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  1. What is a "Technical Artist" @Obsidian ? Is that simply an Artist that can work within technical restraints (limitations/guidelines: like file sizes, pallets, and non-diffuse textures)? Or is there more to it? Not even my reddit account is safe from funcroc A technical artist is someone who assists artists with the technical restraints and issues that games have now. As games become more technologically complicated it becomes harder for artists to sort through everything. e.g. An artist may be able to sculpt an awesome model in z-brush and paint beautiful textures, but figuring
  2. You're close The engine can definitely draw skies if we included skyboxes in the areas, when you get to the causeways you'll see what I'm taking about, but we usually don't include skyboxes in areas that don't need it. Tilting the camera further would have an impact on performance, gameplay and art since the whole game was designed around the current camera angle. We have a debug camera here that allows us to tilt it further and it doesn't look or feel right, so I wouldn't recommend it.
  3. I'll fly across the world and do interviews for you instead Who are you in the video by the way? Will check it out now. From left to right: Alvin, Andrew, me, Matt
  4. I'll fly across the world and do interviews for you instead
  5. Thought I would share this: http://twitpic.com/58v08o The custom headphones were pretty awesome
  6. The blurriness on the textures is a bug that got introduced, but we were able to fix it in time, so by the time you guys play the full game the texture sharpness should be a lot higher and it will allow you to see a lot more detail in the textures. The quality should match what you've seen in the screenshots we've released. Thank you to those who pointed out the issue, you've been a big help.
  7. Btw, those are giant poster boards. They're about 8 or 9 feet tall in our front office. It's pretty sweet.
  8. Was there anything specific that stood out to you?
  9. Glad you guys are digging this stuff. We've put in a lot of work making this look as good as possible
  10. My point is merely that it CAN be as simple as I suggest to reward the player. It doesn't have to involve heavy scripting, massive art resources, complex tools. It is possible to add detail that keep people talking about your game for years to come just by using a little ingenuity. I completely agree with you that it's important to reward the player in such a way, but in this next-gen world we have to do it in a way that looks good or else we get people going "OMGZ Obsidian r N00bs the playurs r walking thru teh vines!!!111" As you can see from the screenshots and trailer we've stepped
  11. It's still not that simple. In this case the player will just walk right through the vines as he goes up to it and that doesn't look right, so what you're asking for is that we implement a physics system that allows the player to push away the vines as they walk up to it. This requires programmer time to implement tech for it, another programmer then has to spend time developing tools to use this system, then an artist would have to spend more time to create vines that look good using this system and then it would have to be placed in such a way that it still obscures the passage and is reward
  12. Over here! Edit: Did I just beat Funcroc to it? Holy crap! I wonder what I should demand next... Oh, I know. Hey Josh, send me a NCR t-shirt! I'll pay! I can't even get one of those
  13. Over here! Edit: Did I just beat Funcroc to it? Holy crap! You should totally make a new thread for this, yay!
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