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  1. Great news for the localization, I'd love to savour PoE in my native language (also crossed fingers for it to be of good quality, we have our history of crappy translations)
  2. I doubt we will ever see a dlc or sequel filling up all the "narrative holes" linked to this character, since it seems Obsidian have got the ingenious retarded idea of doing another Dungeon Siege chapter (see news).
  3. I was just wondering how much times it has to be repeated so that anyone can grasp it. In-games (there's even a screenshot posted here) it says she *looks* between 18 and 22 (late teens - early 20's), so it will make an average of 20. Now stop asking about it, thx. I'm more interested in why there're so many situations where her absence is unexplainable and why there's no storyline where it's clear there should be one (the medallion, the influence on the character, etc..), though. I want either an answer or a dlc.
  4. In that case you leave alone on the boat, Sis mysteriously disappears after Parker scene. At this point I think It could be safe to at least presume someone requested\decided to intentionally cut Sis-related content\storyline. Sure it could also be a bad\superficial design choice, but I don't think I can buy it: there're too many situations where the absence of that character is simply stupid\unexplainable\absurd.
  5. Yes I agree: that would fit perfectly how the character was presented within the game, and eventually evolve in a more outright romance later on (in a hypothetic AP2). Note that the character appears to be a 20yo bodyguard\assassin in the first game, so there's absolutely no reason to be shocked, except hypocrisy. Unfortunately we're talking about something that does not exist, unless they'll decide to create a dlc for it.
  6. I too was very disappointed for how little space they gave to such an interesting character :\ I *really* hope no content was cut due to some retarded rating judgement. Would be nice to ask the developers if some content (in the whole game) was cut for whatever reason, I don't see why they wouldn't want to answer.
  7. Thanks for the answer, Joseph. I cannot say I like the choice () to implement the system like that, but who cares...I'll get used to it and train my reaction time as a bonus ^^
  8. Yep with english subs...I'll try to disable them and see if it gets better (I leave them on only to be sure I don't miss anything) I'll try to use the arrows keys too ^^ I'm still at the start (the 1st mission with Mina in SA, after the training) so *maybe* the super-fast countdown I got in one or two occasions were only issues\bugs. I'll probably prefer 2-3 seconds more, anyway.
  9. Nothing new? Sometimes the time is perfectly fine, other times (it may depend on how much dialogue there is in the last sentence, before the choice) you can barely SEE what are the options displayed (three ****ing seconds :|), and clicking with the mouse borders the impossible. TBH I expected at least ONE developer to follow this forum..is there anyone out there? :\
  10. Feel free to stop your head. The "unofficial patch", along with some major mods, have been all about adding content (official content in the case of the up) since several years.
  11. I've played the hell out of Bloodlines as my name might suggest, and having reinstalled and replayed in the last couple of weeks I can tell you you've got the rose tinted glasses on there. The writing on Bloodlines is good, but compared to the majority of modern games (Alpha Protocol included) it's facial animations are almost comical. That's the one part of AP's animations that are up to scratch. Maybe I've the rose tinted glasses on , but you (and your friend after you) probably can't see at all. Go on youtube and try to analize them properly, please. I know ME and AP dialogues animations are absolutely good (ME especially, having to be some sort of interactive movie), but just take a look at the gesticulation or the naturalness difference between the two. (I cannot explain it better than this, sorry) Maybe I was also influenced by the perfect voice acting (or you think I'm wrong here too ), but at least I wouldn't try to consider them "almost comical", bec that's a plain bs. *
  12. NO. Bloodlines is a masterpiece, one of the best RPGs of the videogaming history. Its writing and dialogues animation are still unmatched, and It's a way way WAY better rpg than AP.
  13. Can we stick this, and keep it as clean as it is now? It may be even useful for the developers themselves
  14. 1) Savegames NOT checkpoint based 2) Option to increase the dialogues countdown 3) Fix\extend key bindings 4) Engine optimizations
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