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  1. It still seems off to me. The head just looks too big/heavy, compared to the body. I'm assuming it's the jaw's and cheeks' problem, at least from her left side. I agree that the proportions are a bit off, the body should probably be bigger in relation to the head or vice versa. But Staples has done a stunning job regardless.
  2. The angle is gently bottom-up, the jaw-line is going to look more pronounced as a result.
  3. I don't think there was a time where ponytails didn't exist.
  4. I really would prefer a robed look like the one you suggest. I think it'd be great if Forton was this Illmatar-looking old, boney man with threadbare robes, who ****ing kicked ass on the battlefield with a simple wooden staff and martial arts prowess. I'm not a fan of the current look either, for the reasons others have pretty much lined out (dat hair, incongruous body/face, etc).
  5. Oh god, the buff effects in NWN2. *Shudders* There's a reason a mod decreasing or removing the buff effects entirely was one of the top-downloaded mods.
  6. But I can't seem to help myself. The illogic burns my eyes!
  7. I fink a widdew someone needs to wook up the definition of sanctimonious! Cuz it don't mean this: "internal cohesion when it comes to combat gear in relation to class and setting, and fine with nudity/sexuality in general otherwise."
  8. Can't beat that, but I was staring at his face, and what it actually reminds me of is: I'm loving these photoshops, pliz ignore the trolls and let's keep these coming :D
  9. It was never about liking or disliking art; it was about the sanctimonious attitude of some people with regards to artistic license and the moral browbeating that they felt was necessary to "correct" gaming. As an artist, the OP can depict Cadegund in any manner he sees fit, and the merits of his artistic work stand on their own. No one did anything of the sort. They simply wanted internal cohesion when it comes to combat gear in relation to class and setting, and everyone was fine with nudity/sexuality in general otherwise. And I agree OP can and should paint Cadegund or any muse he chooses in any way he sees fit, that's the point of art. I just found it hilarious that the very same people who were raging against the indignity of the change of the boobplate are now super-happy with the change. PS: It'd be funny if OP felt inspiration strike during this and was busy working on a bikinimail version right now haha
  10. Common sense has just prevailed, that's all, even if some people are too embarrassed to admit it.
  11. I like boobs too. Liking armour does not preclude liking boobs. In fact, if anything, I like boobs more, because I want them and their bearer properly protected on the battlefield. Also you folks going from disliking to liking a non-boobplate version = conversion in my book.
  12. She's not too butch, it looks great. Also I find it hilarious that people who were screaming against the removal of the boobplate and rallying for chainmail bikinis in over 50 pages of threads are now posting in here complimenting this art that does not have boobplate and is showing no skin. My compliments to the artist for converting the non-believers.
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