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  1. Awesome! Thank you so much. This helps tremendously. Can you upload your save files anywhere? By any chance to do you have Discord running? Also if you have time - try doing the debug jump test to a map from the main menu to see if you can reproduce the problem.
  2. YouTube upload preferred. You can also upload video to Steam. It helps me to see the video of the issue to diagnose what's going on and to make sure we are on the same page with what the problem is. I'm still curious if you see the problem with jumping to an area from the main menu. Could you please try this if you have a chance? The problem may not be related to your video card - it might be an issue with your save game. Thanks so much!
  3. Hey Mr. Nightmare, The developers are still looking into fixes for it. Do you experience the same stuttering if you jump straight into a map? You can do this by typing "iroll20s" in the console and then hitting F-11. From the list of maps, you can go to Fort Deadlight or Neketaka and see how the performance is without loading a save game. Getting a video from you would also be very helpful if you have the ability to capture and upload footage. Thank you!
  4. This is correct. All of Unity's scripting is run on a single thread - so we are only using one of the many cores in modern CPUs. In some of the larger areas of the game the vast majority of the frame time is spent running scripting on that thread. Unity has recently added a job system and some more multithreading capabilities - but unfortunately, the version we are using can't take advantage of it.
  5. Hi everyone, We are still looking into the Nvidia issue, but we haven't been able to reproduce it on our end with a wide variety of hardware. Today, I ran through some tests on a 1070 and I was getting around 40-50fps in the Neketaka Docks. It's not an ideal framerate, but it's fairly stable while moving the party and camera around. Occasionally the frame rate drops or stutters briefly, but it doesn't seem as frequent or severe as what is reported. Our profiling investigation shows that the game is heavily CPU bound. Most of the frame time is taken up by the ability, AI, and status effect
  6. If someone has a save game with this problem, can you please upload it so we can take a look at it? You may need to zip up your achievements into this as well since it sounds like it might be tied to the achievement system. Thank you very much! We are aware of some of these performance issues and looking into if we can fix them.
  7. FTFY Hmph. Mask of the Betrayer Storm of Zehir Dead Money Honest Hearts Old World Blues Lonesome Road Treasures of the Sun White March: Part 1* White March: Part 2* Beast of Winter* *contains ice and snow You remembered Treasures of the Sun!
  8. Yes, both PoE1 and Tyranny run without problems. Hmm. Unity technically only supports Ubuntu - but with that said, it doesn't look like it's a Unity issue. Based on the callstack, it could be a problem with the SDL library that we have included, which is used by our third party middle ware package. I'll see if they have a more updated version that we can try for the next release. Please report this bug in the bug thread if you can. Thanks!
  9. Does the first Pillars of Eternity run on your system?
  10. Good news. If you are in the BB, you can try out the Linux version. Sorry for the delay!
  11. We've been discussing changing resolve for a long time internally, and will have some changes to the a few of the attributes in the next beta update.
  12. Shouldn't you first state you opinion? Why do you think it feels like a console game? Else it seems like a provocative post It is faster, more streamlined, less clean and you lose some freedom around ( like the ability to attack anything and anyone, even in towns, small things that probably you will never do, but i like to be able tu do if i like) You should be able to attack almost everyone in the game afaik. I don't think there's anyone in the beta that you can't kill.
  13. A rough guess is 5% of the total size. The ship features makes the map feel way larger too, since there's more things to think about while exploring.
  14. I wouldn't worry about the size of the world map. The designers got that covered. The game is huge.
  15. Yes, we agree. It's on our list of things that we would like to address soon. Thanks for the feedback!
  16. The village is missing the paint-over pass, which adds the blending between the sand and grass (and adds other fine details). This pass will be included in a future release. IMO the lighting looks amazing in game - however when the scene's weather is overcast it does flatten out the look of the area. Curious to hear what others think! Thanks for the feedback.
  17. Please post your first impressions here! The team is eager to read your feedback. Thanks, Adam
  18. Just so you all know the posted system requirements are placeholder and will be updated once we have more details. We've updated the steam page to clarify.
  19. The image was a funny bug that we saw during one of our review meetings. Injuries work the same at sea.
  20. That's a good idea and I'll keep that in mind if/when we make changes to the VO pipelines. Thank you!
  21. It won't require to be online at all. We track achievements in the game locally.
  22. Cool! Do these storms have any mechanical effects on characters? And will lightning ever strike characters like in BG? We've discussed it, and it's possible, but nothing is set in stone yet. We do have the power to add/remove status effects based on weather conditions.
  23. We do have variable weather storms (light rain/heavy rain), that does include lightening too. Hurricanes and tornadoes were discussed, but it's very hard to do fierce storms in a procedural way.
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