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So who is working on this game?

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I still remember Anthony Davis' post at RPGCodex.


This is the RPG that I and several others have been working on. Feargus has actually made time available from running the business to also contribute in design and production roles too.


Obviously we can't talk about it yet, but we have a lot of great and talented people working on it:


George Zeits

Tony Evans

Nathaniel Chapman

Daniel Teh

Adam Brennecke

Rich Taylor

Matthew Campbell

Kevin Lin

Matt Festa


...just to name a few.


Matt Festa (lead area designer)

Rich Taylor (lead programmer)

Anthony Davis (gameplay programmer)

Matthew Campbell (senior programmer, ex-Turtle Rock)

Daniel Teh (senior programmer, ex-Gas Powered Games)

Kevin Lin (senior programmer, ex-Pandemic)

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Judging from Anthony's Codex post (which I remember, too), at least a year. I'd guess a year and a half, or so? All depends on whether it's Onyx or not.


A lot of familiar names on there, gunning for another George Ziets slam dunk...

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I like Brennecke.


He's always been friendly.


I think he linked me to his old website, I'm certain I read some of his code... Some spring physics thingy... Anyways. Hope he adds some interested features!

I came up with Crate 3.0 technology. 

Crate 4.0 - we shall just have to wait and see.

Down and out on the Solomani Rim
Now the Spinward Marches don't look so GRIM!


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