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  1. Sorry, I should have read through the whole thread . I'm not sure either comment was directed at you personally though. Not to make excuses, but a lot of the reasons why we can't post too often have already been mentioned. We're pretty busy making games, and also, we don't often have a lot that we can say. I probably delete 3-5 posts a week before I hit the reply button, just because I'm not sure if I'm overstepping the bounds of what I can or should say.
  2. You guys give good presentations. Glad people enjoyed that. I'm always very happy to talk to gamers, so hopefully we'll get to do more talks at PAX again. I love PAX.
  3. Gadgets! Fire can burn through armor very quickly, and being able to place your grenades all over Omen's stage can help a lot, as it helps you find him as well as damage him.
  4. That outcome at actually isn't a veteran only option... Really...I wasn't able to do both with Operative and Recruit (Albatross/Sie)...some Intel missed or bad choices I made in Dialogue? I won't give specifics, but we do have checks based on backgrounds other than Recruit and Veteran, as well as skill ranks.
  5. That outcome at actually isn't a veteran only option...
  6. Changing the duration of the timers is very likely impossible, as the duration of each of those decision points was set per instance of the choice. Also, the duration of the choice display doesn't actually determine when the scene will go onto the next node, so if a way was found to alter how long the choice display stayed up, the actual dialogue scenes would not behave as expected.
  7. If you're going for no kill, you likely want to go stealth, pistol, and some ranks in martial arts, and likely some toughness. Taking an enemy out with martial arts doesn't count as a kill. Shock traps are also your friend.
  8. Hacking minigame. You have 60 seconds to get the install playing, but if you fail armed guards burst through your windows and attack you. You might just want to wait for the unlock...
  9. That's it! I'm probably gonna pick Freelancer all three times unless the other backgrounds have some influence ala Mass Effect. If not, i just feel better allocating points myself. All backgrounds get reactivity. Much of it limited to the tutorial level, but there are checks waaaaaay down the line that can occur based on your background.
  10. I can't disagree more with him (not new, at all) about Tri. For a very, very long time, I've suspected that Yahtzee is A) not very good at skill based games and B) plays games for about 3-5 hours. Talking about Monster Hunter Tri without talking about the epic boss monster fights that you're going up against on a constant basis is like talking about a mario game without mentioning the platforming.
  11. That first scene was all Shon Stewart, lead cinematic animator for AP. Once again, glad you're enjoying the game, and I look forward to reading more of what you guys think as you get through the game.
  12. Glad to see so many people enjoying the game. You guys are making my day.
  13. The veteran stuff has what will feel more like the director's cut sort of stuff, the goofier stuff, and the VO that was just too distracting or over the top for the first experience. The recruit will mainly funny things where they make fun of you for being a total noob. I'd recommend doing a play through on a "standard" background, then recruit, than veteran, not because of the dialog choices, but because with three playthroughs, you will see a decent chunk of the branching content. Not nearly all of it, but with three playthroughs, you'll see just how big of a game you have with AP.
  14. It is really awesome to get right behind a group of guys before taking them out with shotgun. Also, if you do it right, you can clear rooms, get hidden, and stealth kill anyone who heard the noise. Tons of fun to be had there. I'm not Alvin, but I can answer. You can only max a few out, and if you max out stealth (the most expensive skill), you're going to have to focus to max out more than one other skill before the end of the game.
  15. So, Alvin, is there someone on the team who plays Rambo-like? How does the feedback for the shooter mechanic sound, especially for them? I did one of my playthroughs as rambo and loved it. Building up my skills and gear to able walk into a room and just open fire was really different than my usual play style, but it was great. It also lead me to work on my favorite build, which was the stealth, shotgun, and hacking build.
  16. There are a lot of factors at play. Did you mod a low level pistol down a whole lot on damage to favor accuracy and silence, and then shoot one of the buffer enemy types? In those cases, you might not take a guy down, depending on some of your skill ranks.
  17. It was probably more of a concern due to the range of the attack. If he really got as close as he said he did, it probably wouldn't require any pistol skill (i.e. me) to effectively shoot the guy in the back of the head. I would really have to wonder about how he's doing that. If you take the time to line up a crit on someone's head (yes we do grant more damage for head shots) with a pistol, they are almost always going to die. Obviously this is not true of bosses, but standard guys are going to drop, and crits are a for sure hit if you are on target.
  18. As people have stated multiple times, Obsidian doesn't have very much influence on DRM issues. Publishers determine these sorts of things, it's almost always out a developer's hands.
  19. There are a great deal more twists and turns that the player can uncover. While I hate spoilers as much as anybody else, this one really is pretty small in the scale of the game.
  20. While he may read this, Matt is scared of forums, and will likely not post here. That being said, as one of my official duties at the company is to torment Matt as often as possible, I will make sure the shaving is photo documented.
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