

Evenki (Russia) Aachin

Ewondo (Cameroun) Koa

Fang (Gabon) Koko

Fante (Ghana, Burkina Faso) Aaha

Faroese (Faroe Islands) Nei

Farsi [Persian] (Iran, Afghanistan) Nah

Farsi (Tajikistan) Ne

Fernandino (Southern California USA) Xai

Fijian (Fiji) Sega

[Filipino, see Tagalog and ]

Finnish (Finland) Ei

[Flemish, see ]

Fon (Benin, Togo) Eo

Fore (Papua New Guinea) A'a

French (France, Africa, America) Non

Frisian [Westerlauwer Frisian] (Germany) Nee

Friulian (Italy) Nò

Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) Ala

Futuna-Aniwa (Vanuatu) Jikai

Gaam (Eastern Sudan) Wà

Gabrielino (California United States) Xai

Gagauz (Moldova) Diyl yola

Galician (Spain) Non

Gallo (Britany Northern France) Nenni

Gallo (Britany Northern France) Nona

Gallo (Britany Northern France) Nani

Gamilaraay [Kamilaroi] (Australia) Gamil

Ganda [Luganda] (Uganda) Nedda

Ganda [Luganda] (Uganda) 'Aa

Ganda [Luganda] (Uganda) 'Aaà

Gascon (France) Nani

Gashowu Yokuts (Dry Creek California USA) K'amu

Gaviao (Brazil) Áo

Gaviao (Brazil) Óhv

Georgian [Kartuli] (Georgia) Ah-ra

Georgian [Kartuli] (Georgia) Ara

German (Central Europe) Nein

German (Central Europe) [slang] Nö

German (Central Europe) [slang] Nie

German (Vienna Austria) [slang] Naa

German (Berlin Germany) [spoken language] Nee

German (Switzerland and Lichtenstein) Nei

German [südhessisch] (Germany) Naa

German (Bavaria) [spoken language] Na

Giramay (Queensland Australia) Maya

Gitanemuk (California USA) Nau

Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Ochi

[Greenlandic, see Inuttut]

Griko (Salento Italy) De'ngje

Guaja (Brazil) Nã'ã

Guarani (Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia) Ahaniri

Guarani (Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia) Nahániri

Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) NahiiN

Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) Naa

Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) Ma

Gumatj (Australia) Yaka

Gumbaynggir (Australia) Biway

Gundungurra (Australia) Gurrangung

Guniyandi (Australia) Manari

[Gypsy, see ]

Haida (United States) Aya

Hakka [Chinese] (China) Mo

Harari [Adare] (Ethiopia) Me

Hausa (West Africa) Babu

Hausa (West Africa) A'a

Hawaiian (Hawaii) 'A'ole

Hebrew (Israel) Lo

[Hellenic, see Greek]

[Heve, see ]

Hidatsa (North Dakota USA) Desa

Hidatsa (North Dakota USA) Nesats

Hindi (India, East Asia) Ji nahi

Hindi (India, East Asia) Nahin

Hindi (India, East Asia) Hye

Hindi (India, East Asia) Ji nahin

Hindi (India, East Asia) Naheen

Hindustani (India) Na

Hmong [Miao] (Laos, Thailand) Tsis

Hmong (Vietnam) Chúi muá

Hñähñu (Mexico) Hina

Hoi San (China) M hai

Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) M si an-ne

Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) Msi

Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) Bo

Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) M tioh

Hokkien [Chinese] (Singapore, Indonesia) Mmsi

Hometwoli Yokuts (Kern Lake Calif. USA) Uhun

Hopi (United States) Qa'é

Hopi (United States) Gae'

Hopi (United States) K'ae'

Houailou (New Caledonia) Aè

Huambisa (Peru) Atsa

Huastec (Mexico) Ib

Huave (Mexico) Ngwüy

Huave (Mexico) Ngome

Huave (Mexico) Ngo

Huichol (Mexico) Ka-

Hungarian [Magyar] (Hungary) Nem

Icelandic (Iceland) Nei

Icetot (Uganda) Ntondo

Ido (international use) No

[ik, see Icetot]

Ilokano [ilocano] (Philippines) Saan

Ilokano [ilocano] (Philippines) Haan

Indo-European (old Europe) Ne

Indonesian (Indonesia, Suriname) Tidak

Indonesian (Indonesia) [informal] ndak

Indonesian (Indonesia) [informal] nggak

Indonesian (Indonesia) [informal] kagak

Indonesian (Indonesia) [don't] Jangan

Indonesian (Indonesia) [not yet] Belum

Indonesian (Indonesia) [for things] Bukan

Ingush (Russia) Aa

Innu (Quebec Canada) Maawaach

Interlingua (constructed) No

Interlingua (constructed) Non

Inuktitut (Canada, Alaska) Naaga

Inuktitut (Canada) Naamik

Inuktitut (Canada) Aagaa

Inuktitut (Baffin Island Canada) Aakka

Inuktitut (Alaska) Naagga

Inuktitut (Alaska) Naaka

Inuttut [Greenlandic] (Greenland) Naamik

Irish (Ireland) [it isn't] Ní hea

Ishkashmi (Tajikistan) No

Ishkashmi (Tajikistan) Ne

Italian (Central Europe, E Africa) No

Itbayaten (Batanes Philippines) Engga

Itzá (Mexico) Ma'

Ivasayen (Batanes Philippines) Omba

Ixcatec (Mexico) 'A

Ixcatec (Mexico) Na

Izoceno [Tapii] (Bolivia) Ani

Ixil (Guatemala) Ye'

Jacaltec (Guatemala) Mach

Jacaru [Jaqaru] (South America) Isha

Japanese (Japan) Iie

Japanese [Kumamoto] (Japan) Nne

Japanese [Kyo Kotoba] (Kyoto Japan) Iya

Japanese [sendaiben] (Sendai Japan) Yanda

Japanese [Tosaben] (Shikoku Japan) Ingeno

Javanese (Indonesia) [high Javanese] Mboten

Javanese (Indonesia) Ora

Javanese (Indonesia) [for things: not] Sanes

Jèrriais (Jersey) Nannîn

Juaneño (Southern California USA) Kayon

Kabuverdianu (Cape Verde) Nau

Kabyle (Algeria) Ak

Kadazan (Sabah Malaysia) A'ou

Kaingwa (South America) Ahani

Kaipipende (Bolivia) Áni

Kala Kawaw Ya (Australia) Lawnga

Kalamai (Australia) Kuru

Kalasha (India) Ne

Kalasha (India) Moh

Kaliai-Kove (New Guinea) Mao

Kaliai-Kove (New Guinea) [emphatic] Mako

Kalmyk (Russia) Uga

Kamayura (Brazil) Anité

[Kamilaroi, see Gamilaraay]

Kamviri (South Asia) N'a'i

Kanjobal [Q'anjob'al] (Guatemala) K'amaq

Kanjobal [Q'anjob'al] (Guatemala) C'am

Kankanaey (Philippines) Baken

Kankanaey (Philippines) Adi

Kannada (India) Beda

Kannada (India) Illa

Kanuri (Nigeria) A a

Kapampangan (Philippines) Ali

Kapingamarangi (Pacifc Islans) Deeai

Karaim (Trakai Lithuania) Jo

Karawatarenda (Bolivia) Áni

Karelian (Finland, Russia) Ei

Karen (Burma) Mwe é

[Kartuli, see Georgian]

Kashmiri (Pakistan) Ne-keh

Kashmiri (Pakistan) Ma

Kâte (Papua New Guinea) Aricne

Kathlamet (Oregon United States) Ka'ya

Kaurareg (Australia) Lawnga

Kawaiisu (California United States) Kètô

Kawesqar (Chile) Kiép

Kayabi (Brazil) -eém

Kazakh (Kazahkstan, Central Asia, China) Zhoq

Kechayi Yokuts (San Joaquin River Ca. USA) Ohom

Kekchi (Guatemala) Ink'a

Kekchi (Guatemala) Ma

Kekchi (Cahabon Guatemala) Ink'a'

Khakas (Russia) Chox

Khakea (Botswana, Namibia) Taku

Khakea (Botswana, Namibia) ||ka

Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Te

Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Ot te

Khmu (Laos) Pa

Khowar (Central Asia) No

Khowar (Central Asia) Moh

Kiga (Africa) Ingaaha

Kikamba (Tanzania) Ayee

Kikongo (Congo Africa) Vê

Kikuyu (Kenya) Aca

Kikuyu (Kenya) Tiguo

Kiluba (Zaire) Aa

Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) Oya

Kipsigis (Kenya) Acha

Kirgiz (Kyrgyzstan) Jok

Kirundi [Rundi] (Burundi) Oya

Kisanga (Bunkeya Congo-Kinshasa) Yo

Kiswahili [swahili] (Africa) Hapana

Kiswahili [swahili] (Africa) A-a

Klallam (Washington United States) ?awa

Koasati (Alabama & Oklahoma United States) Íniko

Kohistani (Central Asia) Ni

Koiari (Papua New Guinea) Bebe

Komi-Permyak (Russia) Aga

Komi-Zyryan (Russia) Abu

Konkani [Konknni] (India) Naa

Korean (Korea) Aniyo

Korean (Korea) Animnida

Koromfe (Burkina Faso) Ajo

Koromfe (Burkina Faso) Ajej

Kosraean (Micronesia) Moh

Krèyol (Haiti) Non

Kriol (Northern Australia) Nomo

Kukatja (Australia) Wiya

Kuna (Panama) Suli

Kung-ekoka (Angola) |kúa

Kung-ekoka (Angola) |kúi

Kurak (northwestern California USA) Pûuhara

Kurdi [Kurmanji] (Iran, Iraq) Na

Kurdi [Kurmanji] (Iran, Iraq) Ne

Kurdi [Kurmanji] (Iran, Iraq) Neu

Kurdi [Kurmanji] (Iran, Iraq) No

Kurukh (India) Mala

Kutenai (BC Canada, Idaho & Montana USA) Mats

Kutthung (Australia) Gooran

Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) Aaye

Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) [emphatic] Ahawe

Kwanyama (Angola, Namibia) [emphatic] Ahowe

[Kweyol, see Creole]

=/Kh'au//'e (Botwana, Namibia) |ka

=/Kh'au//'e (Botwana, Namibia) |kwa

=/Kh'au//'e (Botwana, Namibia) ka:

Ladakhi (India, Pakistan) Man

Ladakhi (India, Pakistan) Biduk

Ladin (Italy) No

Lagunillas (Bolivia) Áni

Lahu (Thailand) Mah hey

Laiman (North America) Ñi

Lakhota (North America) Hiya

Lakhota (North America) Shnee

Lao (Laos) Bo

[Lappish, see Sami]

Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican) Non

Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican) Nullus

Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican) Minime

Latvian (Latvia) Ne

Lenakel (New Hebrides Pacifc Islands) Kapwa

Lenape [Delaware] (United States) Ku

Lenape [Delaware] (United States) Mata

Lenape (Delaware United States) Kuta

Lenape (Delaware United States) U mayay

Lenape (Delaware United States) Ta hashi

Lenape (Delaware United States) Ta chich

Lenape (Delaware United States) Mahchikwi

Lenape (Delaware United States) Alalan

Lenape (Delaware United States) Ku kesi

Lenape (Delaware United States) Ku nkesi

Lenape (Delaware United States) Ku ktakohchi

Lenape (Delaware United States) Ku ntakohchi

Lenape (Delaware United States) Okeksene

Leningitij (Australia) Ngga'

Lingala (Congo, Angola) Té

Lingua Franca (Mediterranean) No

Lingua Franca (Mediterranean) Non

Lithuanian (Lithuania) Ne

Lithuanian (Lithuania) [very informal] A'a

Lithuanian (Lithuania) [very informal] M'm

Livonian (Latvia, Estonia) Äb

Livonian (Latvia, Estonia) [you] Ät

Livonian (Latvia, Estonia) [me/I] Äb

Loglan (international) No

Low Saxon (Eastern Friesland) Nee

Low Saxon [Northern Low Saxon] (Germany) Nee

Low Saxon [Westphalian] (Germany) Ne

[Luganda, see Ganda]

Luiseño (Southern California USA) Qay

Luiseño (Southern California USA) Gai

Lunda (Zambia) Inehi

Lunyankole (South Uganda) Ngaaha

Lunyoro (West Uganda) Nangwa

Lunyoro (West Uganda) Kwaha

Luo (Sudan, Kenya) Ooyo

Lushootseed (Seattle Washington USA) Xwí?

Luvale (Zambia) Kagute

Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Neen

Luxemburgish (Luxemburg) Nee

Mabuiag (Australia) Lawnga

Macedonian (Macedonia) Ne

Mae [Emwae] (New Hebrides Pacifc Islands) Ikai

Magindano (New Guinea) Dele

[Magyar, see Hungarian]

Malagasy (Madagascar) Tsia

Malagasy (Madagascar) An, an

Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) Tidak

Malay (Malaysia, Brunei) Bukan

Maltese (Malta) Le

Mam (Guatemala) Mi

Mam (Guatemala) Min

Mampruli (Ghana) Ai

Mamu (Queensland Australia) Yimba

Manchu (China) Waka

Manchu (China) [not] Aku

Mandarin [Chinese] (China) Bu shi zhe yang

Mandarin [Chinese] (China) Bu dui

Mandarin [Chinese] (China) Meiyou

Mandarin [Chinese] (China) Bu shi

Mandinka (Senegal, Gambia) Hani

Mang (China, Thailand, Vietnam) Ham

Mansi [Vogul] (Russia) Aat

Maohi (South Pacific) Aita

Maori (New Zealand) Kao

Maori (Cook Islands) Kare

[Mapuche, see Mapudungun]

Mapudungun [Mapuche] (Chile) Mü

Marathi (Maharashtra India) Nahi

Mari (Russia) Uke

Maridjabin (Australia) Ampi

Marimanindji (Australia) Mampi

Maringgar (Australia) Ampu

Marshallese (Marshall Islands) Jaab

Masai (Kenya, Tanzania) Mme

Mashi (Bukavu Congo-Kinshasa) Nanga

[Mayan, see ]

Mayupampa (Bolivia) Aepotá?a

Mende (Sierra Leone) A-a

Meriam Mir (Australia) Nole

[Miao, see ]

Michahay Yokuts (California USA) Gâmu

Michif [Turtle Mt. Chippewa Cree] (Canada) Noo

Michif [Turtle Mt. Chippewa Cree] (Canada) Pa miyeur

Mien (Laos, Thailand) Mv [+ subject]

Mien (Laos, Thailand) Maiv [+ subject]

Mien (Vietnam) M´i mái

Mikmaq (Canada) Moqwa

Mina (Togo) Ao

Minangkabau (West Sumatra Indonesia) Indak

Mingo (North America) Hë'ë

Miskito (Nicargua, Honduras) Apia

Miwok [Amador] (NE Sierra California USA) Ewutû

Miwok [bodega] (West Coast California USA) Hama

Miwok [Lake] (N Coast Califorina USA) Hella

Miwok [Marin] (S Coast Califorina USA) Huma

Miwok [Mariposa] (S Sierra California USA) Ken

Miwok [N Sierra] (N Sierra California USA) 'Ewyty'

Miwok [N Sierra] (Calif. USA) [informal] 'E'eh

Miwok [Plains] (NW Sierra California USA) Hela

Miwok [Tuolomne] (Central Sierra Cal. USA) Ewutu

Mixe (Mexico) Ka'p

Mixe (Juquila Mexico) Kiáp

Mixe (Totontepec Mexico) Ka

Mixtec (Santa Catarina Estetla Mexico) Ña d+u

Mixtec (Xicayan Mexico) Koó

Mixtec (Oaxaca Mexico) Tú'

Mixtec (Oaxaca Mexico) Túu

Mlabri (Laos, Thailand) Met

Mobilian (North America) Ekshu

Modoc (Northern California) Q'ay

Möhineyam (California United States) Nau

Mon (Burma) Hùe;'

Mon (Thailand) Ha

Monegasque (Monaco) Non

Mongolian (Mongolia) Ügüi

Mongolian (Mongolia) [not this] Bish

Mono (Inyo California USA) Karu

Mono (North Fork California USA) Gadu

Mono (North Fork California USA) Garu

Mòoré (Burkina Faso) Ayo

Mopá-maya (Guatemala) Ma'

Mordvin (Russia) Aras

Mordvin (Russia) Ajaš

Mordvin (Russia) Aš

Mullukmulluk (Australia) Akana

Náhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico, El Salvador) Amo

Nakota (USA, Canada) Hiya

Nanai (Russia) Edi

Nanai (Russia) Ana:

Nandi (Kenya) Achicha

Nangikurrunggurr (Australia) Minta

Nauruan (Nauru Oceania) Iòk

Nauruan (Nauru Oceania) Deò ei

Navajo (United States) Dooda

Navajo (United States) Ndaga'

Naxi (Yunnan China) Me waq

Ndebele (Southern Africa) Hayi

Ndjebbana (Australia) Koma

Ndjuka (Suriname) Nono

Nenets (Russia) Ya'ngo

Nepali (Nepal) Ahaa

Nepali (Nepal) [definition] Hoina

Nepali (Nepal) [location] Chaina

Newari (Nepal) Makhu

Ngadjonji (Australia) Ngarru

Ngadjunma (Australia) Jowandjan

Ngbaka (Africa) Ùú

Nhirrpi (Australia) [lit. don't] Warrayi

Nigerian Pidgin (Nigeria) No

Norwegian [Nynorsk, Bokmaal] (Norway) Nei

Norwegian [sortlandsk] (Sortland Norway) Næi

Nukuoro (Pacific Islands) Deai

Nupe (Africa) Áà

Nupe (Africa) Àwâ

Nutúnutu Yokuts (Kings River Calif. USA) Ohò'm

Nyungar (Australia) Juat

[Occitan, see Provencal]

[Ocuilteco, see Tlahuica]

Ofo (North America) Ni

Ojibwe [Chippewa] (United States) Gaawesa

Opata (Mexico) Kai

Orok (Russia) Ana

Osage (North America) Hon'-ka-zhi

Osage (North America) On'ka-zhi

Ossetian (Caucasus) Nö

Ossetian (Caucasus) Næ

Ossetian (Caucasus) Noun

Otetela (Lodja Congo-Kinshasa) Mbu

!O!ung (Angola) |kwa

!O!ung (Angola) |kwi

!O!ung (Angola) Kwi

Paamese (Vanuatu) Vuo

Paamese (Vanuatu) Vuol

Paamese (Vanuatu) Vuel

Pakanh (Australia) Ya'a

Palewyami Yokuts (Poso Creek Calif. USA) K'ami

[Palpamadramadra, see Nhirrpi]

Pame (Mexico) Mwi

Pame (Mexico) Pame

Pangan (Ulu Aring Malaysia) Ning

Pangan (Kerbat Malaysia) Neng

Papago (United States, Mexico) Pia'a

Pappua (Papua New Guinea) Roba

Parana (Bolivia) Aní

Parintintin (Brazil) Nãhã

Pashto (Afghanistan, Pakistan) Na

Pashto (Afghanistan, Pakistan) Nakhayr

Passamaqoddy (Maine USA) [polite] Kotama

Passamaqoddy (Maine USA) [slang] Konotiri

Passamaqoddy (Maine USA) [slang] Ne

Paumarí (Brazil) [answer to question] Iniani

Paumarí (Brazil) [forbidding] Hari'a

Pauserna (Bolivia) Áni

Paviotso (California United States) Karu

Pende (Congo-Kinshasa) M'khu

[Penobscot, see Abenaki]

[Persian, see ]

Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Mexico) Ámbe

Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Mexico) Ástarhu

Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Mexico) Ási

[Pidgin English, see , and ]

Pijin (Solomon Islands) No

Pijin (Solomon Islands) Nomoa

[Pikanii, see ]

Pima (Mexico) Pia'a

Pipil (El Salvador) Inte

Pipil (El Salvador) Tesu

Pipil (El Salvador) Tee

Pitjantjatjara (Australia) Wiya

Pikern (Pitcairn Island) Eeno

Plattdeutsch (Germany) Nau

Plattdeutsch (Germany) Nee

[Plautdietsch, see ]

Pocomam (Guatemala) Ma

Pocomam (Guatemala) Ntaj

Pocomam (Guatemala) Ntax

Pocomam (Guatemala) Ta

Pocomchi (Guatemala) Maa

Pocomchi (Guatemala) Ma...ta

Polish (Poland) Nie

Polynesian (Polynesia) Si'ai

Polynesian (Polynesia) Siei

Pomo (California USA) Kui

Popoloca (Mexico) Da'

Popoluca (Mexico) Caj

Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) Não

Potawatomi (North America) Co

Provencal [Occitan] (France) Non

Provencal [Occitan] (France) [formal] Nani

[Pular, see ]

Punjabi (India) Naheen

Punjabi (India) Nahi

Pulawat (Micronesia) Yaapw

Pulawat (Micronesia) Mmm

Pulawat (Micronesia) Yeehee

Puoc (Australia) Pa

Quechua Ancashino (Ancash Peru) Manam

Quechua Cochabambino (Cochabamba Bolivia) Mana

Quechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) Manan

Quechua (Andes South America) [forbidding] Ama

Quiché [K'iche] (Guatemala) Ma-

Quiché [K'iche] (Guatemala) Man...taj

Quichua (Ecuador, Argentina) Mana

Rapanui (Easter Island) Ina

[Rarámuri, see Tarahumara]

Rarotongan (South Pacific) Kare

Redondo Tupi-Guarani (South America) Haeñum´

Resígaro (Peru) Nií

Resígaro (Peru) Niíkó

Resígaro (Peru) Niíkámí

Romani [Vlax] [Gypsy] (Europe) Na

Romani [sofia Erli] (Bulgaria) Na

Romanian (Romania) Nu

Romansch (Switzerland) Na

Rotuman (Pacific Islands) 'Igka'i

Rotuman (Pacific Islands) 'Igke'i

[Runasimi, see Quechua]

[Rundi, see ]

Russian (Russia) Nyet

Saanich (Vancouver Island Canada) ?ewe

Sacapultec (Guatemala) Taj

Saami [Lappish] (Scandinavia, Russia) Ále

Saami [Davvi Saami] [Lappish](Scandinavia) Ii

Saami [inari Saami] [Lappish](Scandinavia) Ij

Saami [skolt Saami] [Lappish](Scandianvia) Ij

Sa'dan Toraja (Indonesia) Tae

Sakai (Sungai Raya Malaysia) Täto to

Sakai (Sungai Raya Malaysia) Tahatna

Sakao (Espiritu Santo Vanuatu) Meré

Sakao (Espiritu Santo Vanuatu) Öhö

Samoan (Samoa) Leai

San Juan Capistrano (California USA) Kai

Sango (Central Africa Republic) Ipo

Saramaccan (Suriname) Nõnö

Saramaccan (Suriname) Ná

Sara-Ngambay (Chad) Waà

Sardinian (Italy) No

Sarnami (Suriname, Holland) Na

Sasak (Indonesia) Nde

Savonian (Ylä-Savo Finland) Ee

Scots (Scotland) Naw

Scots (Scotland) Nae

Scots [ulster Scots] (Northern Ireland) Na

Sema (India) Mo

Sepedi (South Africa) Aowa

Serbian (Bosnia, Yugoslavia) Ne

Seri (Mexico) Saate

Serrano (California United States) Nou

Seselwa [seychelles Creole] (Seychelles) Non

Sesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) Tjhe

Sesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) Tjhee

Sesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) Aikona

Setswana (Botswana, South Africa) Nyaa

Setu (Estonia) Õiõ

Sherpa [Helambu] (Nepal, Tibet) Ahha

Sherpa [Helambu] (Nepal, Tibet) Mecheye

Sherpa [solu] (Nepal, Tibet) Me sheki

Shimasiwa (Comoros) Uh uh

Shikaviyam (California United States) Gè

Shina (India, Central Asia) Neh

Shipibo (Peru) Icáma

Shona (Zimbabwe) Aiwa

Shona (Zimbabwe) Kwete

Shoshoni (United States) Kai

Shuar (Ecuador, Peru) Atsa

Sicilian (Sicily Italy) Nuddu

Sicilian (Sicily Italy) Nessunu

Silozi (Zambia) Baatili

Sindhi (Pakistan) Na

Sindhi (Pakistan) Ma

Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) Natha

Sipacapa (Guatemala) Qa

Siswati [swazi] (Swaziland) Ha

Slovak (Slovakia) Nie

Slovenian (Slovenia) Ne

Solresol (old; international) Do

Somali (East Africa) Maya

Soninke (Mali, Senegal) Ayi

Sorbian (eastern Germany) Ne

Spanish (Spain, America) No

Spokane (United States) Tá

Sranan (Suriname) Nono

Sundanese [basa Sunda] (Indonesia) Heunteu

Sundanese [basa Sunda] (Indonesia) Sanes

Sundanese [basa Sunda] (Indonesia) [don't] Ulah

Sursilvan (Switzerland) Na

Swabian (Central Europe) Noe

[swahili, see Kiswahili]

[swazi, see ]

Swedish (Sweden, Finland) Nej

Tachi Yokuts (Tulare Lake California USA) Ohom

Tagalog (Philippines) [to elder] Hindi po

Tagalog (Philippines) [same age/younger] Hindi

Tahitian (Tahiti) Aita

Taino (Caribbean, Florida USA) U'a

Taino (Caribbean, Florida USA) [emphatic] Wu'a

Tajik (Tajikstan) Ne

Taki-taki (French Guyana) Nono

Tamashek (West Africa) Kala-kala

Tamil (India, Southeast Asia) Illai

Tamil (India, Southeast Asia) Venda

Tapiete (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay) Baety

Tarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) Ké

Tarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) Que

Tarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) Quetasi

Tarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) Tásirapé

Tarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) Tasi

Tarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) Tarapé

[Tarasco, see Phorhepecha]

Tarawan (Oceania) Akêa

Tashkorghani (Central Asia) Nay

Tatar (Russia) Yuk

Tay (Vietnam) Boomi

Tehuelche (Argentina) Gom

Telefol (Papua New Guinea) Umbae

Telefol (Papua New Guinea) Bae

Telugu (India) Kaddu

Telugu (India) Ledu

Tepehua (Mexico) Maitague

Tetum (East Timor) Lae

Tetum (East Timor) [before a verb] La

[Teuso, see ]

Thai (Thailand) Mai

Thai (Thailand) Maidai

Thai (Thailand) Maichai

Thai (Thailand) Maioua

Thangmi [Thami] (Himalayas) Ma-ja

Tibetan (Tibet, China) Yo

Tibetan (Tibet, China) Marey

Tibetan (Tibet, China) Meyin

Tigre (Ethiopia) La'

Tigre (Ethiopia) [emphatic] Lala'

Tigrinya (Ethiopia) Ay-[+verb root]-n

Tjalkadjara (Australia) Tailpa

Tlahuica [Ocuilteco] (Mexico) T'akwha

Tlingit (Canada) Klek

Tlingit (Southeastern Alaska) Tleix

Tojolabal (Chiapas Mexico) Miyuc

Tojolabal (Chiapas Mexico) Mi

Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) Nogat

Tongan (Tonga Pacific Islands) 'Ikai

Tongva (USA) Hí-ekh

[Torres Strait Broken, see ]

Totonac (Veracruz Mexico) Nichuna

Trobes Tokples (Trobriand Papua N. Guinea) Gala

Tsafiqui (Ecuador) Te

[Tsalagi, see ]

Tschiluba (Kasai Occidental Region, Zaire) To

Tseshaht (British Columbia Canada) Wik

Tübatulabal (California United States) Haic

Tukang Besi (Indonesia) Mbe'ae

Tulamni Yokuts (Buena Vista Lake Cal. USA) Anhan

Tulu (India) Ijji

Tulu (India) Iddi

Tupi [Nheengatu] (Brazil) Mbaa

Tupi [Tembé Tenetéhar] (Amazon Brazil) Naani

Tupi [Tembé Tenetéhar] (Brazil) [emphatic) Naanikwaw

Tupi [Tembé Tenetéhar] (Brazil) [by women] Naani-mia

Turkish (Turkey, Northern Cyprus) Hayir

Turkmen (Turkmenistan) Yok

Tuvan (Russia) Chok

Twi (Ghana) Daabí

Tzeltal (Chiapas Mexico) Ju'uk

Tzeltal (Chiapas Mexico) [there isn't] Ma'yuk

Tzotzil (Chiapas Mexico) I'i

Tzotzil (Chiapas Mexico) Mo'oj

Tzotzil (Chiapas Mexico)[before consonant] Mu

Tzotzil (Chiapas Mexico)[before vowel] Muc

Tzutujil (Mexico) Ma

Tzutujil (Mexico) Maan

Udmurt (Russia) Övöl

Ukrainian (Ukraine) Ni

Ulcha (Russia) Ana

Urdu (Pakistan, India, Central Asia) Nahin

Urdu (Pakistan, India, Central Asia) NehiiN

Urubu (Brazil) Anin

Uspantec (Guatemala) Ta'

Ute (Colorado and Utah USA) Kach

Ute (Colorado and Utah USA) Ka-

Uyghur (Central Asia) Jyok

Uyghur (Central Asia) Yaq

Uzbek (Uzbekistan, Afghanistan) Yuk

Uzbek (Uzbekistan, Afghanistan) Yöq

Valencian (Spain) No

Veps (Russia) Ei

Vietnamese (Vietnam) Không

Vietnamese (Vietnam) Thưa không

Villamontes Tupi-Guarani (Bolivia) Awigi

Visayan [Cebuano] (Philippines) Dili

Visayan [old Cebuano] (Philippines) [old] Tifale

[Vlaams, see ]

[Vogul, see ]

Votic (Russia) Ei

Votic (Russia) EB

Votic (Russia) Ep

Wagiman (Australia) Wihya

Waigali (India) Mi

Wakhi (Central Asia) Neis

Wali [Wa] (Northern Ghana) Aye

Waljen (Australia) Wandi

Walpiri (Australia) [literally: 'nothing'] Lawa

Walpiri (Australia) [in negative commands] Walku

Wangaaybuwan-ngiyambaa (Australia) Wangaay

Wangaaybuwan-ngiyambaa (Australia) Wayil

Washo (California United States) Ès

Waura (Brazil) A

Waura (Brazil) Aitsa

Wayilwan (Australia) Wayil

Wechihit Yokuts (Sanger California USA) Ohòm

Welsh (Wales) Na

Welsh (Wales) [no I didn't] Naddo

Welsh (Wales) [no I didn't] Nage

Welsh (Wales) [no I don't want] Nagoes

Welsh (Wales) [no I am not] Nac ydw

Wik-mungkan (Australia) Ya'a

Winnemem Wintu (California United States) El-eh-oh

Wintu (California United States) Min

Wintu (California United States) Mina

Wiradjuri (Australia) Wirraay

Wiyot (California United States) Kia

Wo'lasi Yokuts [Wo'ladji] (Calif. USA) Ohom

Wolof (West Africa) Deedeet

Wükchamni Yokuts (Kaweah River Calif. USA) K'amu

/Xam (South Africa) |na

//Xegwi (South Africa) K'au

//Xegwi (South Africa) K'auki

Xerente (Brazil) Anrê

Xetá (Brazil) Ñiá

Xhosa (South Africa) Hayi

Yamagata (Japan) Nne

Yao (Africa) Ngava

Yaqui (Mexico, United States) 'É'e

Yawdanchi Yokuts (foothills Californ. USA) K'amu

Yawelmani Yokuts (Kern River Calif. USA) Ohom

Yeyi (Botswana) Iyemwa

Yeyi (Botswana) Ee

Yiddish (Europe) Nit

Yiddish (Europe) Neyn

Yindjibarndi (Australia) Mita

Yokuts [buena Vista] (foothills Calif.) Anhan

Yokuts [Poso Creek] (foothills Calif. USA) K'ami

Yokuts [Tule] (foothills California USA) K'amu

Yokuts [Kings River] (foothills Calif.) K'amu

Yokuts (north valley California USA) Ohom

Yolngu Matha (Australia) Yaka

Yoruba (Benin, Nigeria) Rara

Yoruba (Benin, Nigeria) Oti

Yoruba (Benin, Nigeria) Béè kó

<a name="Yucatec">Yucatec Maya (Yucatán Mexico) Ma'

Yucatec Maya (Yucatán Mexico) Maa

Yugur [Western Yugur] (Gansu China) Yahq

Yuki (California United States) Tan

Yuki (California United States) Mi-tang-keh

Yumpla Tok (Torres Strait Australia) No

Yupik (Alaska USA) Ganga

Zapotec (Oaxaca Mexico) Que

Zapotec (Oaxaca Mexico) Ka'á

Zapotec (Oaxaca Mexico) Ko'

Zapotec (Oaxaca Mexico) Akti

Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) Bi

Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) Bito

Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) Cabi

Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) Abi

Zapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) Bi

Zapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) Bibi

Zapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) Bitw

Zapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) Cabi

Zhuang (China) Bow

Zhurzhen (China) Ejxe

Zoque (Mexico) Watkáh

Zoque (Mexico) Ja'ne

Zoque (Mexico) N@7tti

Zulu (South Africa, Lesotho) Cha

Zulu (South Africa, Lesotho) Tsha

Zulu (South Africa, Lesotho) Haai ngeko

Zuñi (Southwest United States) 'Ella

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*** "The words of someone who feels ever more the ent among saplings when playing CRPGs" ***


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I confess, I'm a heretic. I backed that MMO project a few minutes ago.... :devil:








"Up until now, Gloria Victis was a game was being developed by a team on their own free time and without any budget whatsoever. However, it is our hope to speed up the process so that the game is released in the upcoming months. That's why we decided to offer you a possibility to co-operate with us and help in the game's creation and development."




Also, I barely read anything I just gawped at the pictures and understood exactly what's going on :D

Edited by Osvir
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I confess, I'm a heretic. I backed that MMO project a few minutes ago.... :devil:








"Up until now, Gloria Victis was a game was being developed by a team on their own free time and without any budget whatsoever. However, it is our hope to speed up the process so that the game is released in the upcoming months. That's why we decided to offer you a possibility to co-operate with us and help in the game's creation and development."




Also, I barely read anything I just gawped at the pictures and understood exactly what's going on :D

Hmmm, have I missed anything? :blink:


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Hmmm, have I missed anything? :blink:


Just that its a developer asking for feedback and some input on their ideas :)


I've skimmed some articles about more video game Kickstarter projects started appearing after Wasteland 2 and Project: Eternity, right? A little bit of a revolution.


I imagine having 100 people discussing one idea here, causes something to morph inside this mysterious "Cloud" that which "Obsidian Entertainment" is to us. I imagine 100 people discussing an idea takes 5 minutes to find something really good in it. For 10 people it might take 50 minutes before they come to the same conclusion.


*shrug* Just some unity fluff bro haha

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wheres the third option in this ****ty poll what would be like "kill it with fire" ?

  After my realization that White March has the same XP reward problem, I don't even have the drive to launch game anymore because I hated so much reaching Twin Elms with a level cap in vanilla PoE that I don't wish to relive that experience.

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Yeah man 3º Option I only buy MMO if they are sucsefull after the 6 month of Beeing in the market.


Personaly i dont like MMOs I have and i play MMOs for the last 10 years, but time showed me that i prefer a good Single player game with not coop no nothing than a MMO, If it where a Guild wars Like MMO, with no monthly Fee then Maybe I would buy it.


But thats just me, And realy bad pool for giving 2 options and in both options you bought it.


Personaly i would never buy a PE MMO for principle! untill proven to be the best game in history then ill trow my money at them!

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